I think we are live. Can you hear me nice? I think we are live. Okay, guys, hello! Welcome back to another awesome, uh sunny hunting in pokemon go, and i will try for the sunny birds. I’Ll, try to trick the game and do like 10 raids on every account or let’s see, but raging 15 minutes so till then i will try to to see if i can find any hidden. So oh sunny fountain, we need the sunny family. Let me try mine Music, Music, yo king shady what’s up man, Music king said i will try the hawaii trick. I will spawn for the first five passes. I will spawn to havai every time single one i would have to to shut the down applications on to have. I grab the pass and come over here to new zealand to see if i can get 10 passes in this account. Elephant signing looks the same. What sign? Ah, the fun p? Okay, i have no idea man. To be honest. Let me change the wi fi. I will change the wifi to the closest one. Give me a second okay we’re back. I need stronger wifi signal. Let’S see what we can do. The brown stuff on it only change a bit while spoilers. Beware: the spoilers. The evolution is looking better: okay, nice, Music, a while to grow oil; Music, a combustion yeah second evolution for this one. For this one started as well. Music, i see throw, but i want to see him only actually: Music, ken kaneki, hello zabdov.

I will do rage of whatever the whole is gon na, be random order. Why? Why? Ah, but music is playing okay, so Music? Just imagine this is a shiny, radicand, Music. Okay, this is science, but i think this is going to be a signing nope. This is transporting in new zealand, hmm, Music, wow. Why it’s dying? Why am i ah sorry about that guys? My mirror gold dies. Give me a second, yes we’re back okay. Why is this happening? Are we back? Do i have to restart and i have to restart the mirror? Go. Okay. Give me a second guys, guys check description. Don’T, ask me the same questions. Every time, Music. You have a little bit intelligence. You will be smart enough to check the description. Music yeah americorps is dead. Oh there, we are back. Okay, we are back with mira, go Music uh, disconnecting again what is happening. What dice today dies? Let me unplug it for some reason, it’s it’s die the dice. I don’t know man, maybe i have to restart pc and that sucks Music, okay, we’re back Music. This mirror go back. Yes, i don’t know my my usb table dash. I haven’t seen a signal um, a single. Oh there.