It is that good, so we’ll be breaking down exactly what this weapon does with the catalyst in this video, then we’ll also be comparing it to the trinity goal and seeing which bow is the best overall, before we get to the video make sure you use my Code, air on g4 or 30 percent off right now go ahead and click the link in the comments description. It will take you to store and automatically apply my discount code. If you guys keep popping off one day, we might have a greg shaker or even a flavor of our own anyways let’s go and begin with the video. Looking at this exotic bow. Look at exotic perk, sacred flame. If firing this weapon fires, multiple tracking projectiles targets marked by these projectiles, explode upon death or when struck by another sacred flame explosion, then the secondary perk causality arrows arrows fired while aiming down sights cause sacred flames to instantly detonate. Precision hits with perfectly drawn arrows increase the power of this detonation, so there’s a lot going on there, but pretty much boils down to. If you hip fire the weapon, you shoot three tracking arrows that will prime a target. Then, if you hit that primed target with the nes arrow, they will then explode. Then, if you do a perfectly drawn arrow, which is when you release it right after it’s, fully strung back and will double the damage of the explosion, which is obviously very good so instantly, this bow has a very fun gameplay loop, you pretty much prime enemies by Hip firing and you don’t have to really fully draw it back.

You just kind of tap it and it will hit three enemies at a time and you can prime as many as you want. Then you ads and hit one of them, which will then pretty much cause them all. The chain explode so it’s, almost like sunshine in both form, where not only do enemies explode, they pretty much chain explode. Also so it’s extremely strong and very good. Then we add in the callus on top of this, the bow becomes extremely good. So what the catalyst does is perfectly drawn arrows that detonate sacred flames, increase arrow damage, striking targets unaffected by sacred flames; instead refreshes causality, arrows duration, so pretty much how this works is every single time you get one of those perfectly drawn arrows that would cause the 2X explosion. Now, on top of that, you will also get stacks of causality arrows all the way up to time six, and this will buff the actual aero damage itself, not the explosion, damage so just how we could increase the explosion damage by 2x with time 6. The arrow damage itself will be 2x, so now we have 2x error damage and 2x explosion damage, and once you get into the higher stacks of this buff, i mean you’re, one hitting pretty much. Every red bar in the game guaranteed you’re one hitting majors you’re. Doing a decent amount of damage to bosses, i mean this bow is really really good, and these stacks of the causality arrows will last for five seconds almost like rampage with ring pitch spec.

Then the second part is when you hit an enemy that is not affected by sacred flames, which means they’re not primed, to be exploded. Yet it should reset the timer of this buff and extend it and allow you to chain it more and more often. The key word there is should because sometimes it feels like it doesn’t work, but sometimes it does work. But as long as you’re getting perfectly drawn arrow hits every five seconds. It’Ll refresh the stack of the buff anyways. But overall, with this catalyst and just the journal perks on the bow, i mean this thing: shreds through anything, unlike most really good echo weapons, they usually slow down when you get to majors and things like that and kind of stop working. But this thing just keeps going, keeps chugging keeps chugging. Then, if we compare that to the trendy goal, which is one of the best actor weapons in the history of destiny, pretty much how trendy goal works is once you get an arc final blow, every single arrow will then do an arc like chain, lightning effect whenever It lands or hits anything, and as long as that gets a kill, it’ll prime, the mixer, with lightning rod again and for trash mobs. This scene is insane you just tap the fire button and you pretty much just clear entire rooms without even having to think as long as you’re getting one kill per arrow. You’Ll have lightning rod on every single shot, so there’s, absolutely no denying that this scene is absolutely insane at clearing out trash mobs and it is pretty much the best thing to ever.

Do it, but the thing about it is the tikku’s. Divination is also extremely good. At clearing out trash mobs, maybe not quite as good as trendy goal, but tikkus is also extremely good at higher health enemies, harder activities, majors bosses, you name it so where trending goal is extremely good at one thing, dikus is just good all around then. On top of that, since it’s solar explosions, almost like sunshine, you can pair that with wrath of rasputin, which will then create war, mine cells pair that with rage of the war, mine and global reach, for that holy trinity of the three best warm up cell perks. Once you kill like five enemies with the solar explosions, you will then get a warming cell. Then, when you detonate that one right, so it will clear out the rest of the room and there’s a good chance. You’Ll have another one cell created from that explosion. If not on your next kill, you’ll have one so now that this boat also has warmer cells. On top of how good it is already, i think, it’s pretty safe, to say it is on par with trendy goal for clearing out trash mobs, but now it’s also extremely good for majors bosses. Everything you name it. This bow just keeps going, keeps going, keeps going, it is so good. I mean i almost two hit this loss sector boss with only times four of the causality arrows five times, six on both arrows he’s.

