He’S just killed me now: you’re, probably thinking eight kilos, that’s kind of toxic well don’t worry gamers because after i’m, gon na be surprising them with a hundred thousand v bucks. Keep watching the video to see how they react. You don’t wan na miss this. Oh okay, bro there’s, no way there’s, nobody, okay, that is laser, beam and fresh. You guys can see i’ve managed to get in somehow. I have no idea by the way but yo. This is about to be insane, so we have a new spot over there. The mando poi and then we’re gon na find the uh exotic slope bazooka all right keeper i’m con there’s. So many other stream, snipers here as well: i’m, just gon na like sand here. Okay, just got ta see where he’s landing. I have no idea where he’s landing right now: okay, so remedy and fish stick seldom and they both can spawn in craggy and if we’re lucky they’re, both there all right, okay, they’re going craggy cliffs we’ve got to go over there. Okay, guys! Here we go bro. The moment of truth, all i’ve got to do is just kill, lazy beam once all right that is, it we’re, literally going to go into a stream after this and just donate okay come on. Give me some good loot all right come on. Give me a shotgun. Please, oh, can we get a lever action? Rifle they’ve got a better drop than me, but i also don’t see i have i have fish guy.

I have fish guy yeah there’s, not if there’s, not a question. There’S no yeah run over here, quick, okay, guys. There should be somewhere over here in craggy cliffs. I have no idea where dude there’s, so many people here there’s a guy over there. Oh boy, this is about to be scarfed. Why don’t you finish him off breadcrumb! Oh, this is another stream. I think i think that’s a stream sniper all right here. We go if i time this correctly. No okay, i missed that. Is laser beam right there, okay, they’re running they’re running! He knows just want to bring us the bazooka. You guys know bro i’m, not a toxic stream sniper. I would not be doing this if i didn’t know lazy is going to get v box after so okay, we are at the weather station bro. There has to be a shotgun here somewhere right, there’s a chest here: yes, okay, we’ve got attack, shotgun, perfect; okay, they are rotating right now to the island and the storms coming in okay, i need to hurry up bro all right, it’s, going to jump inside this Whip we are trying to go over to the house i’m, pretty sure that’s, where they’re going. I need to like try and cut them off all right, we’re, jumping out the car it’s way too loud. I don’t want to alert them. We need to be like super sneaky about this one, all right. Okay, this should be literally over this hill.

Oh, i got the new one, the chug cannon, the chug chatted. What is that use it use it wait. Wait stand near me, see i’m, like i’m standing here, oh god, oh my gosh, oh, who is that? Okay, oh that’s, ladies being there? Oh, no, please don’t die. I think fresh just died. I’M. Pretty sure freshers died come on. I got it! Oh god! I got him i’m currently just hiding inside this bush, and laser beam is clutching up right now. I’M, pretty sure does he see me there’s no way he didn’t see me hiding in the bush. Okay, he’s gon na go in behind him. Okay, guys we’re gon na take a bit of storm damage. Oh me, my guy is full throttling that car right now is he going for the reboot on my knees he might be going for the reboot. This could be my chance. Do you have a slight berserker? Just bring me back here: okay got, you made sure it doesn’t worry about it and blue i’m gon na try and line up a shot come on. She has no idea, please. Is it the same as the bandage bazooka, where? Oh, oh, my god, lana you were on two health. I got ta go just run just run, get out of there. You have all the exotics, oh no that’s, pretty scarf. I don’t know how i didn’t kill him. How did i not kill him all right, guys? We’Re gon na follow him i’m, pretty yeah he’s rotated into storm right now, guys i’m gon na be on it.

