We are gon na. Do a zapdos today. Right, yes, are you ready? I have already yes but it’s time to say hi to them, hi guys yep, so hi hi to all of you guys. Indeed, i think, ladies and i will be doing zapdos with with a very interesting pokemon, which i guess a lot of people. Wouldn’T have gotten it yet because it’s still relatively new, all right, i’m gon na show you guys the pokemon that we will be using and there’s none other than shed spell properly brandon shadow memo, swine all right level, 50, shadow mammal swine over here with four other Level 40 mammal swines – i mean i do have enough xl candy to power up another one, a little bit more, but i don’t think i’ll be doing that and they all have powder, snow and avalanche powder. Snow, avalanche powder, snow, avalanche powder, snow avalanche. So i just wanted to let you guys know something, though i think let’s say i intended to do this in snowy weather. However, you know it will never ever snow here in singapore and it was really difficult for us to actually communicate our friends to actually find snowy weather because right now, it’s slowly turning, you know not so cold anymore in most countries. So we kind of find people who can actually send us through invitation for snowy weather for this zapdos, and you guys can see that in game right now. It is cloudy it’s, not you know, partly cloudy if it’s partly cloudy, our rock type pokemon will be boosted and actually they’ll do more damage on the zapdos than our shadow mammal swines.

But we want to use shadow memo swines to actually take down zapdos because it is technically the best counter without any weather boost at all so that’s. Why we decided to use this and we’re gon na see how it goes all right anyway, we’re gon na enter the raid lobby right now, and the code is pikachu. Pikachu bubble saw and declare this and there’s also created another group. Maybe she wants us to solo. The set doors by herself, i think, like this yeah, okay, she’s snoring her head so anyway. This is the theme that i’ll be running with all right. Uh five memos ones like i said and antigladis, is running the exact same team as me, and our last slot is empty because we do not have six shadow memo swines powered up, but it’s. Okay, once i reach my fourth memo, swine, i will actually re lobby because we need to re lobby. Otherwise, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the zapdos at all. Despite us, you know, being a ground type. Pokemon mammal swine do survive very long against the electric moves against zapdos, but still we still need to be lobby. Okay, let’s start the battle. Okay, guys. Here we go in zero seconds. Okay, here we go and of course you know, we still have the move, frustration and that is a very frustrating move which we can tm away the move once you know, giovanni comes in again with the team rocket like event which is coming soon or should i Say in fact tomorrow so another thing, though you guys can see that we are doing a great amount of damage with our shadow mammal, swines mammal swine.

You know wouldn’t do as much damage as shadow mammals when it comes to. You know doing a raid like this or in fact, on any pokemon that’s. Why we have prepared, like shadow mammal, joins although it’s a crazy investment but i’m preparing to actually be able to solo rayquaza when it comes back, like i said, and uh yeah having avalanche is just insane and for those of you who actually caught the previous video Of us dueling the motres yeah, it was a fun one right to use, lunatone and so rocks to actually take down a motors, but we could actually use like weaker pokemon to actually take down zapdos also, but this time around we decided to use the best of The best pokemon to take downs that doors. Of course, if we have the snowy weather boost, wow it’d be more insane. We have 20 extra damage, but it’s okay, we got a 10 best friend boost. We also got the 20 shadow damage boost, but too bad. If you got the weather boost, it’d be just insane and also, if you guys notice, we ain’t using any mega ice type pokemon, because mega abomasnow isn’t too great, especially it just having a single resistance towards electric as compared to shadow mammal swine, when it has double Resistance towards electric it does not survive as long as you know, even shadow mammal swine, despite it being a shadow pokemon suffering 17. More damage as compared to the non shadow mega bomber, snow and mega mobile snow is not really that tanky also and, like i said, it’s, not really that strong anyway, we can see that we are already on our third uh.

