At the end of that one yeah have yourself a game. Bradley beal have yourself a half 21 points, wizards down, though 55 43 bradley deal 35 points. Now. Oh, he continues at the his account. He has 52 points, 60 points for bradley beal holy cow man. Joel embiid has got 38 eight point deficit. If the wizards don’t win brad will say i don’t really care, he would rather win and score one point: correct and that’s it they’re unable to close it out after battling back from 21 down bradley beale cries 60.. Now any of my you know, career highs, there’s been losses, so i don’t give a damn he’s about winning. He can score a lot of points on any team any given night. He wants to lead us some victories or guys it’s, not effort based it’s, just experience. It’S hard to win in this league it’s super hard. It is super hard, you know, and you have teams who are hungry. We just got to be better. You know we got another tough one within two days, so you know the schedule doesn’t get easier. Our task doesn’t get easier. The wizards are back at home at capital, one arena actor playing four on the road. They split those four on the road tonight they take on the miami heat. I wanted to ask you a little bit more about the lack of practice and lack of everything we haven’t had a shoot around for the obvious reasons we don’t want to expose our guys and we needed some work and we spent you know 10 or 15 minutes.

Just on the defensive stuff that we need done this guy, he never changes that guy never changes, he’s always with you. Let’S. Take advantage of that right here. We got him on that sideline get into him force that guy your best friend’s gon na help you out there boom. We worked too hard. The last two minutes not to give up those um offensive, rebound that’s toughness. You can do this now. We must update you, there’ll, be no bradley deal tonight because of health and safety protocol. We found out an hour before the game we were scrambling. I don’t know what this means. I don’t know just tonight i’m sure we know more when the nba gives us the next step to do starting lineups tonight for the wizards. It looks a little bit different, as we mentioned at the top of the show. No beal, no westbrook and the tip is controlled by miami. Take a close look at that matchup between bam, matabaya and thomas bryant, achamura against olynyk. A couple of gonzaga guys tachimura to the hoop adebayo came over, got a piece of it and down when payne. Right now is brian: oh, this is not good thomas bryant being looked at right now, not even two minutes into this game. Thomas bryant was helped up. You can see him grab the hand of anthony gill in extreme pain. This is a guy in thomas bryant who’s playing the best basketball of his career, at least just right.

There it’s a good sign to see him put some weight on it. Robin lopez comes in so the underband wizards are even more undermanned now as lopez in the paint able to finish for the first two losing guys and having to play the result of injury and it just when it rains it pours. Now, with thomas bryant being out. Gon na have to look for guys like bo wagner, to step up big and robin lopez. Definitely fulfilling that role. I thought our guys competed. You know, then, in the third quarter we knew we knew that they were going to step up that’s. What veterans teams do when they know teams are down down and men, but i thought we battled back and made it a interesting game at the end, but couldn’t score in that third quarter, like i said our guys, we’ve had a tough. You know tough night with also uh thomas bryant and then having no brad is in the no wrestle, but we still battled and played against one of the best teams down to the wire, but how many games we have with how many minutes we got to play? Everybody’S really paying attention to recovery, so you know that’s that’s really important to stay healthy, so you know in some way like that. Basically, the only way to get some reps up was after the game. So so the days between the games, i can actually rest and recover for the next one Music tough day.

Basically a punch in the gut tb goes out for the year russell’s out. We know we’re in some tough positions to be in, but brad’s back so that’s great he’s, one of the best players in the league. So we have him against. The very hot phoenix team is going to give us a better chance to win than if we didn’t have it steel, a little jab step, step back, that’s it two and feel i tell you why you kind of get the feeling. This could be something special here tonight: hachimura with the left hoop a little running, lefty uh, here’s field against charge; oh just crossing him over back and forth and field and double digits. Oh the in and out dribble lopez. What a fine by ish number three everything is clicking offense, along with the defense, great things. Also on that happen right now, oh my gosh is five for five hachimura. They had a 32 point, lead they never trailed in the game and the lead never went below. 20. Applause – you know we played like this in spurts, but i thought tonight we played throughout the game like this. This is our obviously our best complete game of the season. I hope that this is the start of something good, definitely promising to see us come out and compete the way we did for 4 48. We just got to continue to build on it. You know don’t get complacent don’t get too high on it too.

Well, stay right where we are just continue, it definitely boosts the morale, but at the same time you know sometimes these wins make you feel comfortable, even though we don’t have that many just you know. I know that we’re gon na stay on everybody’s backs and just tell them to stay focused. You know not to be happy with this. One win like we got another game in two days: Music, it’s, not clear when the wizards are going to be able to return to the hardwood because of an outbreak of covet 19.. You know once you’ve seen one game go down. You kind of knew there’s going to be a triple down effect from there you’ve been here for the longest. How have you kind of kept guys in good spirits, especially after you guys had just gotten some pretty significant wins over teams that people just thought you guys couldn’t compete against good stuff. You know, but i think we have a great team. Our camaraderie is good uh. We love each other. We try to stay in touch with each other as best we can. Over 400 000 americans have passed away with this virus and we take it serious you’re over obviously concerned we love doing what we do. I love my job. I do miss the players. What do you want this mindset of the team to be as you move forward and are able to get on the court again well for one it’s, uh, everybody’s, safe and healthy, you know.

Obviously we want to make the playoffs. Obviously, every team has that ambition and we still have that we still have the drivers to over hungry uh. How many players did you have tonight for practice? Um we had. We had a not an ideal situation, it’s great to be back, though we haven’t practiced in nine days, and i wouldn’t even consider today a practice. We don’t have a blueprint for this, because it was just basically a bunch of shots and get into the gym. It was almost like therapy for all of us to get together and we should be thankful for what’s ahead for our country and for us, it’s gon na be real talking back in game shape, getting back in the rhythm. Take it a day at a time.