When was that exactly in 99, i think december 11. Were you still out at that point? Yes, i was yes, three to get washington on the board and this team not having played since january 11th as murray, here’s, westbrook testing out his quad injury. Looked very good in the pre game and scott brooks said, has worked out a left hand, shot westbrook. As always, will push the pace they look for shooters and the jumper is up and and finally dejante murray, with the rebound kelden johnson to the hole and one for the big three point play here: lopez and the hook shot good over lamarcus up a rookie. I want to say he was the big ten player of the year wasn’t. He done your homework. Yes back out to la and lamarcus drills, the jumpers there’s aldridge, getting his first two coming off a 26 point. Effort against dallas l.a really slapped that one away and the jumper is good again from conference team. They played toronto december 26th and won that one as lonnie. At that point, you got to smell blood. If you’re a guard glenn gets loose underneath now you have two guys that double team limp back in the hands of beal with johnson on him Applause and he doesn’t miss this one: hey winston 6. 1 205.. He swishes the jumper a nice warm up. Applause rudy gay push right underneath he makes up for it got ta poke away there.

Derozan attacking and scoring worked into his comfort zone a little pump bank able to drop off paddy with a nice 8 10 footer derozan set 23 19 washington. Oh rudy’s, off to a great start, guys in white, have to remember that garrison swallow and westbrook. The other way you know exactly where he’s going and denied there to start the second quarter playing their first game since january 11th, westbrook swatted away again to the glass first, our crew in the truck feverishly working on the shooting depth of turtle as rudy rebounds. 21. 20 spurs at this moment len with a jumper, and he can and will pass there from russell westbrook and he’s rewarded. Number five draft pick in 2013.. Obviously, at this you may find a home yeah winston. The miss mills doesn’t miss this one that’s for you, yeah that’ll work. If i see our guys up there, yeah okay, uh luca doncic by the way 124th in the nba yeah there’s, no question tell you what see why there’s a matthews averaging eight points a game and came in eight of 17 from three of us limited plays now And kelton johnson 5 43 to go in the first half tied at 35 raindrops from kelvin johnson. No, you don’t communicate on the defensive end of the floor and bradley field gets a wide open, shot and you’re able to dodge that one, but he’s not going to continue to miss those here with washington after last year in milwaukee johnson to l.

a don’t stop and You power the ball up. He tried to go off one foot against lopez, who’s a pretty solid shot, blocker bradley beal against matthews, kicks it out la walker round the horn. It goes kelvin got it to fall off the window day, murray 240 and counting here in the second quarter, murray swish game, he’s, moving really well matthews what’s, the good defense that time walker rips away the loose one spurs, have numbers, lonnie drops it in and you Uh james harden left that situation and he left some good players there and we know how well dallas played again. It has been ragged and it’s uh. You know it’s, not just the turnover it’s been the decision making the shots black for the wizards aldrich lopez gives up the dribble turn around jumper got it cleveland college ball at tcu, yeah, decent shooter right and man i’m, just gon na say a moment ago. Just amazing the trio of envy, i think they basically signed it baca and were willing to trade hard. Is that right, yeah? Well, uh it wasn’t secondary player, not be the star. The cell at traffic kicks it back out to murray and now to lonnie derozan to aldridge lines up the three: nothing but the bottom to westbrook against pacelle la knox and jerome robinson and we’re, just having fun we’re having fun too much fun with patty that’s. Why time is flying catch him there with matt on spurs landia played a little bit of that.

The other night eight points tonight, along with three boards good looking shot i’d like to set up beale draws the and one he’s had in a row. He’S had at least one steal lamarcus, and he continues his basket kind of sold himself short, pulling up and shooting the jump shot instead of taking it to the rim, white got a great look for bunga, but he couldn’t finish: spurs have hit nine of 17 shots In this quarter make it 10 of eight five got to keep an eye on this. Guy, though, is beal in quite a third period. He gets two more that’s the direction and jacob has to pick up bradley field that shouldn’t field 15 in the quarter. G’Day mate spurs come over to help paul ends up back in the hands of winston and he hits another three quickly six seconds rebound out, but it comes back to bonga and westbrook with derozan in his face and russ hits the triple third quarter. When you have it on the perimeter, you run at him and he makes extra pass to winston. No, you allow him to shoot it cover it. Winston westbrook misses this. Three keldin looks ahead: rudy gay and the stop bunga misses mills zips it across to derozan kelden. In the paint he’s found, he scores allen iverson. You know the last one that doesn’t immediately come to mind for me. Unfortunately, uh tracy mcgrady, no adrian dan at least i had here – is glenn westbrook.

He is great 11 points and five rebounds in 19 minutes. I used to size well there that last time and a jump ball is called field hurdle again there to affect that. Miss beale gets it right back and in the face of the yaka purdle hachimura, another outstanding young player and wagner is out and of course, thomas jumper to make it 106.97 slaps it away from lopez, spurs off to the races. Lonnie yeah rolls in it. 37 point. Third quarter: mills big there and patty drills one here: good on Applause that pass intercepted, dejante murray off to mills, paddy feeling it 135 and counting Music bunga with a cut hd up off to jones in traffic and trey, where he is now. I beg your pardon. He was the only other player that they tend that they suited up and he blocked say the cavaliers are great. They just get skunked by boston shamanic and he knocks it down james early that he got in earlier this year. He’S just got a nice release.