The mario items are officially here, which means we can get access to them early here in the states and i’m going to be showing you exactly how to get access to all of the mario items right now, no matter where you are in the world now, if You do not want to time travel. You will have to wait until it is march 1st local time before. You can actually gain access to this, but we will be going over all of the items as well in this video. So i do hope you all enjoy this and let’s get right into it. So we do have this here, which is pretty cool because you can activate it. You get a little mario, sound and um. You can take down the bowser flag and put up the mario one. We’Ve got princess, peaches, uh, dress and crown here. There is also a pair of shoes that you can get i’m thinking. I might actually put this on the wall. We’Ll have the head, the dress and the shoes on the wall, but we’re, basically making like a little dungeon here. What’S great is this pipe here, because we can actually hop into this pipe and we can teleport to the rest of the bowser’s castle. The past few streams we’ve been working really hard at making a an awesome, bowser’s castle and i’m looking forward to finishing this off in live streams over the next couple days. Uh we’ve got the swamp here.

You can’t actually walk under the thwomp. You do have to walk around it, which is a little kind of meh. I wish we could like sneak under it or something like that, but i do really love these mario items and i’m so inspired to finally do some building uh, but we got the question. Mark block here which pops out these coins, the top, which is nice we’ve, got the regular floating blocks there. And if we come down this way, we can see a couple more of the items. We’Ve got two different colored shells. We got a green one or a red one and a green one, and when you activate them, they start spinning. You can create like enemies where you have to activate them or something like that which is nice. These coins, though they actually disappear when you walk over them and then they’ll respawn, which is really really nice, then we’ve got the power up mushroom, which makes the power up sound when you activate it, and then we’ve also got a superstar and it plays the music Which i don’t know if it’s going to make us get to monetize at some point in time, so we don’t spend too much time next to it, but yeah these mario items are absolutely amazing. I love them and they’re really easy to order as well. Once you get access to them, all you need to do is go into your nook shopping and go into special goods and then you’re going to go to the promotion, and you can see all the items that we’re able to get here.

The one up mushroom we’ve got the block, so this block is gon na be on the ground, which is actually really nice. You got the coins that are on the ground. Uh, the fire flower i’ve actually got up here, or did i actually or did i pick it up? Yeah there’s the fire flower trying to figure out good spots for this right now? I really wish it spewed out fire when you activated it, but it does not. We’Ll go back into our special goods here, uh we’ve got the gold pole, obviously the floating block, which we already showed uh the large mushroom platform, the pipes which we already showed the green shell small mushroom platform, i’m gon na find some good spots for these. I think you can place things on top of them as well. We got the super mushroom which we showed uh superstar thwomps the question mark block, and then we have all the clothing in here too. So you’re not gon na get the clothing from abel sisters. So you can actually just order all the pieces now do keep in mind. You are limited to ordering five items a day still so, if you want to get all of them on the same day, you will have to time travel uh, but we’ve got all of the different pieces of clothing here to include all the shoes and then we’ve Got the mushroom mural wall, the block, flooring, uh, lakitu’s cloud rug, yoshi’s, a grug which is awesome, and that is all of the items, but now that we’ve showed them all off.

Let’S actually show how to get access to them. Right now, because i know that’s what everybody wants, you want access to them right now, um now, if you don’t want to time travel, you will have to wait until march 1st local time so that’s. Whatever time you live in march, 1st you’ll get access to them, but if you do want to time travel, you can do it right now and i’ve shown this off quite a few times, but it’s really easy to do. You need to go to your system and you’re going to need to change your region first and foremost, you’re going to need to go to hong kong or australia. One of these two will work i’m currently set to hong kong. So i know for a fact that it works. Then you need to go into your date and time. You’Re gon na have to set your time zone to something that is at the very least set in hong kong or later i just made it super easy on myself and i set it to the very last one which is plus the 1300 hours so at tangatapu. I probably mispronounced that but that’s what i have mindset right now and then you just need to set your date and time to at least uh march first. So any time after march, 1st you’re able to do it and then you just can move forward a day at a time and you’ll be able to order your items that’s.

All you need to do and then once you set your date and time and your region, when you set your region, you will need to restart your switch for that. So keep that in mind, but otherwise, once your region is set, then you can save and end and you can time travel and get all of your items now, once you get logged back in on march 1st or whatever date you decided to go to all, you Need to go is either to the resident services center to the shopping or on your phone to the nook shopping, app to special goods and then over to promotion and you’ll be able to buy as many items as you want. Obviously, you can only buy five per day, so if you want to be able to get all of the items today, you will have to do some additional time. Traveling and that’s really easy as well. You just purchase your five items and then you do exactly the same thing except you. Won’T have to change your region this time. So we can go into here. Go back to system settings. Then you would just push forward one more day and you do this one day at a time until you get all the items that you want and then once you’re done with this and you’ve achieved all of the items that you do want to get. Then you just go back and you can literally just set your time.

You can even set your region back to the date and time that you want to. So you can go ahead and go back to whatever day it is so it would be the 28th today. You can do that and you could even set your time zone back if you so desire and set your region. But what i recommend doing is if you want to get access to all of the items early, but you don’t want to spend all this time time. Traveling, every single time, there’s, a new update and or you just don’t – want to really time travel that much at all. But you want items as soon as they come out around the world. You want access to them each and every time and what i recommend doing is just doing this one time all you need to do is just set your region and set your time zone, and then you can push forward to march first right now, and so that Way, you’re just a couple hours ahead for every update. Then you only have to do this one time and if you set this this time right now, then anytime there is an update in animal crossing new horizons or new items. You’Ll get them about 13 hours early. So you’ll be able to do this and you’ll have access to the items as soon as they’re out every single time and you’ll never have to time travel again um. So i really recommend doing this at least once so that way, you don’t have to wait until like midnight to play the game.

You can enjoy the game at a normal hour and have access to all the items and you’ll never have to time travel again. So there’s a couple different ways you can handle this uh but yeah. I absolutely love the items. I’M really really excited to see what the community creates for all these mario themed items. There’S. Definitely amazing creators out there way better than i am, and i can’t wait to see what each and every one of you are creating for your islands for these mario items uh but yeah. Thank you all so much for watching. Let me know what you think in the comments below of all of the new items and if you have any ideas for future uh, mario crossing themed builds. Definitely let me know in the comments below we’re gon na do bowser’s castle and then probably a race track. Here pretty soon uh but yeah. Thank you all so much for watching.