Those of you who are sticking by continuing to watch my videos and supporting my channel. I thank you because you and i know the truth. The sony ponies they’ve lost with the news earlier this week that all the playstation exclusives are coming to pc. My statement that i made damn near a year ago has never been more true. You get yourself a goddamn xbox series x and you get yourself a gaming pc to play these sony games and you’re set you’re golden. You don’t need anything else. People sony in particular, jim ryan, see they’ve realized that their fan base is their contingent. The playstation contingent is made up of 12 year old boys who come home from school, sit down and worship their plastic box. Meanwhile, men like me, and the men who subscribe to this channel, we don’t worship our plastic. We just recognize the superior product which the xbox is sony ponies if you’ve purchased a playstation, 5 you’ve already made a mistake, but luckily there is a saving grace. What you’re going to do you’re going to take your playstation 5, because the f here’s the thing you know how playstation 5s were selling out. Nobody wants a playstation 5 anymore because all the games are coming to pc. You go on ebay, the prices are dropping. People are selling this for less than retail. Nobody wants this stupid ass. Black and white box thing looks like a goddamn refrigerator. Nobody wants that sitting under their shelf on their entertainment, stand or standing up next to their entertainment stand because every single game is going to be on the pc, it’s stupid it’s, trying to keep some box in here that has all the games on the pc that Nobody wants that now.

Personally, i think the sony games suck. I think that they are absolute dog, but i do recognize that they do have their fans so sell that playstation 5 – you probably get maybe 200 out of it, because there are still some children who uh have blind loyalty to this box and get the playstation 5 Out of there get yourself an xbox series x, a man’s console something that an adult is proud to own something that’s sleek and actually looks like it belongs in the living room. And if you care so much about those weak ass, sony, exclusives get yourself a gaming pc i’ve got a build that um, because the games are so lackluster quality. You could probably run them on something like a 560 ti. You probably need a like a i5 2400 and you’ll be set all right. You could build a pc that can run these games for, like 300, all right it’s, not a big deal. You get yourself a gaming pc for the sony games, get your series x for everything else and you are set. I was the only one on youtube. You go back and watch my earlier goddamn videos. I was the only one on youtube saying that those games were coming to pc god of war, spider man, the last of us all of that shit’s going on pc by the word of jim ryan, aka, the sony god himself, all right and all you little out There can cry in the comments telling me i’m wrong or the playstation isn’t losing its exclusives day, one.

You know it’s coming first, it was horizon a three year old game. Now it stays gone a two year old game soon to be god of war, spider man. The last of us, and once they see that they’re selling, all the games are going to be date, pc because pc doesn’t compete with console and the way the console competes with console. This is dead, metal and i’m back better than ever ready to straight curb stomp. These blinds sony, loyalists and open their eyes to the truth, that’s what i do on this channel and by the way sony ponies. I stand by what i said about microsoft: flight simulator. That game is better than ghost of tsushima. That game is better than final fantasy.