She was replaced by jessica mann and will not know her status for the rest of the game. Oregon in control, hornets break just three on four though, and oregon drops a fifth back quickly done inside the box. Tripped up and the referee is going to signal for a corner kick, and so the first threat for sacramento state comes Applause is being told not to interfere with the goalie freeman as she’s right on the line. Goodwill’S ball headed and it scores it’s sacramento state who scores again: it’s skyler littlefield off the corner from aubry goodwill who has done it? Oh so many times off the set pieces, a beautiful ball in the second corner attempt for sacramento state palmer, touched down by hardy, has an hour serves it over the top put the sealy there to make a grab and it looked like a pass. That was intended. Shaw with the left challenge back by sosa now, a foul is going to be called against. Sacramento state Music shaw is down Applause. Low line drive facility can’t get her hands on it thoroughly. It goes through for the goal on the free kick from zoe. Hazenauer remains 1, 1. The score first, half of action ball served in the sealy punches it away, doesn’t get a whole lot on it and then on the rebound is able to go up and grab it. A second time pressure in the back as coming out to get it was freeman Music.

She was run over that was scouting. Who just came into the game. Kick is short, it is 1 1. The score you’re watching hornet’s soccer on pluto tv we’ll, play back now to the right side, has an hour cross into the box loose controlled by sacramento state sosa, trying to find someone to go to it’s loose in front again. Foot race won by littlefield and she kicks it out of bounds for another organ, throwing a couple of good chances for oregon. In that sequence, hardy blows past one defender now matched up with lutheran, takes her to the outside help coming from goodwill into the box, and a attempt off of cook is not hit cleanly and it’s picked up by facility. Herrera wins it in midfield herrera, working against palmer dribbles up with the left herrera into the box, takes a fall referee signals no foul and the hornet bench is irate. Herrera went down just inside the 18., much better kick by facili. This time again won by oregon. In the air that was hassen hour, romero little touch to the outside cross coming and fasili in traffic comes down with it as she had a player coming at her quickly. Hornets touch goodwill, shot right at the hands of freeman, who knocks it down and picks it up on a bounce who made it look easy. She knocked it down and picked it up on the hop ball flicked on morgan now unhappy. They wanted a penalty in the box called against.

Uh is as hassan that what they thought was victimized and instead it will go for a throw in crossed off the crossbar, not sure if that was a shot or a cross, but it ended up nearly going in as it went high off. The bar cleared back out by the hornets won by oregon. The shot is blocked by the hornet defense. Oregon still possesses coming up strong from the back row is corran it’s facili, who just gets enough of it, as the streaking cook was coming right at her and vasily able to hold on for the safe. It was probably a 30 yard. 35 yard shot that time by littlefield and a little too much on that one oregon’s going to come back the other way with a counter attack, half an hour into the box Music and then getting the ball down was hardy. She lost the defender able to shed her to the ground and instead played it over the crossbar half an hour plays outside to warm doll, high cross, headed by hardy and controlled by facility can’t reach it knocked down by sacramento state ball crossed into the box, headed By cook, loose and save by facility off of a second head attempt, cortez serves it up. Punched out settled down by oregon low shot cleared off the line by sacramento state. It was man back there defending not sure if it would have gone in or not ball crossed in off the head of facility loose in front and in for a goal, but they’re going to wave it off and they’re going to call off sides against oregon and Again, it’s ali cook, who is voicing her frustration at the center referee, evan christian guy christensen gallegos.