So you don’t miss any of my videos and without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump right into this march timeline before we cover the date by day, specific timeline let’s cover what’s, going to be available throughout the entire month of march. So, first item up we have the giovanni special research featuring shadow articuno. So if you’re looking to get a shadow articuno make sure you defeat giovanni before the end of the month, because next month he’ll have a different, legendary shadow. Pokemon next item up. We have the research breakthrough encounter so the entire month of march. You can expect your weekly research breakthrough encounter to be a gimbal which is actually a decent pokemon compared to previous encounters from past months, research breakthrough and then the last item. We have the free bundles. So, every week on monday, you can claim a free bundle in the shop featuring 10 ultra balls, 10 raspberries and also a single remote raid pass, so that pretty much covers everything that will be available throughout the entire month of march. Now we can jump into the timeline starting on march 1st, so starting on march 1st, we have the canto, legendary pokemon, leaving raids and incarnate form. Landers will be replacing them in legendary raids. This time it can be shiny, so that’s pretty exciting. You want to use rock types or ice types to counter against there, so some top counters that come to mind are mammal swine with powder, snow and avalanche wii, vile with ice, shard and avalanche.

You can use rock ties like rampardos with smackdown and rock slide or riparian with smackdown and stone edge on the next day on tuesday march 2nd we have the crabby spotlight hour from 6pm to 7pm, so for this spotlight hour, you’ll earn twice the candy transferring pokemon. So if you’re, a new or returning pokemon go player, who doesn’t have a lot of water type attackers you may want to invest in getting some krabby candy evolve some crabby into kingler and change the moveset to have bubble and crab hammer, because kingly with that moveset Is a pretty good water type attacker moving on to the next day we have march 4th, which will feature a gold rocket hour. So this is one of the new bonus hours that’s being introduced by niantic this month. During go rocket hour, you can expect more rocket balloons to appear more frequently. This is a good reminder to tell you guys again that the meowth balloon will no longer be able to be encountered this month. It may possibly come back in the future if you’re still working on that shiny cello base. So if you have that shiny, celebrity research still hang tight on it, don’t worry about it too much. They may bring back the meowth balloon sometime later this year. So just stay tuned for that. Moving on to the next day, we have march 6, which will have incarnate for landorus, leaving raids and incarnate foreign tornadoes will be replacing it in legendary rays again.

This can also be shiny, so that’s pretty good as well. You also want to keep the same counters that you used against landers against tornadoes, so the same rock types and ice types will work well against tornadoes. Also, on march 6th, we have the fleshling community day, so moving on to the next day we have march 9th on march, 9th the searching for legends event starts, and this will feature the debut of shining nosepass. We also have the drowzee spotlight hour on this day so march. 9Th is a tuesday, so drowsy spotlight hour will be from 6 p.m, to 7 p.m. For this spotlight hour, you’ll get twice the xp from evolving pokemon. So, moving on to the next date, we have march 11th, which will have a mega bonus hour and during this hour, you’ll earn more candy from catching pokemon, with the same type as an active mega evolved pokemon that you have also on this date. On march 11th. Incarnate foreign tornadoes will be leaving raids and incarnate for thunderous will be replacing it in legendary rays again. This one can also be shiny, so that’s also pretty exciting, and you also want to use the same rock type and ice type counters against it. Moving on to the next date, we have march 14th. This is when the searching for alleged event ends and we’ll have the psychic steal incense day. So this is a single incense day event on march 14th, you pop in incense, and you can expect psychic types and steel types to appear from incense.

Now, if you still have the jirachi special research titled thousand year, slumber special research and you’re, still looking for more steel and psychic types to catch to progress through the research, this might be the event for you in order to do that. So now we’re at the midpoint in march, moving on to the next date, we have march 16th and we have another event, starting called the charge up event, and this will feature a lecture type pokemon. Also on march 16th, which is a tuesday we can expect a vault tour spotlight hour from 6pm to 7pm. Voltorp can be shiny. So if you’re looking to find that shiny, blue pokemon ball, then make sure you pay attention to this spotlight hour. So for this spotlight hour, you’ll earn twice the stardust from catching pokemon and finally, on march 16th, we have incarnate four thunderous, leaving raids and his second form therian form of thunderous we’ll, be replacing it in legendary raids. Now, we’re not sure if this new form will have its shiny release, so stay tuned for that, if that’s going to be a thing so moving on to the next date, we have march 18th, which will feature another bonus hour called the mega raid hour. So during this hour, you can expect mega houndoom mega obama, snow and also a new mega pokemon to appear more frequently in raids. Next up, we have march 22nd, which will have the charge up event ending now, on the next day on march 23rd, which is a tuesday, we can expect a search kit spotlight hour from 6 p.

m, to 7 p.m. The bonus for that is double catch, xp and then on march 24th. We have a new event, starting called the weather week event, and this will feature weather, themed, pokemon. The only weather related pokemon, i can think of that will probably be the most prominent. During this event is cast form and honestly, i don’t want to see any more cast forms and then, finally, as we approach the end of march on march 27 and 28th, we’ll have a special legendary raid weekend. Now we don’t know specifically what pokemon, what legendary pokemon will be featured during this weekend event, but hopefully it will be pretty exciting and then. Lastly, on march 30th, we have slug model spotlight hour and that will feature double catch. Candy darian forum thunderous will be leaving raids and therian. Four tornadoes will be replacing it in legendary raids and then we can probably expect therian for landorus to appear in april so that pretty much wraps up everything that’s happening in pokemon go in the month of march. In chronological order now keep in mind that niantic can spontaneously make any kind of new event and announce it at any time. So this timeline is just what we know so far from what they announced. So i don’t really have any big closing reminders. So we’ll just end it here. Thank you for watching thanks to those who are still subscribed to me and if you’re not subscribed yet i hope you got value out of this video and if you did please consider, subscribing and liking the video.