Music Orion with his shining belt still dominates the evening. Sky. Just past Orion’s raised arm lies the constellation of Gemini, also known as the twins. In Greek mythology, the Twins accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on their expedition in search of the Golden Fleece.. The brightest stars in Gemini mark the heads of the twins, Castor and Pollux. Pollux – is a yellowish giant swelling as it enters old age and hosts a jupiter sized planet.. Castor is a system of three pairs of stars bound in an intricate gravitational dance. At the feet of the Gemini brothers is a fuzzy patch that binoculars or a small telescope show to be a cluster of several hundred stars called M35. Music Neighboring Gemini is the faint Constellation of Cancer. Within the body of cancer lies M44the, Beehive cluster, one of the nearest star clusters to Earth.. This swarm of stars looks like a cloudy patch to the naked eye, but ground based telescopes show a pleasing. Scatter of roughly 1000 stars. Music adjacent to cancer lurks the head of Hydra, the water snake, the longest constellation in the sky. Music Distant galaxies, like NGC ’23, reside along the snake’s coils., While NGC ’23 appears as a faint smudge in backyard. Telescopes, more powerful observatories reveal it to be a giant oblong elliptical galaxy with an interesting ripple. Pattern. Elliptical galaxies consist of billions of old stars with very little gas to make more.. They can grow larger by ingesting smaller galaxies, forming concentric shells of stars.

As seen in this image from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Near the end of Hydra’s, tail lies M83, a closer galaxy with a spiral shape.. The whorl of M83 blossoms in this Hubble image., Also known as the Southern Pinwheel. The galaxy is a swirl of dark dust lanes. Blue star clusters and glowing pink star forming clouds. An X ray image, reveals details that no human eye could ever see on its own Music searing hot gases, tracing the spiral, arms black holes and neutron stars emitting X rays, as they gobble up companions and a core Of concentrated black holes and neutron starsthe product of recent star formation. Enjoy the stars galaxies and mythical figures of March from your own backyard..