We talk about technology and obviously we’re gon na become gamers. So on this video guys, we’re gon na unbox, the xbox series x s controller. As you see here, and of course, i have here – the wireless adapter for windows, because i’m gon na use this controller for the pc so guys we can see here on the package on the side. The compatibility this controller can work with, of course, with xbox series x and s with xbox one, the previous one model, with windows 10 like i bought it used with my computer with windows 10. It can work with android and ios amazing uh. The package will include the wireless controller and two double a batteries we’re gon na you need to use it with batteries at this controller. So on the back actually on the box, there are some features. I think this is the feature that are the new one compared to the previous one. So the first obvious feature is the hydric d part from the previous cross path. It became this one, which actually seems pretty cool i’m gon na check it when we’re gon na try the controller with games. A good addition was the share button in the middle of the controller. So with that, you can share a screenshot. You can capture screenshot and small videos without very fast, so something very useful. I think i’m going to use definitely on the top of the controller you can see here on the back.

There is a xbox wireless and bluetooth button, so you can pair very easily with just a click of a button you’re the controller with your device or your laptop and whatever, and the last feature here, as i see here, is a texture grip it’s, something that of Course, gamers, who play many hours of game will appreciate a good grip and the controller is of course much better for the games, especially if you play fps or other fast games right, so let’s open it up, guys, let’s, open it and see what’s inside whoa. Here we are here: we have damn all right, let’s check if it’s working so guys. This is my unboxing a little bit messy first impression, guys it’s feel very nice on the hand they have these nice uh micro dots over here around it, and this feels so steady on your hands. I hope it’s gon na be still working because it dropped. So the other thing that comes is the double a batteries, two of them very nice, very handy, and the other thing that we have on the box here below is just some information. Xbox game pass some warranty guide and this is like easy uh like setup how to put the batteries and set up everything very nice, okay guys. So the controller looks amazing white, robo white. As i told you, the texture is amazing here, with the micro dots uh. The buttons seems working pretty pretty well, i hope it will not damage it from the fall here.

This xbox is also a button. The the logo of the xbox also button i’m, not sure what actually does doing it because it’s the first controller of the xbox that i’m owning uh. You can see the wireless connection pair button here on the top uh, very good, very good. You have also these micro dots here on this error and l buttons, how we call them it’s, actually pretty nice pretty decent, and i heard that this controller is actually a bit smaller, but i think it’s actually fitting. I have also big hands but it’s fitting pretty nice and it feels pretty comfortable, actually very cool. You can see the clicky buttons nice i’m gon na, enjoy this for sure, very cool and on the bottom you can see the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack – and here you can put – i think, a small keyboard here. So you can write while playing with that very handy. Actually so this is actually the controller. So now let’s see what we have here. We have the wireless adapter guys, which actually, i think, because i have a laptop. I could connect it with the bluetooth uh, but the thing is: i want to be sure that i have a good range because i’m, not gon na, be sitting, maybe very near to the laptop or something like this, and also with this one. You can connect more than one controller, so if you want to play multiplayer on your pc with two people, even three or more, this will do the work for you can connect all of them in one device with this adapter so that’s, why? I think i’m gon na keep this one, because i was thinking to return because i was i’m gon na use, my laptop but i’m gon na check both connection with bluetooth and with this wireless adapter to see which is better.

I hope i will figure out which is better, so let’s open it out to see how it is actually, my messy unboxing, all right, so easy that’s it so this. Actually, this is small. Stick here very small, very nice actually it’s like a small usb, and this is the adapter. You have also one button here: on top, there is a button for it probably to pair with your xbox, so most probably you’re, going to need to click both of these and connect them i’m, not sure, actually how it works. So this is the adapter, a usb cable yeah. This actually box should include this too, and the rest are the books and the information about the product so guys this is some. This day was the unboxing of the xbox series, xs controller and the wireless adapter okay. So let’s go: try it out i’m, looking forward to play something with this thing: let’s go all right guys, so we came here to the computer first thing: first, we’re gon na put the batteries to our xbox series x. Here all right. Once i found out how to turn on the controller with a big button with a big logo of the xbox in the middle of the controller, i connected my xbox series with my laptop with bluetooth and after we checked also the wireless adapter. Both method guys work perfectly with my games on steam and epic games, and i must say that the bluetooth setup was the host.

The whole setup was much faster because i encountered a small small, very small issue, actually with updating the drivers. When i was trying to connect with the wireless adapter, but nothing serious and everything was solved, so let me show you the both methods, guys here in detail with the bluetooth method. First of all, you need to make sure that your pc, your laptop, your motherboard, support, bluetooth right, so you need to go to the microsoft.com to the xbox. Accessories click get and it will take you to the microsoft store and there you will click, install and will start the downloading once it is ready. Click lance and connect your controller with your pc by using usb c cable to set up the device and install the updates when everything is done. Take off the cable and open the bluetooth settings open your bluetooth and click. The wireless bluetooth button on the top of your controller and it will pair with each other click, connect and it’s ready to go. Every game i opened from steam or epic games was immediately optimized and ready to play with the controller. I also tested the range in my apartment about six seven meter, far away from the my laptop and everything worked perfect with the bluetooth setup and the bluetooth connection. Oh, we can do that. Oh i did that amazing. Did you see that? Did you see look at this? How easy i would never manage to pass this with the keyboard.

Never like. Never. Now we will turn off the bluetooth and i will check the controller with the wireless adapter when you put the wireless adapter, a small message, pop ups for setting up the device once it is disappears. I try to open the controller and connect it, but nothing seems to work after a short research. I understand that we need to update the drivers so i’m gon na show you how to fix that, because it doesn’t say anything in the manual first. We need to go to the device manager and click on the other devices on the xbox acc and update the drivers. You can search automatically for drivers, but it cannot find anything. So i need to click search for updates on windows update. You can open the windows update here and here you need to click view, option up, because if you do it automatically, you will not find anything. So you click on drivers and updates, and here you can see that you have the last one it’s xbox net, so let’s click, download and install, and hopefully this is gon na fix it let’s see after updating it will start setting up the usb device and when It’S done just click the wireless button on your controller, and you will be connected with your pc through the wireless adapter. I tried playing the same games and also tested the ranged again, and everything worked perfectly. I can’t say that i saw any difference as both ways.

Working without any issue, the only reason i think somebody should get the wireless adapter is. First, you don’t have a bluetooth on your pc or second, you want to connect more controllers, all right guys, so that was the unboxing and small review. Video of the xbox series. Xs controller, thanks for watching make sure to find me on facebook and twitch for gaming lives with this device, i’m gon na. Try it out there.