41. I think don’t quote me on that, but we are heading to that 50 episode mark man. In this episode. This series is definitely probably gon na get a hundred man. We are just in season four um. I might try to start getting two games in a video, especially in the conference play with the weaker conference we’re in since, especially since we went 7 1 so like if we keep just destroying the conference games i’m gon na. Go for more of a formatted two episodes per game attempt to not always gon na, say um with that, though, we will lose a little bit of game play uh, but let me show you all this recruiting real quick before we get into this game against washington. Washington has beaten us the two times: we’ve ever played them and uh season one and season two let’s see um i’ll show you all my biggest leads so far. This is how i like to filter it. Our boy anthony he’s, an outside linebacker it’s, just kind of stocking up on those outside linebackers. We got ricky coleman, he’s a tackle, uh he’s, six, six sixty overall, so we’ll have some time to develop him greg mullins same thing. I wan na start replenishing this defensive line because i know my front seven is very, very good right now. Uh ricky fox kind of was just on here, because i needed extra wide receivers and he was a one star and he was interested in us so i’m.

Putting on very little points onto him and uh he’s, slowly coming on so yeah, i probably shouldn’t even recruit him but whatever and then same thing with trevor um. One of the big recruits i’m excited for is my boy joshua fry right here: he’s 69 overall by his 90 speed, 84 acceleration, the acceleration isn’t the greatest, but my man has some pretty good man coverage and then bruce lee right here. Yes, his name is bruce lee. He was a gem, he was actually a four star. Uh i mean has five star talent. He has 94 speed off the line. 93 excel this dude’s insane uh. He would go very nice next to walker jones. I really want to start getting this wide receiver going and then another cornerback. His name is justin johnson 96b. 90 acceleration 84 man coverage 87 zone 80. Press like this dude has amazing coverage stats and then like uh, i was also recruiting joe slaughter he’s. More of a power back, i wanted to try to bring him in keep replenishing. We got to keep like remember these guys go out in four years. We got to keep replenishing the squad. So, even though we have beast running backs right now that doesn’t mean they’re gon na stay here, like they’re gon na eventually potentially go to the nfl so yeah i got ta keep replenishing the squad, but going against number 16. sorry number 17 washington we’re at washington, Um, these guys were ranked in the top 10 and actually lost last week, believe who do they lose to let’s check that out they lost to tulsa 3235.

I don’t think these guys are very tough. I think we can beat them and i think we could potentially be ranked if we beat them and then we got number two michigan, so boys let’s get into it okay, boys, so we had problems with the audio for the first play. I don’t know what it’s going to show. So i, if the audio is messed up for that i’ll just leave it in and i’ll mute it um, but they got. I think it’s drew morris actually in that quarterback um under center, and our defense is playing very well so far, i’m, only gon na blitz, three here and we’re. I blitz three and we still get him. Man, kevin bradley sack number six on the year and the offense is gon na get a chance to come on the field. Rich collins, checking back in the game. Oh there we go rich has got the edge rich get in there. Touchdown, rich collins is what i’m talking about. We keep switching them in and out these teams aren’t going to be able to keep up switching the power and the speed they. They just have no idea what you’re going to do, but i want to keep doing this man. I feel like these two, the unselfish guys, i think rich collins can still win a heisman, but seven, nothing early, okay, boys. Yet again my elgato is garbage. I don’t know if it’s my computer, my elgato, or what i got ta test some things out.

I got ta figure. Some things out, i’m back editing this video. This is why you guys haven’t been getting videos that much the entire second quarter of this game is gone, the there’s just no audio and the footage is all like corrupted and staticky. So i just don’t even want to put that on the channel so i’m, not really sure what i’m gon na do. Here i mean, as you just saw as you’re, about to see on this kickoff it’s about to step skip ahead i’m about to edit the third quarter. Hopefully, it’s not ruined, hopefully – and this is gon na – be a really short video and i apologize boys all right. Let’S get it start, the second half i just got back to my setup. I had to do some stuff, but moe roberts isn’t is a cornerback. He was a walk on um and this dude is a god at returning kicks. We saw him return one earlier. This kid was, kid, was doesn’t even start like he’s, even on the the cornerback death chart and he just returned another kick return. Mo roberts is a demon i might have to get different, sliders bro, because it’s starting to become easy. If we’re blowing top 25 teams out, i don’t want that uh. I guess i’ll play with the sliders a little bit before our game against michigan, but uh let’s go eagles are on top all right boys, so i got a nickname for moe roberts.

