I just wanted to share a little knowledge with you drop a little secret on top of your heads gently of course, it’s not gon na it’s, not gon na hurt it’s, actually gon na. Be really really nice, especially if you haven’t heard about this before we’re, getting ready for the mario update and what better way to get updates than to get updates early. You might have seen your favorite youtuber, i mean hopefully it’s me, but maybe it’s nintendonk or maybe it’s. Somebody else, you’ve probably seen them playing the updates early, and i know a lot of you have gotten this game: bran spankin, new um for christmas or for 2021. Maybe for your birthday, perhaps it’s like hey, i made it alive out of 2020 i’m, treating myself, maybe you’ve just been through a lot and quarantine and lockdowns. Maybe i don’t know: maybe cobb moved your island you’re feeling feeling strange about it, but i want to show you guys how to get the updates early um. We do have the 1.8 update hitting on thursday, the 25th but i’m going to show you how to get it like a day early, and then you can use this same tactic for pretty much every update and some of them you can get even earlier. So it’s very, very simple: it’s, not illegal it’s, not uh, not to hack your switch you’re, not even time traveling it’s, nothing, crazy, it’s, totally legit, and i really feel like this should just be common knowledge.

If you already know it, you know, some of you may already have experienced this, but in case you don’t, like i said, a lot of new players. I wanted to show you guys what’s up hit that like button, if you like animal crossing updates, let me know in the comments below, if you ever done this before, have you gotten an update early, let me know, let me know, let me know um all right. So here’s all you’re going to do you’re going to go and you’re going to change your game, clock you’re, going to go down here to system now this is going to work at 8. 00 p.m. Wednesday night! For you, those of you on eastern time i’m on eastern time, so i’ll put it on the screen but i’m going to give you guys it’s, like 8 p.m, eastern time, okay, that’s, 7, p.m, central 6 p.m, mountain and 5 p.m, pacific that should also be around. Like midnight 1 a.m, for those of you over in the uk in europe, basically all you’re going to do is you’re going to leave your synchronized clock on. I know you guys know to time travel. You turn this off and you mess the date. But all you have to do is leave it on what you’re going to do is go down to time zone now it wouldn’t seem like this would work, but nintendo switch is region free which allows nintendo switch to access all stores and all servers from all the Nintendo’S nintendo of japan, nintendo of australia, nintendo of europe, nintendo of america, we’re gon na access, nintendo of japan.

The update hits at 10 a.m in japan, which is 8 p.m. The night before here in indiana or if you’re on the eastern time zone so you’re going to scroll down you’re going to find tokyo. Okay, it really doesn’t matter. If you find a further time. That can be useful if you want to get games early, but in terms of updates it hits 10 a.m. Japan time, so we wanted to turn it to tokyo. Now you can see. I am at 2 24. 10 a.m, because it’s 8 p.m. Right now and that’s. How you flip flop right 8 p.m. Right now would be 10 a.m, so the update, if this was tomorrow, would be up for out for already nine minutes. So when it is night time the day before the update in america it’s already the next day in japan and they already have the update – and so all you got to do then – is you’re going to close out your game like so hit the x button. Close the game, you know you can save if you need to and then reboot it and it’ll be there now. I i don’t have the update yet because we’re a day before, but this is the best way to get it done, there’s actually another way you can do things as well, which is when an event happens. So this might be a little different depending on the event, but since they have been locking, the events right, like festival, was locked until it hit and tore day was locked until it hit, and we expect animal crossing to continue doing this, where they’re locking the days Until they hit well for that, what you’re going to want to do is you are going to um? Do this same thing, but then you’re probably going to need to time travel a bit so you’re going to set it to tokyo, to let it know you’re in tokyo and that will help it to unlock the update.

Now, if you ever want to check what version you are at you’ll, go to animal crossing and you’re, going to hit the options. Button and you’ll look and you’ll see: okay, i’m at version 1.7.0. Now this will go to 1.7 or 1.8 1.9 things of that sort. But when you boot into the game, this is where it’s going to really tell you what’s up, because, even though it says 1.7 you’ll notice come on into the switch trying to get through this quick for the people, don’t want to take their time, trying to get Them to get the update early we’re, trying to save time, trying to allow people to play at night, and – and you know that way, you can get all the items and you can get ready for action. Hello, quality life update shorter loads to get into the game. Okay, so it’s 1.7.0 a now that’s different because that’s the version that includes festival so like when there’s the next holiday, say bunny day, you’re gon na be able to travel, um you’re gon na be able to change your time zone to tokyo and, like last time, Around with festival it actually hit um around. I think it was 10 a.m for me, eastern time, okay. So what i did was, i changed my time time zone to tokyo which kicked in that a update, and then i went and then i time traveled to get to festivals. So, like you know, in that case, it’s, like oh festival, is the next day and i wanted to play it.

