After all, since the pandemic began in 2020, ended u.s, customs and border protection says it has seized more than 14.6 million counterfeit masks entering the u.s. So how do you know you have the real thing we’re joined by our good day, chicago friend, and mit neuroscientist jill crittenden, who studies mass for healthcare workers and she works with an n95 decon consortium. Thanks again for joining us, it’s, always a pleasure to see you. I have so many questions for you this morning, so let’s go over the different masks that people should look for for maximum protection and, of course, we’re all familiar with the kn 95 and the n95, and then the one that you recommended. The last time we talked is the kf 94, so let’s start with the first two. What are the differences between the first two? So this is the kn 95 in black it’s, usually just in black or white, and it has ear loops it’s made in china, and this is the n95 um, which is usually white and it has around the head connector. So it has a much tighter fit, which is much safer than you have gaps um. These are typically manufactured in the united states and what are used by medical workers and provide the most protection. Okay. Now you have recommended the last time around. You recommended the kf94. You say you like these because they’re less likely to be counterfeit but show us what they look like and why you think you prefer them for the general public yeah.

So the um and the kn 95s uh come from china and they’re they’re, often um, not the quality when we test them that they should be they’re, not actually 95 um. Some of them are, for example, the powercom is a very reliable company, but they also come bulk package, so there will be several in a package and so it’s hard to be sure that what you’ve got is really what it says on the outside of the package. Okay, the kf 94 are almost always individually wrapped and they um have fda approval on them from the korean fda, and each package comes with a date on it, so that you can be sure that the mask that you’re getting is has been made recently um. They degrade the filtration efficiency degrades over time, so you want to know the expiration date for each individual mask and that’s. What makes these so great, interesting, it’s harder to counterfeit okay. This is an example of them: okay, and they also have a many have adjustable ear loops, whereas the k 95s don’t, so you can make them fit to your face better. So i was so proud of myself because, after i talked to you the last time, i ordered one of these kf, 94s and i’m going to put this on to show you and i liked it, because it has the nose. I like how it there’s no gap here and then i like how it covers here.

But then you know what then you and i talk some more and i think i have a counterfeit, because you said you shouldn’t order from amazon or ebay, because you can’t always trust right and there’s no markings on this. I got them, they were not individually wrapped. I got a big bag full of them. So what are your thoughts on ordering from amazon and ebay yeah? I don’t advise it exactly for that reason, because it’s not a brick and mortar store, that’s that’s, a one source, um and so that’s. Why i advise going to known sources and in particular ones where we’ve tested the masks and they um come directly from the manufacturer in korea? Okay, so i want to talk about what we look for when buying a mass to make sure we have a little legitimate mask, and so i, the cdc, says the most important thing. Is this niosh approval, which stands for the national institute for occupational safety and health? In fact, it says if there are no markings on your mass. That means there’s no approval and we have a picture here of a cdc picture of what your mass markings should look like when you do get. One give me your thoughts on that. Yes, this is the case for the n95, so the kn 95 and the kf 94 are not niosh approved because they can’t get the super tight seal because they don’t have the around the head: uh bands: okay, okay, so, finally, then there are a few places that You have recommended people that order want to order mass should go to and here’s the website the website recommendations.

I want to put those up and, as you and i uh talk, i want to continue to leave those up for our viewers. Maybe we can go full screen here as we talk about these um, so these are the places you recommend. We have the brands on here as well, but i kind of want you to bottom line this for all of us um and my viewers, who are at home watching, should i not be wearing this mask that i feel like is protecting me. Should i only be doing this and or is double masking the way to go? I just want you to bottle mine. I think it depends on what your activity is. So if you’re in a high risk position like a firefighter, then an n95 is really the safest way to go and many people can wear them comfortably and they reduce glasses fogging. So n95 is your safest bet for some people they’re not very comfortable, and they have to be comfortable in order for you to wear them all day. So if you’re working in an office, uh kf 94 is an excellent option or a kn 95 from a reliable supplier, if you’re, just going out for a walk outside by yourself cloth mask, is completely fine, okay, very good, and for those who like to be fashionable, I want to let everybody know that dr crittenden also did include mask, which is a fashion mask, and you have one there, because you know sometimes you like to be cute when you’re wearing your mask right show us that one one more time yeah.

These are beautiful and they have many many options like this. They don’t have the adjustable ear loop. So i put an ear saver on this one to go around the back of my head, but these are about you know, 95 to 99 filtration efficiency and very easy to breathe through and many many colors and styles. Okay, i’ll be ordering from there always great to have you on. Thank you so much you straightened this out. We now know what to do.