We got abouts what up boys and gals today, we’re playing monster hunter rise, the demo again, this is demo. Yes, full game. Doesn’T come out till later this year. So are they used to the re engine i’ve only seen them make uh resident evil. With this so far, okay, good, look at capcom, they said uh. We did it for resident evil. Uh! Do it for us! Why not? You can only take the number of quests in this demo. Number remaining 30. online play will be disabled after the trial period for the demo, at which point you will have to use local play so i’m guessing it’s like a time demo, then at least that’s what it’s sounding like Music, okey dokey what’s going on here start It up – oh, my goodness. This is a lot for a demo just hop up in here solo. Do we need basic training? I’M, just going to jump right into this game, tries remaining 30. select a weapon, yeah i’m, just going to jump right into this. Look at my squad are they? Is it the same character or is that a whole different guy with different armor on Music? So for now they have. It looks like just a set list of characters: heavy bow gun, light, bow gun, charge, blade, switch axe, lance the great sword. Ooh. Do i want dual blades? Do i just want a big ass hammer? I think i’m going to go. Let’S go with the sword and shield.

Now this is i. This dude looks badass we’re gon na take the hunting horn. Why not slay a great? What is this izuchi so let’s briefly talk about the monster hunter movie that had uh some racist jokes in it? Oh man, that movie went under fire time limit 15 minutes all right yep. I am thrown right into this and i do not know anything that i’m doing. Oh, i should not be consuming whatever this is enter. What’S in here is there a question here? No, absolutely nothing so this is the crib. This is where it looks like my weapon is a guitar with the base of a dragon, and i have my fox friend and my cat friend with a dagger he’s ready to kill. He is ready, so i don’t know what i’m doing what’s this red indicator. Oh, my goodness, what am i doing? What’S up, i thought so it is a musical instrument so what’s up with all these music notes. Oh my gosh i’m dead, i’m dead, i’m dead. Oh i’m saved by something okay yeah. I should have gone over the tutorial first. Oh look at that. I can ride what about the other furry friend now he has the dagger in his mouth. Okay. Where is this arrow? Taking me? What is this dung a particular odor spar that causes monsters to flee, herb herb? Hey. Do i have to fight y’all? How do i fight you? Do i lock on you? I would like to get off my ride now.

What’S this a bone, pile so there’s, a game back in the day on the psp called soul sacrifice, and it was a lot like monster hunter or not it wasn’t. The psp is the ps vita. It was a vita exclusive and honestly, it was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. I never passed it but dude. What are these move sets? Okay, i guess we’re done you guys. How do i put you up? I don’t want you out anymore mine. I, like the english voice, cast. They sound pretty good. Only though i knew what the hell i was doing, grab item grab more items for the switch. This looks pretty good i’m, not sure. If the last monster hunter game was on the re engine, maybe maybe not, and i didn’t even know. Oh my gosh. All right focus targeting so i don’t really know what i’m doing. All i know is me and my animal buddies are fighting creatures. So far i only have like one move out. I don’t even know if, like this is like a combo or what i mean i’m doing a lot of damage right now. Oh my get up get up recover, you guys are really tough. You know, oh, my, that what is that this is all for shortcuts. How do i use it? Okay, no! No don’t touch me memory, complete Music, i don’t know come on no it’s, not it’s good. Oh man! This boy is tough.

Music, oh! Is that command Music? Greeting okay, okay, team i’m? Coming! Oh my! Why are you guys not attacking him Music, i’m, pretty low on healthy, oh cool? I can recover the health kind of like blood more i’m. Sorry, if i compare this game to others, this is the first monster hunter i’ve ever played trying to figure out these little combos he’s hurt get him squad. Why are y’all just watching yeah? Oh! Is it because i told them to wait? Oh no, go go! No! I want you to go. Go guys, go okay! I don’t think they’re listening anymore where’s. He going he’s trying to run squad. Let’S go! Oh! How do you? How do you put this up? God? Damn it dude put up your goddamn weapon, oh i’m, pressing every wrong! Goddamn button dude hurry, let’s go let’s, go god, damn it the most egg, like climatic, damn come on let’s go. Where do you go you’re, my best pal, i need to finish the job we’re not done buddy now’s your chance whoa. What? What am i doing? Okay? That was cool if it connected Music. I just need it all. To connect, hey he’s got backup this time around Music, oh great, more of them. So what i’ve always pictured this game, as is more or less like dynasty warriors combined with like rpg elements and monsters? Literally, with a little bit of dark souls in there i’m, not sure of the history of monster hunter but that’s, always at least from what i’ve seen in trailers and gameplay videos and overall i’ve heard really good things.

I haven’t heard anyone say bad things about monster hunter games as far as whenever they’re released they’re, i wouldn’t say, like Applause, a certain audience, but i mean, if you like, rpgs it’s, probably definitely the game. If anything, i think there’s, probably a lot of grinding just from this demo and how this creature is still not dead. So if you don’t like a grind it’s, probably not for you – maybe maybe that – or maybe i just also don’t know how to play. I don’t know he’s hurt mess him up. Oh man, i say mess him up and i have no one that gets messed up. Hey put it up, put it up your weapon, get him get him. You thought boy, so i wish there’s a real way to lock on to the enemies there’s at least so far playing there hasn’t. I should have been the tutorial, but i don’t want to bore you guys so i’ll just bore you defeating this one creature. It’S almost done oh, come on. Oh, what the hell is you? Oh, what the hell? Hey guys, let’s go um. We got about. Don’T know what he wants, but uh. Let me finish off one monster at a time. Please listen up because this guy is about to go. This is like this. Is it Music? Oh Applause? Oh man, i am about to die. Oh my gosh, that was my life. Come on bud. Big guy got him.

Finally, he’s dead. Awesome now give me all your stuff. Let me hurry before that. Other guy comes nothing personal, buddy, nothing personal! Thank you for your screamer sack Music. How much of it can i take nothing personal buddy, i’m, just destroying what you call it return from the quest timer 20 seconds? What what? Where am i supposed to go all the way back, uh yeah i’m? Not gon na make that how do you expect people to make that with this they can’t make that returning from the quest? Oh okay, they just default you back home, so i’m, a woman this whole time. Okay, this whole time i could not tell at first i thought i was a male and then i heard the voice and thought i was a woman. Then it turned out. I was a male thank you for playing, so you have 30 tries in the demo to explore all of this. This whole map and the game comes out march 26th. You can pre order it now, but you can get the demo for free. I downloaded this for free, okay and then they got a couple uh. They got a couple of more. You can slay another creature, a couple of tutorials and that’s, pretty much it for the demo it’s, not too terribly much uh. I wanted to keep this video rather short, so i’m, not gon na attempt to do the the next one, but uh you guys should go check it out.

Monster hunter rise out on nintendo switch. You can play the demo 30 times, but that’s pretty much it. You guys be sure to like comment subscribe and i’ll catch.