We just have some some crazy mind. Blowing news coming out of viewsix corporation kathy woods. Archives has been buying this up extremely aggressively over the past week of trading or so so i have to touch on. I have to talk about this. My thoughts um. I guess my opinions where i think this is going. What i think is going to happen in the short term based off of this bullish news. So if you want to find out more, if you want to see more content like this definitely consider subscribing if you haven’t already click that bell notification. So you know every single time i post a video and of course, if you haven’t already smash that like button as well, it really helps up with the youtube algorithm, so uh without further ado let’s go ahead and hop right in it’s january 21st. I posted my video about views x corporation back when it was about trading just under 11, a share and obviously back. Then it was much more speculative. It was only a 500 million market cap company or so and had already had somewhat of a nice little run. So there was definitely a lot more question marks in the air back then, however, things have changed in a big way. As of now, the mother of gains kathy woods herself has not been able to stop herself from just perching up massive amounts of music shares for her rq etf, autonomous technology and robotics.

She began the buying spree on february 19th, buying 292 000 shares and then this later continued on tuesday february 23rd, she did not buy monday, the 22nd but the 23rd. She bought another 200 000 and then wednesday, the 24th she bought over 300 000 and then thursday. The 25th another 200 000 shares this puts our total holdings at about a million shares. 20 million is not a big percentage of a fund of this size. However, this is a very small market cap company and we could see this buying if this continues. This could begin to take up not just a bigger and bigger percentage of the arcs etf, but also a bigger and bigger percentage of a views x corporation. Let me get into the four main reasons why i think this is a huge bullish catalyst to signal more and more upward momentum in the weeks to come and the first one is kathy. Woods just got a crazy and incredible track record for picking individual stocks, especially innovative technology, disruptive technology and good growth stocks. I mean she’s just had a phenomenal track record the the funds performance over the past year or so obviously, a lot of this has to do with you know ronapalooza, but still her fund has had incredible performance. She was right about the tesla call, she’s, also big, on square killing it on that stock, as well. So in general, she’s been a great successful stock picker in the modern day.

Number two is that people watch her and follow her extremely closely. I mean everywhere on youtube, especially when kathy wood makes moves when she adds or sells a position. You’Ll see a bunch of videos popping up literally just about that move from kathy woods because of all the tesla hype, because of all the the right stuff that she has done in her career people. People’S eyes are all over kathy wood all over her moves and i’m kind of surprised. We haven’t really seen much more traction, much more momentum on a viewsix corporation. I think it’s ridiculous, i think they’re. So the addressable market is huge. I mean all the fundamental all the bullish catalysts, i guess, are all coming together and it’s almost like another perfect storm situation. I know i’ve said that before gamestop marathon patent group and now music’s, but i mean truly, i i feel the same way and i’m going to stick to that. The third thing is that ark buying the shares just serves as a huge institutional buyer that’s, scooping up more and more shares and effectively just reducing the free flu or the amount of common shares trading on the open markets for individual retail investors to buy. So if mark invest is buying up all these shares, they got a million now that’s a million shares gone of the free float that are available for purchase. So, whenever we’ve seen this with bitcoin, whenever you take away the outstanding supply and the demand stays the same or increases which i think it’s going to in the short term, basic economics dictates that the price is going to have to rise in order to account and Accumulate not accumulate in order to account for this deficiency.

Fourth and this one’s, obviously speculative you got to take this with a grain of salt, but she might have some information that isn’t quite available for the general public. She might have heard some rumors around here, because you have to know that these big fund managers, these billionaires everyone on wall street, they all there’s like their little club and a lot of them get information um from you know, whoever, wherever they get leaks of companies Like this just happens, this is another part of their advantage from the suits over the retail investors. I mean they find out stuff that’s part of what i think was happening with tesla. I think they’re starting to realize uh how big this robot taxi network and how big they are going to be in the face of you know the great reset the nwo um so that’s. Why? I think a lot of big institutional money was flowing into tesla. That same situation could be happening here with viewsix on a smaller scare, no obviously i’m, not saying this or isn’t true. I just want to put it out there because it is a possibility and what i think the possibility is is for a potential buyout from a big tech giant, a big tech corporation who wants to penetrate. You know the augmented reality, space sort of like oculus and facebook, that’s sort of more like entertainment, oriented i mean this is v6, is more definitely more enterprise applications and businesses um, and then you know they also are having some consumer applications, but they, the consumer, eyeglasses Aren’T out yet so, if one of these big tech companies wants to get into the space, it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to pick up the number one player in this industry.

