Now it doesn’t matter which xbox you have if it’s the original xbox one the 1s the 1x. This should even work on the series x and the series s. If you actually have one so you’re trying to update the microsoft store or the event beta, app or any other app on the system and it’s, not updating, you’ll, see here in just a moment, mine actually gives me an error telling me to free up storage space, But i have more than enough storage space on my system, so we’re going to let this play through here. You’Ll see that i’ve got more than enough storage when it comes to that, but, first and foremost, what i want you to do to try to solve this problem is hold your power button down on your xbox one until it fully powers down once it’s powered down. Unplug, your power brick completely from the wall and the console. Now, if it’s a newer system – and you don’t have the brick, you can just unplug the cord itself from the wall and the back of your console. Leave it like that for a minute, and maybe two tops, go ahead and plug it back in after that time lapses. Start your console up once your system’s, fully booted back up that should have cleared the system. Cache go back in try the update again. If this works, fantastic, you’re set you’re good to go. If not you’ll see here, i’m gon na attempt it once again to go ahead and update the events beta app and the microsoft store once again, and it still fails telling me that i need to clear up system space when i have more than enough.

So at that point, what we’re actually going to do is a full system restore while keeping all of our games and apps on the system. Now, essentially, what this will do is just repair any damaged operating system problems that your system is having and pretty much give it a factory day kind of nice new feel to it again. It should speed it up a little bit, hopefully as long as there’s. No serious problems, like you know, god forbid – the hard drive be completely corrupted on you, but you’ll see here in just a moment. Let’S go ahead and play this through once this fails and gets back into it there you go the installation stopped immediately after it started. Anyway, we’re going to let it go through here and you’ll, see as it progresses on exactly how to do. The system restore see how you go to your system. Settings go down to reset console Music in the reset console. You want to reset and keep my games and apps. You can do the remove everything, but that is going to literally give you a factory reset. You are going to have nothing on your console and have to reinstall all of it. So once again, we’re going to go ahead and let this play through it does take a little bit. But as most of my subscribers are already aware, i try my best not to edit my videos, because i want everybody to see the real thing.

I want you to see what actually goes on i’m, not gon na. You know clip and splice and everything and try to make stuff pretty for you you’re, getting the bare bones truth of everything that happens so, while we’re in this black screen waiting for the system to do its reset here. Yes, it probably does take a while even on yours, i’m using the xbox one x, not the series, you know i’m, not fortunate enough to have one of those quite yet, but it finally comes back up to the preparing console and don’t forget while you’re here go Ahead and subscribe leave a like on the video if it ended up helping you out do appreciate everybody’s help with um. You know me sticking around and making more videos for hopefully years to come and helping everybody out all right, we’re back up to the preparing console stage here and my hard work kind of kicked out there for a second on me, so it caught back up around 50, something percent – i actually wasn’t the hardware. It was obs. You know it didn’t want to stick with it and go through the flickering of the screen over and over. While the console was rebooting, so i actually had to restart obs and completely restart recording again so that i actually did have to splice right there. So we’re just going to let this one go ahead and run through alongside your console. They should be at about the same pace here.

So as long as you don’t have a godly console. You shouldn’t be light years ahead of this all right on this screen. Once your console has been restored, it’s pretty much just going to tell you in every language that you can imagine that you can download the xbox app onto your smartphone and use your phone to finish. The setup of your console i’m actually going to skip that and just hit the start button on my controller to do the setup manually on the xbox itself, because while we did keep all games and apps and everything on the console, this does remove your account. So we’re going to go through the standard setup here and you will have to put in your email address and password associated with your xbox live account and from this point forward it is all very standard stuff. So i am going to shut up now and just let you watch the rest of the video in the end. I do hope this helps each and every person that is actually having this problem. If not, i am sorry you are going to probably have to contact microsoft, slash xbox on their website and request their assistance. If it did help you fan freaking tastic, i love it that your system is actually running proper again, so here you go have at it.