All of that and more in this video you’re gon na want to see it all. First up, we’ve got a birthday celebration. Can you believe it? Three years ago, yesterday, chapter one season, three came out some of the most fond memories of fortnite. Give this video a big fat thumbs up to wish happy birthday to season three of fortnite man. How times have changed three years ago has gone by quick, as always, don’t forget to subscribe, if you’re, new, otherwise you’ll miss out on all the latest information. Just like this video getting straight into it, we recently got the flint knock added back into the game. That’S now cycled out literally just a few minutes ago, fortnite went ahead and bolted. The flint knock and unvolted the hand cannon. So you’ll start to see that around the map in your normal games of fortnight you’ll see some gameplay of it. In the background, and also some alia box fight gameplay, you can join the ali, a box fight maps with the creative fortnight codes in the description in there. You can improve at fortnight play against your friends and you may even run into me as i’m, jumping on and playing all the time as well. Now, in the intro i mentioned free v, bucks always something i’m hesitant to say, because people love to scam and say things that aren’t true well there’s a legitimate way to do it at the moment. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but it happened to me accidentally.

Basically, epic games are giving people a thousand v bucks for anyone that purchased a loot llama within save the world portion of fortnite. Now i have saved the world of fortnite, but i didn’t buy a llama, but i still got a thousand v bucks if you have saved the world it’s worth logging in and just checking to see. If epic games give you a thousand v bucks anyway, i don’t think it’s something they’ll take away from people. It seems to be an accident, but you may as well check just in case, because you could get a free thousand v bucks. Now, if you’re wondering what to spend your v bucks on, of course, popping code ali you can pop in code ali on the epic games, fortnite and call of duty store, actually call of duty are launching a new season in a few days. If you do play cod pop it in now be super helpful in the store is one of the craziest gliders i’ve ever seen. Look at this a three headed wolf dog i’m. Actually gon na go ahead and pick that up right now, aside from things that are already in the store at the moment, fortnite recently went ahead and teased the march crew pack skin. If you subscribe to the crew pack, you get v bucks each month when a battle pass comes out, you get instant access to it for free and also a skin bundle each month as well.

They teased this image and have now gone ahead and officially revealed that this is the next crew skin. He goes by the name, lambro or llama bro outfit he’s, very colorful generally don’t know what else to say. I can’t see this guy fitting into the fortnite story. At all, which is a little bit weird, especially since this month february, the crew skins seem to play a massive part of what’s happening in fortnite’s future. The v skin that was teased and all of the deleted tweets that fortnight put out and then took down all about the fox clan and the return of drift. Nothing has moved on since that geez really we’ve we’ve only got about three weeks left until the next fortnight season, so they need to start adding in some storyline and updating what on earth is going on. Otherwise, the end of this season is going to come around very quick and we’re all going to be very confused. One of the big things about the v skin is actually the image which is now available to players as a loading screen as well, which sees the drift and also the catalyst skin running through what looks to be the original lucky landing spot on the fortnite map. Now he theorized that lucky landing and misty meadows would merge together, because if you overlaid the chapter one and chapter two map that’s, where they would both line up, nothing’s happened yet. But what’s interesting is that that theory is still being backed up with things.

That fortnight are showing us first of all, the emote showcase for the new street fighter skins shows both of the skins actually fighting and what looks to potentially be lucky landing. The design of the roof behind these guys matches up with lucky landing as well. Potentially, these guys want a future version of the fortnight map where lucky landing is already arrived. The street fighter trailers offer up even more of a look into the future because if you go ahead and pause, the trailer at the exact point agent, jonesy rifts, the characters out of the street fighter world into the fortnite world, the place that they show behind them. In the fortnite world i mean i cannot find this spot on the current version of the fortnite map, bearing in mind they have to be the thinner, pointy trees, as you can clearly see in the background, there’s also, obviously, the lighthouse right in the distance as well. This many pointy trees at any spot on the map don’t exist anywhere on the map, giving you the exact same view that you’re getting here, potentially epic games accidentally giving us a look into maybe the season six version of the fortnite map or some version of the Fortnite map in the near future, if there’s anything interesting that you spot or anywhere in the fortnite map, currently that you can make line up with this image. Do let me know, but i think this is a future version of the fortnite world it’s worth noting that both the zero point and all of the sand on the map are completely absent.

Does that mean they won’t be there next season really interesting stuff leads to more questions, and it does answers i’m going to keep an eye on this one now, just before we get into family guy in fortnight. Yes, this is 100 legitimate in game files, backing up it’s, pretty nuts. Just let you guys know dropping this week. On thursday, a new design for the ali, a shop website, will be a large logo, print available in t shirts and hoodies as well. If you’re wanting to rock some more ali, a merch i’ll be dropping this thursday do not miss out, keep you guys updated on socials and in my videos, really excited to launch that as well guys so keep an eye dot shop. So details have been found in game about a code name called french fry and alchemy. The epic games accidentally put in the game a little bit early. So it seems the french fry code. Name is an e texture for a male back bling and it mentions a screen. The frames are getting resized and will play as an animation. Loop alchemy is a body effect for an unknown female skin. You can see the body effects on screen here. I don’t know which skin that’s meant to line up with maybe it’ll be a family guy skin, because if we go to this image here, look at what we’ve got we’ve got red green blue here we’ve got different scenes from family guy.

Now we know these are specifically for fortnite, because not only they’ve been found in the in game files, but a lot of the blood and gore that were normally in these scenes have been completely removed. So all the fighting you guys have seen in from the scene versus the chicken you recognize this straight away and whether or not this will tie into a future collaboration, maybe it’s, even just a promotion for family guy we’ll have to see. Would you guys want to see a family guy chicken and a family guy skins in fortnight, give it a thumbs up? Let me know in the comment section: this could be one of the craziest unforeseen collaboration yet and talking about collaborations things are definitely not over. We still have two more hunters and two more teasers that we know of from fortnite number uno number one. The ant farm people pretty much said from the beginning was going to be ant man and with the fact that we have had black panther this season marvel collaboration, seemingly never going away. In fortnight. I think ant man’s a safe bet, especially since we got the ant man location last season. We just never ended up getting the skin, which is a little bit odd. The next one space bananas now thinking about this and there’s. So many theories going around people saying maybe it’s linked to thanos, maybe it’s, linked to samus aaron from metroid, prime and nintendo, and then i was thinking maybe it’s, going gon na be tying in with a space themed version of pili, but that’s, not a collaboration unless Space version of pili is in another video game we don’t know about.

If you go ahead and google video games space bananas – oh super monkey ball. That could be something genuinely. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to space bananas ones, but still more collaborations to come, and yes, it’s kind of crazy don’t just hit me in this video. But we are three weeks away until the next fortnight season. A huge live event coming up, no doubt big stuff coming in the future. It’S all gon na start ramping up, and this is all the latest news you need to know in fortnight. At the moment, don’t forget drop into the ali, a box fight creative code. In the description you go straight into matchmaking or play it in a private game with your friends, and you could run into me playing some games as well. More videos on screen here, click. Your favorite to keep on watching, including the accidental release of a weapon that’s not meant to be in the game, go check it out if you haven’t done so already. Thank you for watching.