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All right guys welcome back to another fortnite battle. Royale video here in the channel today’s video we’re, going to be talking about the brand new fortnite update 15.50 patch real quickly before we get started. If you guys are going to be purchasing anything from today’s item shop or the brand new fortnite lamboro crew pack be sure to use supported creative code brand new yt, as i am an epic partner with fortnite hashtag ad hashtag epic partner, shout out to foreign for Letting me have a support creator code and shout out all of the recent supporters i’ve been using my command. It really does mean a lot, and i really do appreciate all of you guys, um as though, if you guys want to be gifted the lamb, bro crew pack or anything else from the shop for a higher chance, make sure you guys check out my socials on Instagram and twitter at brandywit, as i keep you guys, updated with almost like other fortnite news and all of that just for a higher chance inside of youtube and then make sure you guys subscribe to the second channel at brandybot. As i keep you guys up to date with a lot of release, dates for skins, bundles and packs and i’m sure predictions and then make sure i’ve joined up the discord down below guys. My discord server is active. You know i’ve been communicating and talking to you guys personally. So if you guys want to talk to me, you guys have any questions, make sure you guys join up the discord and, lastly, guys follow my tic tuck account at brandywit, because you know there’s been a lot of nice community um followers on tick tock.

So i really do appreciate it, so i feel like we’re getting new subscribers from tiktok here on the channel, so shout out to you guys but here’s the item shot from today. You know nothing very new, nothing too crazy. Today we have the dummy skin back with the babbling. You guys know ever since this skin firstly came out. I really did enjoy it because it’s like a skinny skin and it is kind of sweaty. I believe mongrel used to wear this skin, but obviously like right now. Recently, he doesn’t wear often it’s a sick skin, especially the carbon fiber style. I feel like it does make it worth it as well. It does apply to the noggin pickaxes. This pickaxe is like thick look at that look at the style, man that looks so amazing, and then we have the crash test wrap. You guys know that it’s pretty sick, i feel like. If you buy the skin, then you might as well purchase like the wrap that belongs to the same set. I don’t know i just do that. The orange skin is back with the babbling dude when this first came out, so many people liked it it’s a nice sweaty skin. Basically, the male version of like so from the battle pass of season five chapter two, so it is worth it sweaty, skin metal, skin. Pretty sick, the no pic pickaxe as well. I only bought this because of the last hit.

The hip thing. Look at the animation dude. It looks so sick, like the red. It looks like so nice. The abstract skin is back with the babbling, pretty sick. We got the renegade roller pickaxe, i do like the paint splash and you hit it pretty sick. We got the razor skin back with the bag. Bling. You guys remember dude, when these yo remember when these first league got leaked and like they never came out after a long time, and then they came out of nowhere that’s great yo. By the way i barely yesterday’s video, i literally barely purchased this um silver flame, animated wrap that belongs to the set. I thought i already had it before, but i literally just bought it yesterday and then the battle breakers music pack, which you know pretty sick um. The magnet skin is back with the bag bling. We still got the pull up. Emo dude, you saw a lot of you guys enjoyed the other video i made about it. When it first came out, i had a feeling we were going to get an encrypted tick. Tock chemo, i feel like all of the recent tick tock emails have been encrypted and you guys just you guys like exploded. The video you guys showed a lot of support. So if you guys haven’t, checked out my channel check it out, basically another the baby emo, the soul, trooper skin is back. We got the scanline animated, wrap pretty sick.

I guess we got the dream feed emo. We got the water works emo over here we still got the alien skins. You guys know what the ripley skin um you guys literally get. All of that. You guys get the emo. You guys get the gear bundle dude. The first case scenario one of my favorite emotes as of right now, man look at that that looks so funny man, the pickaxe. You guys get the glider, you guys can purchase everything separately and then we still got the flash bundle which dude i don’t know when this is gon na be leaving. You guys know the street fighter skins already left, but the flash button is still here. But if you guys want to be gifted anything, let me know down below in the comments or epic games username. Let me know which cosmetic you guys want and if you guys are going to purchase anything, be sure to use support great code, brandywith, hashtag, hashtag, epic partner, all right guys. So it looks like we’re getting a brand new icon series skin, which is basically laser beam. The youtube content creator, so if you guys don’t know who he is, obviously he does content on youtube. He sometimes does live stream every other day and then obviously he does upload videos on youtube. I was expecting this already because laser beam has been in the fortnite community for a long time, literally from chapter one. He used to play a lot of games with lachlan, which obviously lachlan has already got in his icon series skin.