Okay, i think he just rebooted fresh, i think that’s it okay! Oh, my gosh, okay, guys i’m gon na try and queue up into his game again. Wish me luck if you guys are enjoying the video so far, please consider subscribing six hours later. We are back inside of laser beams game. You guys can see bro here. He is he’s got the iconic back bling on this. Is it bro i’m trying to see if i can see lesbian, i don’t know where he is all right. Okay, where is he bro? Where is that him? I think that’s his glider. I got plenty out of that: it’s pimax it’s me and pimax. Oh, it is oh okay. This could be my chance. This is literally the only attempt i have at this. Give me that charge shotgun alright, i’m. Coming for you bro, ladies, where are you at me? I’Ve waited right until the end, so hopefully this is the least toxic. I can possibly be okay here it is bro. Ladies, oh no, i missed okay, this guy’s trying to kill me tag them, please, one more! Okay! I’M locked in my knocked him, oh my days! Well, all right: hogies, okay, he’s, not i’m, not gon na fast him we’re going to try and keep him alive and i’m hoping fresh, can clutch up and hopefully get the res here all right: okay, bro it’s, actually pretty wholesome all right, he’s going to keep him Alive for the campfire and there we go i’ve just been killed, which i deserve.

Okay, i think fresh is coming over, which is good i’m starting, i mean you can offer one. I think they just died all right. Well, that kind of worked out well cause they died anyway. Dude, i can’t believe i actually missed that first shot like i’m, such a bot at this game, we’re gon na, send him a super chat, because i don’t have him added as a friend on fortnite. So it’s to drag this up to a hundred and we’re just going to put kaidos here we go. I know your name, but i don’t know how to say it, but i have seen you around hundred dollars. I don’t know if that’s the real one but uh it’s the real one, bro yeah there we go let’s put a couple: love hearts in the chat. Thank you. Man appreciate that, god, damn keep watching the video to see me destroy even more youtubers, but before we continue on this, video is sponsored by pringles. Yes, guys i’m very excited to announce that i’ve teamed up with pringles to work on its brand new fortnight pop and play european tournament. There’S going to be a massive prizes up for grabs and the competition is going to be launching a next week and i’m going to be sharing more details on my channel soon and guys. Look at this bro pringles have hooked me up with this limited edition golden pringle, and let me tell you guys, gabriel, this thing’s, pretty epic man in addition to this pringles, are also going to be giving away loads of xbox series x consoles and for more details On this, you guys can check the back of the pringles pack found in your local store or supermarket.

Thank you once again to pringles for making this video possible. If this interests, any of you guys make sure you check the links in the description and with all of that said, let’s get back on with the videos all right. Guys it’s been a couple of days but i’m, currently inside of muzel’s game and we’re gon na see where he’s dropping all right, i’m gon na try and kill muse out this game. It is a little bit nerve wracking because it’s not like the most safe spot to land. I guess is the word i would use okay, i don’t know where he’s landing right now. I’Ve got ta, wait for his stream to catch up don’t. Mind me guys we’re, just gliding we’re, just doing we’re just chilling up here: bro, oh okay, he’s going cat corner okay, i’m! Just gon na go retail road! Then, where imagine i like get a bounty on muzo i’m gon na. Try that right about you, you got to get out of here too that’s my drop spot. Okay. Luckily it doesn’t look like anyone landed here which is perfect for me. Uh so we’re just going to loot up a little bit, make sure i’ve got a decent load out and then we’re going to try and cool a bounty in our museo all right what we got here. We got a big pot, lovely stuff me, you do know. I love my big pots and i’ve got medkit we’re chilling.

Meanwhile, for a second, i thought you were real. Oh museo just got another kill bro. My guy is popping off me. He’S on three kills. Not gon na lie i’m kind of shook now he’s gon na he’s, probably gon na clap me now. For those of you who don’t know myself and music are actually on the same team, uh we’re, both in luminosity gaming. So this one is gon na be interesting. All right well not a bad start to a game, guys i’ve got decent loot. Okay, guys the storm is coming in. I think it’s, probably time that i hurry up here all right guys. Here we go we’re gon na call the bounty and eliminate player who no way finally accepted i’ve, got to try and kill museok i’m being targeted by a bounty it’s on boys guys, i feel so overpowered now, because i can see it’s roughly like where he is On the map dude, is he rotating towards me? I have no idea. Okay, i’ve got five minutes to try and eliminate him. Dude i’ve literally got a uav on new zealand friendly, uav inbound. What the hell was that i mean thanks for the car. This zone is pretty bad, but okay, musa just got another kill in the kill, feed, so he’s, probably like lazy lake. If i was to guess all right: okay, we’re taking a bit of storm damage, we’ve got three med kits we’re big chilling, but it looks like my guy is rotating into the storm.