You know in the afternoon or something – and so i i set my clock that way now, every time you ever time travel every time you mess with the time zones you are going to have to quit out of ammo crossing and boot it back in. But this is a really nice easy, peasy, great way to play the updates early and, if you’re, someone uh that wants to play the updates at night like if you have work or you’re. You know you have kids, that you have to take care of, or you go to school, and you want to check it out at night when it’s, cozy and calm. This is a great way to play all the updates at 8 p.m, so, tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Wednesday night 8pm eastern do this change your times under tokyo and you’ll, be able to get the new 1.8 update and we’ll have to see what all it brings, but as of right now, we know that the mario items will not be hitting uh resident services until March 1st, now this same tactic should work. Then right you will go and it will be february 28th and at 8 pm eastern time, if you change the time zone to tokyo, you’ll be in 10 a.m. On march, 1st and you’ll be able to access those items. Early now, occasionally, you might see people have these items right when the update drops and sometimes they can hack the items in order to get them now, anytime, you see items early that is most likely the source of a little bit more nefarious methods.

People are going into the data and hacking the items into the game, and you may say how did some of your favorite creators that you know don’t believe in hacking how they get the items? Well, just because the items are hacked doesn’t mean they can’t be traded, and so you might find somebody that says they have the items, so they might bring them to you or someone from your discord might give them to you, and it gets a little murky then, Because it’s like okay well now the items are all spreading and – and you know maybe you didn’t hack specifically, but you got him from a friend who got him from somebody else who got from somebody else that hacked and it gets to be a bit of a Messy scenario, but the updates that’s not hacking whatsoever, that’s, completely legit and that’s a totally viable way to play these things. Early um, so it’s gon na be a really interesting week, love to see, if they add anything uh tomorrow night outside of just prepping, for the mario update, so come back for the 1.8 video then wednesday evening and utilize. This method, as you wish, there’s no reason not to as far as i can tell it’s, just a great way to get in on the action right from the ground floor. And if you have a favorite stream or a favorite youtuber, you can watch their video while playing it. While downloading the update, get ready for it.

Um or you know you can just prep it, so you can play it the next day, but i just want to share this tidbit with you, because something i’ve been doing cj. How bad did you get up there? You don’t have a ladder, my friend it’s, something that i’ve been doing since the very beginning and it’s, something that i find most people actually don’t know about. Now you guys are pretty hardcore animal crossing fans, so you may be aware, but in case you aren’t in case you just got the game or in case you’ve heard about it, but didn’t quite know what to do or what time zone or if it was legal Or if it was allowed, i just want to share it and show it to you all. So that is your guide: how to get animal crossing updates early i’m, hoping we get an anniversary update. I really think we will to prep us for warmer weather and to prep us for those same rio cards that are dropping on march 26th, but we’ll have to wait and see. Look at these freaking camo paints, i’m feeling fresh today. My pokemon gear i’m rocking it because i believe there’s a pokemon, direct, um and i’m really really pumped. For that. I bet you guys are as well, so hopefully you guys will check out the good morning. Mario videos we’ll be talking all about it. As the news drops as the goodies drop but i’ll be back with an animal crossing video tomorrow night or if you’re, watching this on wednesday tonight or if you’re watching this on thursday yesterday we already covered the update.

What are you waiting for, but now you know how to grab them early everybody. Thank you so much for watching, i hope, you’re all staying safe, staying, healthy, staying happy out there. I hope for some of you, this video is kind of helpful uh. Sometimes youtubers don’t like to share their tricks. The trade but i’ve been doing this for 10 years and i feel like spreading the goodies so enjoy this one have a fantastic rest of the day. Everybody. I love you guys a lot until next time, thanks again for watching stay, safe, stay, healthy, stay, happy out.