Go if you guys are new here, don’t forget to smash that like button and also subscribe to the channel, because we have lots of videos coming out here on youtube. But this video is focusing on twitch highlights. So, if you guys don’t already follow me on twitch make sure you follow me: twitch.tv pokemon master holly. I am doing so many different live streams lately and i’m opening shining fates card packs like these and these and these live on twitch. So if you guys want to come through and watch me open, these packs make sure you guys follow me on twitch and turn on notifications, so you’re alerted whenever i go live, but in this video i’m going to be showing you guys some legendary raid battles, we Did lots of shiny hunting and i even do some special research as we progress to getting shiny mew so keep watching all the way to the end of the video, because we also talk about the pokemon go news featuring landorus, thundurus and tornados? Yes, these three legendary pokemon are making their way back to pokemon go. So if you want to know about all the latest and greatest events coming to pokemon go this march, keep watching all the way through the video and i’ll tell you what’s up. Welcome back everybody. We’Re, live on twitch.tv, slash, pokemon master holly for raid hour. Today it is wednesday and every wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific time raid eggs are popping off.

All your gyms are covered in raids, we’re, starting off with a mega charizard raid. Today, i still have never seen a shiny charizard from a mega raid let’s see if i can be so lucky. No but we’re going to be doing some mewtwo raids, some articuno and some zapdos raids, so let’s get raiding and see if we can see some shinies. No, how about it? Oh 23.76, that’s, actually pretty good let’s catch it and appraise it. Hey our first mewtwo of the day, 96. that’s a great start, let’s get a shiny, mewtwo let’s go that’s purple that’s! Not we just did our first articuno raid let’s see a frosty burb, no frost. Here we go with the moltres raid first, one of the day, no pink chicken let’s catch it it’s time for our second articuno check, let’s see an icy bird still, not so icy. Our third mewtwo raid of the day still purple, and it is 23.47 that is about the midway mark. We do not want that. Our fourth mewtwo let’s get it it’s a 23.35 okay, not very good. Will the smoke trace be shiny, no yellow chicken, 24 22 weather boost let’s catch. It let’s see a shiny, oh still, no ice ice baby let’s see. If i get a shiny shadow beldum, we just took down arlo, we used uh lucario, we used a gengar and we used a swamper and we were able to defeat him. Let’S see no shadow, shiny, beldum oof.

So now we have the kanto celebration event. This is going to end soon, and it is time so i’m going to go ahead and see what we get for completing these steps. Oh paris, that could have been shiny, let’s check the next thing. The next pokemon is geodude. Okay. The last pokemon here is a ryhorn and we got one more to check onyx let’s catch, it let’s begin the all in one 151 meal research task. We have completed the first steps. The hardest part was sending 151 gifts to friends that took two days, but we can grab these ultra balls, this puffin up and this 15 10 stardust. And now we can claim this reward of a premium battle, pass stardust and xp. But the reason why you want to hurry up and do those gifts send those gifts as fast as you can guys, because look at what is awaiting for you in step, two catch a pokemon 30 days in a row. This is a 30 day task and during those 30 days you have to catch 151 different species of pokemon catch 30, normal types, 30, fire types, 30, water type, 30, grass type 30 flying fighting poison, electric ground rock psychic ice bug goes steel, dragon dark and fairy Types so like i said this is a 30 day task, no need to rush myself. Let’S go ahead and catch one pokemon right now, but this is what i’m going to be doing on the live stream for the next 30 days.

So if you guys want to join me on this task, maybe you’re also working on your mute quest as well come join me twitch.tv, slash, pokemon master, holly let’s get grinding, so let’s talk about the news happening in pokemon go. Did you know that articuno, zapdos and moltres will be returning to the game in their shadow forms very soon? So if you guys missed out on getting these shadow pokemon, not to worry they’re coming back sunday february 28th at 12 a.m, local time is when shadow articuno is going to come back. You just have to get a super rocket radar and take down giovanni and, of course, you get the super rocket radar by defeating arlo, cliff and sierra, so keep an eye on your special research to get this rocket radar you’re going to find the the radar in Your special research tab, the march research breakthrough, encounter starting on march 1st at 1 pm until thursday april 1st is going to be gibbel so that’s exciting. You know. If a lot of you are missing shiny gibbel, i am missing shinygibble, then we’re definitely going to be grinding. Those breakthrough boxes so that’s, exciting i’m. Definitely looking forward to that, i still need it. Pokemon coming up in five star raids, we’ve got landorus thunderous and tornados. Coming back to raids, however, this time they’re going to be shiny, so we’ve got incarnate form. Landorus is coming uh on march 1st and he’s going to be around for uh.

You know six days so from the march 1st to march 6, you got incarnate form landorus and if you’re lucky, you could get a shiny one. The next uh six days is incarnate form tornadoes and yes, he is also going to be able to be shiny. Then the next six days, you’re gon na get incarnate form thundurus in five star raids and, like i said he could be shiny and then for two weeks from march 16th. Until march 30th, you’ve got therian form thundurus and it will not be able to be shiny. But fury informed thunderous is a new form for us. This is going to be our first time, seeing it so that’s. Why you’re not going to get the shiny uh so basically just focus on getting the 100 percent when therian formed thundurus comes out and also therian form tornadoes is going to start being available on march 30th. Obviously, that’s probably going to be another two week long raid boss, it’s, not gon na, be shiny, but it is a new form for your pokedex, so just focus on getting the 100 a bonus raid hour will be taking place on monday march 15th uh and as A reminder when the season season of legends begins on march 1st, you can gain extra xp for completing five star rates, so this uh season coming up. You know we just got through the season of celebration. The season of legends is about to start, and if you do five star raids, you’ll get extra xp.