I think that might be him. That could be him. I’M. Pretty sure. He’S build battling someone right now, god damn. What am i doing? Getting scared by a player like that? Oh okay, yeah, music, just killed someone, okay, bro we’re, sneaking in all right. This is it. Is he up here? He should be literally up here. I don’t know where he is bro. Is he here hello, what okay guys he’s on the other side of wailing woods right now? For some reason, the in game tracker is like super delayed. All right get me to the storm. I need to get to this river asap dude. Oh, this is actually so cooked. I might die i’m not trying to die right now. This storm is actually screwing me up. Come on, give me a fish. Okay, yes, okay, i’ve got one slurp fish, dude i’m, to hurry up 29 seconds on the storm. I think this could be oh there’s, something i don’t know there’s someone here tagged: okay, bro! I just laze it back in dude. I’M. Sorry me, i had to kill you faze dingo, he’s gon na hide in this bush. I think that could be muzelk. Okay, muzok is in the storm right now, bro, those guys out there are gon na die. Okay, the storm is doing a two. Take okay, we’ve got med kits okay, this guy had med kits on my days. Oh this guy just saved me guys. There’S 11 players left right now and i think museo is finding someone Music cheshire.

That was my bounty target there’s one there. Oh no is that guy see me what is going on there’s, a guy behind that chimney. What that’s in the zone we’re actually like what is going on right now, i’m, actually, like so confused. Okay, i’m, just gon na sky bridge bouncer either! Oh! No! I think that’s muzok there he is that’s muzo, tad i’m gon na start he’s white he’s got no shield. He actually has no shield, but the storm’s coming in what is i’ve got to push this there’s. Someone else on him no i’m dead, he might be dead. Is he dead to the storm? No, he just dies to the storm. Literally. The streak ends because the zone is there: okay, i’m, just gon na back out dude. I have no idea what just happened. Oh great, and it also ended to a stream time. It literally ended to a stream sniper all right, it’s gon na donate 50. This time i’m gon na say the goat. Alright, there we go guys we’ve just donated go on move out, get the kill. Bro. Nice chaos, thanks for the there we go, that is unbelievably generous, hey it’s, all good bro, i’m sure he’ll buy v box or something let’s get on to the next streamer thing is i actually haven’t even discovered like parts of the match? Still, okay, guys, we are in young chips, game! Okay, you should be over there somewhere i’m, just gon na loot up over here i’m just gon na get him some loot and then we’re gon na head over towards him there’s a chest in here as well, which is perfect.

Okay we’ve got some mini shields. I’M. Gon na get the emo ready. Okay guys, this is gon na, be the ultimate troll it’s gon na loot up inside of here all right boys. This could be it. We’Ve got the hand cannon we’ve got the loot. It is time all i’ve got to do is just act friendly, okay, he’s over there he’s over there. Okay, he should be. I don’t know. If he sees me, i don’t want to scare him all right. Boys don’t mind me we’re just screwing in right now i don’t know what louie’s got. I have no idea what he’s got all right here. He is. What does this guy want? Ah, my boy: okay, i’m gon na save i’m gon na save my shotgun he’s coming in he’s coming in. He has brought down the goods, wait. What killed him we’re doing? Take the owl he’s just killed me he’s just killed it’s kaidos, my my own! It be your own brothers. Sometimes you know, and then he’s just left the game really possibly the greatest experience of my entire life, henry being the nice guy that he is, i mean, is he a nice guy? He just dreams at me. Well, he is a nice guy, because he’s actually just sent me 200 pounds and said: buy some v bucks. So i guess i’m going to buy some v bucks. There we go. Bro chip has bought 40 000 v bucks. Oh yeah, epic games blocked him from buying any more 38 000 b bucks.