You know shadow mammal so and we might have to re lobby once i’ve reached the fourth one and also heel back the memo swines and we are almost halfway there. We have 188 seconds left on the clock, we’re doing pretty well right. I think, ladies yeah all right, so we should be able to flip over to 50, with 180 seconds left on the clock. Okay, so once my this memo, so actually fourth male swine goes down, then i will actually lobby. I don’t have to go all the way to the the third memo swine, only okay, so we are doing pretty well pretty well, okay, the zepdos is trying his best to take us out, but with the ground typing that memo swine has, like i said, it’s, resisting The moves all right, it’s really really awesome, and it survives so long. Okay, so anyway, let’s go ahead to see if we need to re lobby soon, just taking a quick look come to think of it. Okay, we’re doing really well um. Fourth, shadow mammal swine is out man and it’s, already left with just around 40 to 35 percent help for the zapdos, with 140 seconds left on the clock. We are going really really well and i’m gon na re lobby after this mammal swine faints, which should be after two more thunderbolts yeah. I see one thunderbolt doesn’t do so much damage to mamoswine man, okay, so one more avalanche: okay, i’m, gon na re lobby.

Now, okay, i think this i’m reloading yeah, okay, so the zapdos is at 25 health because it just ticked over to raid okay, with two minutes left on the clock. But yes, i need to re lobby really quickly. Okay, no! I forgot to heal back all those months just now after i did the raid but it’s okay, i just wasted one second on the shadow mewtwo to shoot that for nothing. So, okay, we are back in the raid already. I think that is you can heal back. Your mounts after your last mammal swine trains, all okay, so we are going really really well. The zapdos is left with, i believe, like around 18 health, all right, it’s, going down steadily all right. You guys can see that you know the shadow of mamoswine does a crazy amount of damage, especially you know, being so resistant to the most of the zapdos, and i think, ladies, is reloading right now. I’M. Looking at her screen, you have always screened her screen. Man, yeah, okay, she’s healing she’s healing she’s max reviving all of the mamoswine she’s good she’s fast, and she is back. Oh no, you guys know what she actually forgot to switch her team. She used the recommended t, and now she has to go back to the lobby to switch again all right, she’s back in now, it’s okay mistakes were made, but it’s okay. We should be still all right. Okay, as long as we did not.

You know re lobby at the same time so that the zapdos does not recover its health, all right, that’s, all that matters okay, so we should be able to get down in under 30, 30. 5. 36. 35. 36 seconds. All right. I believe that was 35 or 36 seconds and gladys we did it. We lost four seconds because of every lobby. Mistake i’m, getting younger, it’s, okay, high five Laughter, so let’s go ahead and check out whether we got ourselves a hando or a shiny. The cp for the hundo is two zero one: five for the non weather boosted. All right: oh it’s, one, nine, five, seven Music, not interesting enough, but we still have to catch 4xl, candy catch. Okay, guys this zapdos is caught with just one ball. Let’S go ahead to see if we get any xl candy from the transfer Music. No okay: we got right invitation coming in we’re going to go in because there’s a mewtwo over there yeah from my friend, which i think this isn’t friend with this person, it’s. Okay, no worries i’ll go in the raid lobby and yeah. I need to buy remote rate pass and okay we’re good, so yep. That is all that we have to show to you guys right, auntie gladys. Yes, how was it are you crying yeah? I lost four seconds: it’s. Okay. I think that is you repay that four seconds by powering up your remaining shadow memo signs to level 50: okay, okay, yeah good tomorrow, let’s go grinding tomorrow.

Let’S go okay tomorrow, yeah; okay, good luck! Maybe a thousand glacier leos to do that. Okay and the glad is good good, but before we go don’t forget to smash the like button share this video out and subscribe the channel yeah. You guys heard from undergraduates that so hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys did don’t forget to leave a like on the video very much appreciate it. Thank you very much and i’ll see you guys in the next episode in the next video in the next duo for another legendary pokemon. Okay, wonder what it is: hmm dandarus, thundurus donatorus all coming soon right.