I do have a new channel name if you have not kept up with the channel for a bit or if you’re, not in my discord, i did make an announcement. I’Ve changed my name from your screw to vicious, because well your script’s been kind of old. You know, like it’s kind of it’s, been there for a while i’ve had that name for like six or seven years now. I just wanted something different. You know, and most of my game names are now vicious, so i just thought it’d be cool. You know, like all caps vicious, you know, we’ll see how it goes. You know, like my i haven’t updated my intro or outro yet, but i’ll be updating those soon. Hopefully and there’s some new channel art, which is very cool, thank you to the artist gave me the permission to use it, but in today’s video we will be addressing um a statement from niantic february 23rd 2021, and this is regarding anti cheat. So obviously, if you’re using something like pokemon, if you’re, using something like pg, sharp or if you’re on iphone and using something like ipogo, you are a cheater in pokemon. Go and niantic does not like you, um yeah. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re giving them. They, probably they i mean publicly, they don’t like us privately, i don’t know privately, they probably roll in the cash, but we don’t talk about that. You know like they they.

This is their statement. So an update on our recent anti cheat efforts. We don’t talk much about our anti cheat efforts, partly because we don’t want to provide cheaters with information that can help them understand our detection. Mechanics better, but rest assured, our reluctance to share is not due to a lack of effort or intent from our side. Now, obviously, this makes a lot of sense right. They don’t want to they. They try not to give us information because they don’t want us spoofers figuring out what’s, triggering these auto bans what’s triggering these punishments so that they we can improve, improve our spoofing applications right. Obviously, having said that, we have made a commitment with all of our players towards promoting fair gameplay, preserving the integrity of our games and improving transparency within our with our players. As part of this commitment, we’d like to provide an update on some of our recent efforts to curb cheating in our games, so um, the next few things are things that they’ve tried. I guess they’ve done to um elaborate on the cheating problem. I assume now one thing i’ve i actually have a problem with here is the whole like promoting fair, gameplay and preserving integrity of our games, like first of all, maybe they’re addressing something like ingress, but i feel like pokemon go isn’t exactly the most like. Like i mean, do you do do, legit players actually have a gripe with people who spoof like realistically? Is it that crazy? If, if the person you’re playing with is spoofing, i mean i guess for gym battles, it’s kind of annoying, because they can kind of just go to whichever gym they want to battle them, but it’s, not it’s, not like you’re it’s, not like them.

Spoofing has a direct impact on the the legit player. I mean if, if anything i’d say, spoofers are a help to legit players, because we can go to those gyms and we can move to those gyms that nobody does and then the legit players can like get their the pokemon that they want from the gym right. Like we’re doing these gym battles from like a million miles away, why is this a problem? I don’t get it we’re, literally generating free revenue for niantic. I don’t understand anyway, rant over since the beginning of 2020. We’Ve issued punishments to more than 5 million cheaters across pokemon. Go ingress, harry potter, wizards, unite wherever 20 of the punishments were permanent bans so i’m, assuming that there’s more bands in ingress and harry potter, wizards unite. I don’t know what the statistics are. Obviously they haven’t, given us direct statistics for each game um, but i i haven’t had a lot of reports of people being banned. I’M. Gon na be honest with you ever since we stopped using fgl pro as a community kind of um and we kind of moved on to pg sharp pokemon and like ipogo, there have been almost no reports of man, people being banned. I i like maybe people who get banned, don’t, say anything but i have not received. I don’t know anyone’s received a warning and i don’t know anyone who’s been permanently banned, so uh yeah – maybe maybe it is just in ingress and whatever that other game.

I don’t know what that or the game is i’m honest with you um so yeah. I i mean, i hope, pokemon go isn’t as bad. You know, maybe just like a couple thousand. You know, maybe anyway, more than 90 percent of users who receive their first warning, stop cheating afterwards is quite encouraging for us as we can. You find the right balance between punishing casual, cheaters versus the more egregious ones now, okay, as we continue to find the right balance between punishing casual cheaters versus okay, that’s kind of weird casual cheating versus egregious cheating, i feel like, i feel, like it’s still, cheating right, Like, like i’m, not tripping balls right, like that’s, still cheating, i feel like the whole breaking two i mean to play like i’m, a cheater myself right. Obviously i spoof right. So i mean it’s kind of weird for me to say this, but like if you’re, cheating, you’re kind of just breaking tos anyway, like shouldn’t the same punishment apply, i don’t know maybe i’m wrong, maybe i’m wrong. Maybe they just want. Maybe they just want to give out warning because they like the revenue, we give them. You know – or you should maybe just let us spoof anyway we’re in we have invested in new and emerging technologies while continuing to grow our team to improve our detection and enforcement capabilities. We will continue to act against those who violate our terms of service and will be reinforcing our efforts in the coming weeks.

