Now today’s topic monster hunter rise. Now, when this game was first shown off, i couldn’t believe what i was seeing, because i could not believe that as visually impressive as this game is that this was going to be a switch title. Let along a base, switch title not running on a pro or anything like that, but just the standard switch as we have right now. I was just jaw dropped. I literally did a jim ross now, even though capcom later confirmed that this was running on the base. Switch the standard switch i was still like. Are you always lying, but now after playing the demo, which i’ve spent quite a bit of time with i got ta say it is really impressive. What they have pulled off here, a steady frame rate i’ve, not noticed any dips below 30. It seems to be really consistent and just the visual pleasantry of it, like it just it’s, mind blowing how good this game looks, is running on the re engine, which makes me wonder if we will start to see other games that can also uh. That also run on that engine. Will they start to bring things like resident, evil, 2 or 3 remake over to the switch? If they do that’d be great, i know they did something with rd2 remake where they had a cloud version where you could stream it they, where they were streaming it, but that’s, not the same as actually having the game built for the switch.

You know the streaming service in itself. There are problems there um, i mean it’s, fine and dandy, because this still allows people access to the game, but it would it’s not the same as actually having the game dedicated to the system. There are always issues whenever you stream something latency input issues with the controller or what have you but back to monster hunter rise. Guys like i have been kind of intrigued by the series for a long time. It’S always appealed to me because monster hunter has been around for a long time. I remember when i first laid eyes on it back on the wii um it caught my eyes, but i always was a bit intimidated by the series simply because it felt like it was a game that was overly complex when they released monster hunter world. I thought okay, this is one that’s, more streamlined to a broader audience, so i will give this a try. So i did. I tried monster hunter world. I thought it was cool, but it was still missing some things and now that i play rise i’m like oh, this might be the one. This may be the one for me guys so don’t be surprised if you don’t see more gameplay of monster hunter rise in the future featured on my youtube channel since i’ve been spending time playing this game. One of the key differences with this one over world is the combat it feels more refined in world.

The combat was always kind of cumbersome to me, and i think that was one of the biggest turnoffs, which i know the monster hunter games in the past of have all played similar to how world is, but that has also been one of the turn offs. For me from the series but rise, i think what really does it is the wire bug it just makes the combat feel more fluid you can you can maneuver a lot better and ultimately, you can get out of those sticky situations with the inclusion of that wire Bug and i think it’s a game changer for the overall flow of the combat and it’s, really something that i’m really enjoying it takes away that that feeling that i had with the previous game, like it got kind of boring like the combat, was kind of stale. This refreshes it to an extent where i’m really enjoying just the whole hunt the and once i get to the monster the the overall battle. It feels more epic, with the inclusion of that wire bug i’m, hoping that these refinements can keep me engaged and entertained throughout the adventure and beyond. But what do you guys think about this game? Have you played the demo? Please comment in the section down below.