So those of you who are trying to get to level 50 keep that lucky egg on. Whenever you do. Five star rates, pokemon spotlight hours are coming out. Uh march 2nd will be crabby and you’re getting twice the candy for transferring pokemon. So if you still haven’t cleaned out your storage from the kanto tour, maybe you should wait until march 2nd to clean out your storage. You know delete all those hold on to all those mewtwos and all those birds, don’t transfer them. Yet you know, keep raiding those mewtwos and birds right now. Let’S, wait until spotlight hour to transfer all those march 6 is going to be drowsy and you’re going to get twice the xp for evolving pokemon. So once again, if you still are trying to get to level 50, maybe you should lucky up and start evolving stuff. Maybe well you’re going to transfer everything, but at least you’ll get all the candy, so you can use the candy sell evolve stuff. The next week march 16th is voltorb and you’re gon na get twice the stardust. Everybody always needs stardust, so put a star piece on for that march, 23rd, cerskit and you’ll get twice the xp for catching pokemon. Of course, surfskit still doesn’t have the ability to be shiny. So i don’t know why this is not exciting to me. I don’t get it march: 30th will be slugma, can’t be shiny, but you’ll earn twice the candy for catching pokemon.

Why, in the hell, would we want twice the candy for catching slugmas? Your guess is as good as mine, no idea and then there’s going to be bonus hours in march this march, 4th team rocket balloons will be appearing more frequently. So, if you need to you know if you’re still working on that level, what is that level 45? In pokemon go where you need to defeat team rocket, grunts and stuff one of those levels march: 4th is your day march 11th you’ll get mega bonus hour to get candy you’ll earn more candy when you catch pokemon that share type with your active mega, evolve pokemon. So you probably got ta strata, dot strategize, this uh mega bonus hour, candy and then march 18th you’ve got mega raid. Our mega raids will be happening more frequently, so yay rating trainers. You know those of you that need um the xp. This is your time to do some raids and, of course, march community day featuring fletchling is saturday march 6th, so the first weekend in march coming up it’s actually next weekend guys. Can you believe that it’s coming up quick this weekend is pokemon day next weekend? You got fletchling community day from 11 to 5 p.m. In your local time zone as community day always is uh searching for legends that’s going to be the next event coming up march, 9th until sunday, march 14th, so that’s a five day event. Five day, event and you’re gon na have shiny nosepass out in the wild it’s a golden shiny.

So if you like shiny hunting, maybe you want to get shiny nose pass. I think it looks good golden nose pass. It’S awesome, also an incense day is coming up. The psychic type and steel type event is happening this sunday march 14th, where psychic type and steel type pokemon will be attracted to incense, including beldum. So i think that we’re gearing up for possibly mega uh metagross, possibly so if you still need shiny beldum. This is probably your chance to get it march 14th. I would definitely do this and i think i’ll probably be live for this, so if you guys want to join me for this event, come through on twitch.tv, pokemon master holly and we can play the incense event together, charge up uh, tuesday march 16th to monday march 22Nd get amped because we’re going to have more electric type pokemon making their debut. Now, when he, when they’re talking about debut, you know, we’re, probably guessing like dynamo, dynamo evolves into electros, so that’s, probably coming out and then weather week is monday or sorry wednesday. The 24th until the 29th so another five day event we’re gon na have new avatar items that celebrate theory and form of tornadoes, thunderous and landorus i’m. Not excited about that i’m. I’M. Not excited about that. I don’t know i don’t care whatever and then a special raid weekend featuring legendary pokemon will take place on saturday march 27 through sunday march 28th um.

I am going to try to go live for that. So if you guys want to come through on twitch.tv, slash, pokemon master holly, and you want to try to get a raid in with me, i should be hosting raids that weekend. So if you guys live in an area where you don’t get any raids, don’t worry just come join me on twitch and i will host some raids for you guys so i’ll see you guys march 27th and march 28th, so mark your calendar for that weekly, free, Bundles every monday, in march, you can get a free one time, bundle containing ultra balls, raspberries and a remote raid pass. So every week you can get one free raid pass. I’M. I’M. Not like great great, i mean that’s awesome. We like free things. We should, i guess we should be grateful right, but like wow one a week and then also we’re excited to say that a trading pokemon will have a chance of rewarding candy xl. From now on, the chance of receiving candy xl will increase the greater the distance between pokemon catch location is so basically guys whenever you’re trading pokemon, especially if you’re over level 40, whenever you’re trading a pokemon to a friend, try to trade pokemon from far away locations And you’ll be more likely to get excel. Candy walking with your buddy pokemon now has a chance of earning you xl candy, so you might want to strategize walking a certain pokemon that you want to max out to level 50 start walking it and catching legendary, mythical or evolved.

Pokemon now guarantee you a reward of xl candy that’s, exciting that makes raids, exciting again right that makes raids exciting again. Thank you guys again so much for watching this video one more time. If you would like to see me open these shining fades tins come through on my twitch live stream, twitch.