Okay, cool dude; good luck, good luck, niatic um! Best of luck, um yeah, i don’t think uh. I don’t think you’re gon na find a way to um, stop us from uh getting through safetynet but uh, but yeah best of luck. We can we’re constantly tweaking and improving our existing detection methods by collecting ground truth from player reports and other channels of feedback to ensure we are accurately detecting, cheaters and minimizing false positives. Okay, as far as i’m concerned, pokemon go doesn’t even have a report function. So i honestly think this is just like ingress, because i’m pretty sure ingress has like is focused around tons of pvp i’m. Not sure i’ve never played the game, but from what i can tell, i feel like it’s, probably like a real problem. There, like cheating, is probably like really op there, we’re, always listening to our players and always exploring our exploring ways to leverage our community to ensure our games remain fair to empower okay, that’s, not okay. None of that is yeah. Okay. You know what i think to address concerns of remote ingress portals getting spooked. Okay. I think i think the pokemon go thing. I honestly guys as a spoofer towards this moving community. I think we’re chilling, like i think, we’ll be fine. I don’t think they’re, really caring about modded pokemon go apks as much as like ingress hacking, because i don’t think pokemon go players really care about spoofing like i honestly genuinely do not think people really have a direct issue with spoofing.

I feel like there’s more things that they do they care about things like i don’t know like like shitty events or servers. I don’t know like anything. I don’t feel like spoofers aren’t. The main issue for niantic right now for pokemon go at least we’re committed to ensuring fair gameplay across our gameplay game portfolio portfolio, everyday, newer forms of cheating or spoofing tools are made available on the internet. That’S. True, as a reminder, please don’t use the official versions of our game available. Of course, of course, just just don’t cheat guys tell the cheaters not to cheat, and then they won’t cheat it’s, so easy guys holy whatever we do. I mean yeah, so i want to just bring this to attention to the people who are cheating currently it’s kind of just like it’s kind of like a warning from niantic to the cheaters right it’s like if you’re cheating in pokemon go, like maybe don’t. You know if you like, i said i’ll i’ll – be reiterating this um, of course right now, because it’s it’s important right. So if your account has a lot of value to you say you you caught a lot of legit like pokemon back back in 2016 or 2017. They mean a lot to you, you know if you do with some friends or whatever, and it has like sentimental, meaning um. I i wouldn’t cheat i’ll, be honest with you and if you’re gon na cheat make sure you do it well make sure it’s like fully rooted you’re you’re, not passing safety net you’re using an injected application, so something like pokemon uh.

I wouldn’t use pg sharp uh. I’D i’d, say i’d argue that pg sharp is actually more risky than pokemon um, the meaning, because uh reason behind this is because pg sharp is actually a modded application, which, of course, they directly talk about at the very bottom. They say: don’t use, modded applications do only use the official game versions, uh and then so say something like like something like pokemon. You actually do install the official version of pokemon go and you inject the hack, the the spoof application into uh. The game. Obviously, like passing safety net and everything, so if you want to keep your account safe, i’d recommend uh i’d recommend doing that. If it really means a lot to you to keep your account safe, i’d recommend doing that. If you don’t give the slightest and you’re just if you couldn’t spoof, you wouldn’t be playing the game, then screw it. Just keep using pd sharp like like let’s, be real here who cares guys like just pj but uh yeah. I hope you guys enjoy um. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick video, it’s kind of just an update, really i’ve just been gone for a long time. You know like exams and everything hopefully i’ll be making like a pokemon video and then probably a pg sharp update for the march of 2021. You know the vibes, you know, you know how it goes like every month got ta make that update.