I remember i’m pretty sure he ran some squad games when, like chapter chapter, one was like going crazy with ninja. He made videos um and then obviously travis scott, which i don’t know when this skin’s gon na come back and then obviously the graph mg skin i’m. Pretty sure he ran some games when he got his skin and then obviously with loser fruit as well. So you guys know who laser beam is so basically we’re going to be getting yet another icon series skin after the recent one was the graph g literally in this season, so supposedly the um. What we call the laser beam skin is supposed to come into. The item shop on march, the fourth or third, which would be on thursday, so the fourth of thursday i’m, pretty sure that’s. When we’re going to be able to see the laser beam skin that laser being scanned. This is kind of random. We were not expecting an icon series scanned literally before the season, almost ending, because you guys take a look at the lower left. It says chapter two season, five through march 16th, so literally guys less than like less than three weeks season. Six is already gon na, be here so and we’re gon na get an icon series before the season starts. So how hype is that so expect it’s going to hit the item shop on thursday and then um? Obviously, when it does come out on thursday, i will be making a video, as always as i do, for like most of the hype skins and as well we’ll be making like a tick tock video, so make sure to follow.

My tic tic account at brandywinet, for you guys, won’t miss out on that awesomeness skin um i’m. Pretty sure there will be a tournament tied to the skin as well, because if you guys didn’t know the graph fg had his own tournament and basically lachlan as well. So let me know down below in the comments: do you guys own all of the icon series skins, guys i don’t even own, all of them, i’m missing major, laser and marshmallow, but these are all of the ones i have. Let me go ahead and bookmark them real, quick for you, guys where you guys can see. So basically, these are all the icon series skins that i have. Let me know which one has been one of your most favorite one um i’m. Gon. Na be honest, i feel like it’s still travis scott man. I don’t know why even the astrojack skin and then probably my least favorite uh i’m. You know i’m not trying to bash no one, but it might be likely or the graphic g i mean at the end of the day. They’Re all awesome scans me. You know if i were to pick a least favorite and then my most favorite probably be ninja and like travis scott and then now the laser beam skin. So let me know which one’s about your favorite down below, but guys it will cost 1500 v bucks. You guys know every single icon series rarity skin is 1500 v bucks.

It will also come out as a bundle like i said, thursday, so being a lookout for that um. I will be making a video on that as well, so make sure to have notifications on all how you guys can get the bundle for free because there’s actual ways guys like not scamming ways not like your credit card information with v bucks, there’s actual free ways On how you guys can actually get the bonus for free? Obviously, if you guys participate in the tournament as well, you guys would be able to get the skin for free the actual laser beam skin. So let me know what you guys think about that. Overall, you know it is pretty sick as well guys we are getting the brand new update tomorrow, i’m, pretty sure. Obviously, since we got the announcement of laser beam um just because you guys know this is going to be the last update of the season. As i already made a video literally earlier today this morning, so if you guys haven’t checked that out make sure to check that video out by the way, let me know if you guys still need the actual um. What do you call it? The fortnite lamborgh before next month’s hit, which obviously will be in april, but let me know what you guys think about the crew pack that’s already got it the other day ago. Yesterday, i made a whole video at that how well um other than that.

Let me know what you guys think about the laser beam skin. Overall, hopefully you guys tried for the tournament. Hopefully, you guys qualify and get yourself the skin for free and not wait for the item shop until it comes out as well we’ll be making a video on the um second channel at brandinbot, so make sure you check it out with the release date other than That guys, taking out so much support, drop like subscribe. Let me know what you guys think about the brand new laser beam skin coming. You guys can get it for free, obviously in the tournament or you guys can purchase it. If you guys don’t qualify in the item shop at a later date, which i’ll be hooking, you guys up when it does come out making videos here on the channel. So pretty sick announcement literally before the update. I was not expecting this, so i am now excited that we’re going to get an update plus the brand new laser beam skin this week – and i know you guys – are excited at all – so just make sure you guys are hooked up here on the channel. For you, guys, won’t miss out on anything that being said guys taking out so much support. Thank you guys. So much for the support drop. A like subscribe use code brand, new, yt, ad or use code laser, if you guys want to when you guys, purchase the laser beam skin.