Keep my privacy mask. I kind of want to clear out that area a little bit so i’m, getting the mario items, courtesy of Music Applause, Music, zhao, Music, storage, storage, Music, hmm, Music, all right! So we got some mario wall right here. Let’S see if i can put a warp pipe i’m gon na put it over here, but i can’t put it outside while he’s here. I think. Actually this would be cool Music cool. Are we still dropping stuff off? Thank you Music, but i can’t play stuff outside while he’s still here, yeah, oh no, okay, i got ta. Do this playing the harp. I see Music, Music, uh, Music, okay, Music, Music, so Music, so yeah that’s pretty much the mario items in a nutshell. So we’re gon na have to kick our good friend zhao out. Sorry, bruh, Music, okay, so let’s go grab those mario items right. So, where am i gon na put that warp pipe let’s see let’s, put it right, let’s put it up here, super star fire flower stand block there’s the other warp pipe again there. It is Music, that’s, actually really cool, and i can use it indoors right, Music. I might have to do an obstacle course: that’d be really cool. All right, let’s, put the coins down here; Music, all right, so there’s, a shell Music let’s put a fire flower over here. Oh what’s, the flower stand Applause, Music. Maybe i should put a shell up here: shayman can’t, destroy it that’d, be kind of fun.

All right, what’s, the flower stand, look like okay, we got ta see what this flower stand looks like oh that’s, that’s. What i got from earlier whoa. What was i thinking? That’S a shame i like it over there. Actually, oh gulliver, you know what why don’t we give gulliver a star needs it: Music, wow, okay, let’s, put it Music, it’s, very limited on timing; isn’t, it Music all right! Well, that’s all the mario items we got so let’s get going home real quickly, cool mario items, percy a ciao. Thank you, joe anyway, guys like comment. Subscribe and i’ll have the mario items ready when i live stream today. So thank you for watching.