Definitely getting too hit. I mean that’s a loss, sucker boss being too hit by a primary bow. I mean this scene is crazy and finish out the build i have taken charge then, with those stacks of charge light you can do whatever you want, doesn’t, really matter i’m, using protective light. Just to stay alive but, like i said you can use really whatever another thing you could try is the artifact perk where, when you get rapid precision hits at range it will debuff the enemy by 20 for roughly 12 seconds. You could try that with this bow, i haven’t tried it myself, i’m, not quite sure. If the way you fire hip fires than 80s will be quick enough to proc that, but you definitely try it now. I usually run the heritage with recombination, which is going to be very good for enemies that get close. I also use a code willow or pretty much whatever legendary rocket of choice or even fallen guillotine in my heavy slot. All those options will be pretty good for boss damage, depending on what you need, and here is my subclass – build i’m using you don’t need to be playing stasis or even warlock. This will work on any character but that’s just kind of what i was using. So, overall, i shouldn’t be surprised when i say i’m. Definitely a huge fan of this bow. I just love this scene, i think it’s, probably my second favorite build of the season.

I still use salvo quite a bit, but for harder content. This build right here is insane the main difference between this thing compared to a lot of really good ad clear builds. Is it feels like most of the time those other builds kind of slow down once you get to harder content, but this thing just keeps going: it can still one hit most red bars even like, while under level then, once you get a few of those explosion Kills you’ll create more light cells compared to using something like icao system g and a gm nightfall. I mean good luck, killing five enemies in a decent amount of time to create over my cell, but with this thing, you’re gon na be easily getting kills, left and right and still be making those warm myself clearing out the entire room for your fire team. So on, and so on also i’m, a huge fan of exotics that kind of have like a learning curve and a skill gap to it and aren’t, just like hey shoot the scene and that’s kind of like the end of the story. I love the gameplay loop of this bow where you have to prime targets, then choose how to detonate them and try to string together those causality arrows and things like that. I just love when you have to put a little bit of thought into optimizing. The way you use your actual weapon and how i was mentioning earlier that this weapon becomes better and better with harder content.

Another thing about this weapon is usually with ad clear builds. Whenever you have fire team members are doing similar, builds or something like that. You know it pretty much cancels each other out and it doesn’t really work. You kind of need to be like the solo guy clearing out as to keep the buff or whatever you’re doing going. But with this build, whenever you prime targets it doesn’t matter how they die, they will always explode. So if you have multiple people in your team using this bow or if you’re, just the only one on your team using it, the more people you prime doesn’t matter how they die, they’ll still explode. So once again, it almost becomes better with more people using it and more people on your fire team, clearing out the enemies as long as they’re, just priming things left and right whenever they die, they’ll explode so on and so on. So not only is this bow extremely good for ad clearing any tier of activity. It also doesn’t really become worse if our people are also killing stuff, whereas with a lot of builds, if people start selling, your kills, you’ll lose out on. You know charge with light. You’Ll lose out on your buff, whatever it is, it’ll kind of fall apart and, as i mentioned earlier, i do think trendy goal is a little bit better for just trash mobs and we’re not trying to pay attention like at all, but this bill, especially with one Of myself, i think, is equally as good as trinity goal at low tier content, but just way better in everything above that and the final thing that will make this bow extremely good in the future is as the serif and i killers weapons get sunset and they Can no longer make war myself in relevant content if they don’t replace those weapons over time and the only way to create one line cells is through wrath of rasputin.

I think things like sunshot in this bow or even xenophage will be extremely popular in alveostory i’m. Definitely picking this one as right now i just think it is the best of all three and especially given the fact that legend rocket launchers are extremely strong right now. You don’t really need exotic heavy. You can kind of afford to use exotic boat like this, so yeah. This boat is extremely good on its own becomes got here with the right, where mine cell build and in the future. As things get sunset, i think it’ll just get better and better anyways. For this video just be some strike gameplay to show off this build and how good it is. Anyways thanks for watching catch, you guys next time so round one kill them. We are dead.