That’S gon na be magic mo for now on and rich collins checks back into the game start. This half on up and rich let’s go rich five, your game man, our running backs, are looking good, our backfield’s just terrorizing teams. Second, five: this crowd is starting to get pumped up a little bit. We’Re gon na go crossfield to newby and newby gets it. I thought that was gon na get intercepted 20 yard gain to jermaine newby our slot. These boys are down bad here in washington at husky stadium. These guys are struggling to say the least. We are i’m gon na, be honest, destroying them, oh, throw it away. I ran backwards. That was dumb of me second and 27. Now we are in a big hole and we got walker jones on the outside, though, and he might be able to pick up the first down. No but 16, there get us back in a manageable third and 11.. We can, i mean that’s a lot better than third and 27, so see i’m picking a lot more of my own plays now and it’s running a lot smoother and we got newbie on the out route. A newbie, spinning 19 yard gain. Is this offense passing wise? Is starting to heat up jermaine newby with a big gain right there as sam mccoy is 11 for 32 11 13 232 yards, hey man, like my boy state of the franchise, go check out his channel if you haven’t, yet before he calls this the c route.

Cheese and i throw an interception, i forced that i was getting hot with passing the ball and i forced it. Oh man, we can’t force turnovers on defense, it’s, weird, like we play such good defense, but we don’t force turnovers and i throw another interception stupid me. That was really the first hope. They’Ve had all the game, Music and oh, he is wide open, busted coverage. I don’t know if we’re gon na be able to catch the man, princeton butler running him down with that 95 speed, but huge gain 69 yard for jude, because that was a big play. Busted play from us and they’re going to the outside and jude again gets another play. Brian jude, 8 yard reception up to 77 yards on the day for him here, early peyton collins in a middle linebacker. Now, a little bit of a weird formation, we’re in here and they’re, going to run a qb sneak qb draw right there with dylan morris and he gets in as jimmy wayne wasn’t able to bring him down and they’re on the board. Finally, well, they go for dawn, sidekick and don’t, get it so i’m gon na cut that out, and we are actually gon na start running this clock out. We’Ll attempt to at least and they’re not gon na pick up on sam mccoy on the triple option. We might have a touchdown here: mccoy has one guy to beat and mccoy with that 94 track.

Speed gets in the end zone. That was a 50 yard touchdown jesus. This triple option has been well simply glorious. Wow mccoy took off there that kid has a freaking open face, face space jesus, i can’t talk Music, so boys we are going to win 35 14. This game was not close. It says it was 35 14. Realistically we could have blown these guys out by 50.. Um, i mean we turned the ball once over in the red zone, and this is our first time beating a top 25 team. We are officially not oh and five anymore. We are one in five, but i’ll see you all in a minute to cover the stats. So game stats, boys, uh, sam mccoy – i really feel like he turned another page here. Besides that interception dude played great 11 14 232 yards only taking one sack travis white man. This combo is this combo. Let me rephrase it. This trio is deadly uh, travis white got 12, carry 79 yards uh rich collins only got nine, but they were literally just trying to take this dude’s head off and he played a big big role in the passing game. Sam mccoy five carries 55 yards three touchdowns on the ground. This dude is a demon, rushing um receiving wise, rich collins. Three three catches 109 yards. This is what i’m talking about this dude is so electric if he gets an open space he’s so good at running those little dinkin ducks little screen passes.

We like to run walker jones 34 yards jeremiah newby. I feel, like the receiving game really got going in the last quarter, we’re going to need that against michigan, because they are the number two team in the nation. Defense played very well. We just need to force turnovers that’s our big problem. We haven’t been able to force any turnovers kevin bradley. Another two sack game has seven on the year. I believe this dude has been simply insane and yeah that’s, pretty much it stat wise uh. Nothing really else to show didn’t force any turnovers defensively, a kicker missed two field goals, so we should have 41 on them. We just simply can’t make field goals. I i suck at it. First of all and joe stewart, just doesn’t have the best leg and i don’t think we punted, once oh and moe roberts, magic moe returned to kick for a touchdown yeah. This dude isn’t, even on our death corner death chart at cornerback he’s too, like they’re they’re. Six corners better on the team than him and he’s making his name out there, man as a kick returner, and i love it so um yeah i’ll catch. You guys next time make sure y’all subscribe. Like the video we’re on that road to 2000.. We might already hit 2000 at this point. I really don’t know um. This video is coming out i’m recording this video on valentine’s day. So this video is probably going to come out in two weeks.

Maybe um. As you see there, there’s a big list of videos. I’M trying to record super far ahead because i have the second channel and i’m just trying to get super far ahead on the weekends as i can, because i do work 10 hour days overnight. So i work from 8 pm to 6 30 and then on the weekdays. I sleep all day, most of the time so at least three or four, so i don’t get a chance to really record videos or even see how my videos do or answer comments. So if you guys don’t, see me answer your comments, that’s. Why or if i don’t answer your clients comments until like 1 30 in the morning, it’s because i’m at lunch at work, so yeah i’m trying to record super far ahead, but i want to grind. I got a full time job i got. I treat youtube like a full time. Job i’m still grinding boys dynasty’s getting grinded out adrian pack’s, getting grinded out i’m recording ahead what’s, the only sucky thing i can’t interact with you guys as much as i would. I want to put in coach questions and stuff like that, but there’s just really no way. I can do that when i’m recording a head like this, but i will catch you all next time. I love each and every one of y’all, 2. 000 soon catch.