This is kaito’s favorite gin, but there’s a twist. Oh, the only twist is i’m using a stone edge. Restaurant they’re using dragon breath and blizzard on kirum a wild charge for kai now i’m about to hit level 50. i’ve been grinding all day today and a few hours last night to get 999 excellent throws and it was brutal. It was very brutal. How did you enjoy a car? No, i did i suffered, oh no, it was. I took a lot. Your mom told me that you took a lot of breaks and then, when i was grinding today, i was like. Oh, i took a bunch of breaks and i don’t blame kai for taking those breaks. I know it’s it’s suffering and also when we did, we had the team rocket event. Oh, that was worse cause. I got lucky with some of the kanto pokemon yeah. The spawns were terrible for us and then there was a task we have to do: gbl, but it’s, canto cup yeah and that’s, not good. We needed that right, but i don’t even know uh. I don’t even know if i can hit excellent on this bird i’m. Sure i’ll be able to get one, i won’t throw a golden razz at it or anything yeah. I think i think it’ll be okay, so my restaurant fainted, how did you feel about 50 like? Was it better than 40? You don’t think so see me personally. I think it didn’t feel the same, because i didn’t have to get xp like other people do.

Maybe if i had to get the xp would have been a little. I would feel a little bit different about it, but it was, i think they made us. Do too many rocket leaders, i think it should have probably been the opposite yeah, but that that was too many leaders. They should have lowered the how many leaders you had to be plus like the two month break it’s. Just i mean i get it, but but break was hard, especially for people who’s in like full pandemic yeah yeah, yeah that’s, true 25 kilometers. We got stuck in home because of the snow storm. I couldn’t even hit the 25. Oh that’s, true yeah, because that it took i hit level 48. What was this can be hard yeah. I couldn’t send gifts because we were stuck at home because of the snow storm two days i finally gave up, but anyway we wouldn’t flip, yellow on this ray. Another special thing about this trio is restraint, is probably my favorite legendary. I know kaito gets mad when i say that Laughter no there’s a story behind it, but i do love to me it’s between restaurant and kyogre, oh yeah. I love kyogre too he’s one of my favorites but restaurant’s. Probably second, i wasn’t telling you. I think we could do it with like hoenn, but i don’t think it’s possible with homework. You got a game that was black, but then you got restrooms like i know i was mad until you have to keep it.

Oh god, did you hear about the diamond and pearl remakes Music, they’re getting remakes diamond and pearl i’m so excited? I never played gen 4, the palka Music, he wasn’t even born, or maybe he was baby. 15 years ago. Oh yeah. She hadn’t played those. I didn’t play black and white either i play played x and y that’s. When i came out you play the one that i play boom. What what will my you know? Another funny thing is like when i hit level 40, i really didn’t do anything special. I was just grinding by myself and i just wanted to get it over with so it’s kind of great that i was able to do it with you youtube today, because i remember when lose did it. He like had this big celebration. He went to the lake and everyone showed up to watch him hit level 40 and they all kept that pokemon. So you guys have to keep this zapdos. You hear me kai, because i didn’t do nothing before i didn’t even keep a pokemon. I think i just hit it by mass evolving. I mass evolved a bunch of pokemon and i just hit level 40. boom. Okay, like 24 seconds left, i had to re lobby. Did you reload me? No, i didn’t yeah. I knew kai wouldn’t. I think this is trash what’s, the good okay now’s, the the real challenge trying to hit excellent on this bird. Oh yeah.

I forgot he moves up and down right yeah. I won’t throw berries at it at first because i just need one: oh wow, i caught it already yeah it might take forever to catch it. There first first got it there. You go 999 excellent, as i saved the last one for this zapdos, but i didn’t want. I didn’t want to miss and catch it. So now i’ll, just i’ll just throw excellent and i’m going to show you guys a bit of my medals where i’m at after i catch this yeah, it was a long journey team rocket, took forever then the eight weeks, and then i did think the 99 excellent Throws was like perfect way to end it don’t. You agree with that or no. I think it was a great way to end it it’s like the final challenge, because i don’t think i’ve ever grinded, like that we’re trying to hit x it’s very like how how’d i say it oh got it yay. Did you guys get anything good, no shiny? I don’t know kaito still hasn’t caught hers. I got. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I got ta attack 15.. Make sure you subscribe to my mom what’s. This oh they’re gon na give me the challenge now. They’Re gon na give you a challenge. Oh yeah. I’M. Not gon na do that now. Wait. Let me get this screenshot i’m getting donut right now. There you go level 50 yeah! Now you got.

What do you get 50 ultra two. Only 2 xl candy the jackets incense. What charge is this a chart, elite charge team or i don’t see it – maybe it’s in my journal, no so finally hit level 50 and so here i’m, going to show you guys. A couple of my stats. 12 000 kilometers walked 375 000 pokemon caught 250 000 pokestop visited 266. What million xp started july 6, 2016., Music, and what other important medals do i have to eat this show Music. I guess those are pretty i’ll just show you guys: the legendary medal. 55. 78. Legendaries everything else is kind of irrelevant, so yeah. Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and finally glad this grind is over for you and now we’re all three level. 50.. The trio, the trio, let us know in the comments below who is a more iconic trio than us three anyways bye everyone. Thank you.