The full detailed specification and all sort of relevant settings that i’m using will be down in the description below for you to check out if you’d like and real quick just before we do jump into the gameplay. There is some really important information i need to share with you that gives some context to the performance that you’re going to see now. Firstly, i am actually encoding this or recording it on the same computer that i’m playing it on i’m. Using the end, thank encoder, which is built into the graphics card, which will affect the performance little to none, though i do want to just make a point of saying it, because there may be one to two frames lost in a worst case scenario. By using this method of recording, secondly, what you’re viewing now on youtube is actually downscaled. So, unfortunately, again there is just a bug with rtx cards and they don’t record at this resolution without just crashing and crapping their pants all the time. So what you’re looking at here is about 4 100 by about 1100, but it is still true. 32 by 9 aspect ratio it’s just worth noting, because what you’re going to be seeing is not fully representative of the image quality that i am getting on my end. And thirdly, and this one is by damn sure the most important. I have discovered a very simple way for you to become 10 times more handsome than you currently are, and i know what you’re thinking that’s, not possible: i’m, already dead, sexy and you’re right.

You are dead sexy. However, if you just scroll down a little bit on this video, see the little thumbs up button. Give that a click then click the subscribe button too, and i guarantee you’re going to become 10 times no 12 and a half times more handsome than you already are. Might as well i mean what you got to lose and now we’re going to jump into some gameplay i’ll have all of the resources and the performance statistics running up in the top left for you, i’m gon na shut up and come back at the end of The video to talk about anything that we discovered through the playthrough which, by the way, is just a prologue, so there’s gon na be no spoilers. Don’T worry about it. I’Ll see you in a minute Music, so Music, Music, Music, nothing without knowing its purpose. Um, Music, Music, escape Music. We need to get out of here now. Take this Music Music sticks. Yes, the ship hits the ground we’re dead, uh hurry before they strike these intruders. Music, Music huh. Damn these imps, i need to reach the transformers Music, okay, so, first of all holy crap. The graphics are amazing, though this game is definitely still not without its bugs. I encountered quite a few throughout that playthrough things just disappearing or looking really goddamn. Janky but overall i mean i’ve played this game for about four to five hours now and i’m enjoying it.

It looks really really cool and the universe is very interesting anyway. It’S not review of the game whatever and um. The support for 32 by 9 seems to be there. The game looks really good. Even the in game. Cinematics are in 32 by nine, which is really really nice. You don’t always see that, though the cinematics seem to be in 21 by nine, but that is actually really damn good, because normally that’s not the case with games. So the support for super ultrawide here is actually really damn good. The performance, as you saw, we hovered around 70 dipped below 60, sometimes and had some soup, like some uh cut scenes where we were over 100, but i think the average was 70, which would be safe to say, was more than playable. Obviously, there’s g sync on this monitor so even lower frames and that would still feel smooth. The experience was fantastic.