I mean we see buyouts like this. All the time look at facebook and instagram look at how big that was and look at how well that turned out for facebook. Facebook also bought out instagram for about a billion dollars. You know what music’s valuation is a billion dollars just a coincidence, but hey another thing that i absolutely love is, if you six has 184 patents and patents pending versus just 93 years ago, and this intellectual property alone could be worth billions to these big tech companies. Musics could have some key patents that could prevent so many different players from entering the space, which would be worth potentially billions, or even tens of billions of dollars to these massive tech companies or to anybody that wants to penetrate the space. Anybody that wants to be serious about this company, and not only do you get the pads in the intellectual property. You also get the entire. You get the team, i guess you get the company and you get all the products that they’ve already built now a lot of these tech companies. If they’re focusing on it like google glass, they were just in the prototype stage. Music actually has products they’re, actually selling they’re, actually in uh, working with hospitals, they’re working with healthcare providers, they’re actually in the real world and they’re getting they’re getting uh. I guess testing and data analytics from the market that’s using their products and just for reference. If you look at apple, they’ve got 90 billion dollars of cash to cash equivalents in short term investments.

Facebook, 62 billion amazon, 84 billion google 136 billion. So these companies they got a lot of money it’s. Obviously you know inflation is destroying it. Hopefully, these companies will wake up and realize that sooner or later, whether they want to use that to buy bitcoin, buy back their own stock or buy music. It doesn’t matter, but i think that music, at a billion dollar valuation, ceo and founder, led by paul drivers. I do not think that he is willing to sell this company for a penny. I think he’s looking for a if he’s going to sell out, i think it’s going to have to have to be something ridiculous and i don’t know the biggest. I mean bios that we’ve seen i guess in the finance world, but i mean i would have to imagine that this would be um. I mean a 5x premium. I mean 5 billion evaluation, 10 billion. Maybe i obviously i’m not too advanced. I don’t understand the the buyout sector, or i guess industry uh very well. I haven’t really seen or researched too much into this, but i don’t think it sounds to me just as a human being too crazy, if apple with their fat stack of cash. If they actually want to get serious about this industry with huge applications on both the consumer and enterprise side, to throw 5 10 15 billion dollars to acquire the number one player in the space, i don’t think that’s ridiculous.

Am i crazy probably, but do i think, that’s a possibility yeah i do this shift to remote work is huge and if you don’t know all my bullish thesis around music’s corporation definitely check the video out. I basically went into like how this can apply for pretty much everything and anything. A technician out on the field can have somebody watching them and in their ear, basically telling them step by step, exactly what to do and how to do something same thing with a tutor. If you’re a student, you could wear the glasses and they can see exactly what you’re writing down on your paper and coach you through it through your ear, healthcare, the paramedics and the ambulance, while they’re working on a patient. The doctor waiting at the hospital can view in real time, see exactly what they are doing so whenever they arrive at the hospital it’s, a seamless transition from the ambulance and the paramedics to the doctor at the icu i mean there’s, just so many different applications. For this think about you, know, amazon and all their their workers in their fulfillment centers, if they all have them wearing these, not only for like inventory, tagging and stuff, but if they just want to, you know, get a little dystopic and if they want to just Spy on their customers and or not their customers, but their employees, and see exactly how productive they are. They can do that um apple and their.

You know their sweatshops out overseas out in china if they want to have their their workers wearing these glasses. They can see who’s being productive and who’s not and act off accordingly. Off of that, they can do that, because it’s a lot easier to manage whenever you can just look at security cameras like think about the big fat dude eating doritos in the server room. Literally, just watching all the workers with their glasses it’s a lot easier to monitor them like that than if you’re actually out there. You know on the assembly line looking around so there’s, some there’s, some huge applications good and bad. Two days ago, someone called into the jim kramer show and asked about music’s. Take a look that really isn’t a household name yet, but uh had a good run, continues to go higher recently kathy woods arc invested in it and we all know she has the midas touch. So what are your thoughts on smart eyeglass maker music’s corporation ticker views? I saw she invested in it and you know what i have to do more work, because i i said all right. I you know, i mean sometimes you just got ta know when to fold them and do more work wall street vets can now also start talking about this stock because it is over a one billion dollar valuation now. So that was one thing: they restrict like takers under a billion dollars to prevent like pump and dumps, so they can actually now this stock can start turning on wall street bets.

So that is another positive catalyst also with with youtube. I just i i think if you ask me in a month from now, is there going to be more coverage on music stock or less coverage in a month i i’m just gon na have to go with more. I mean just imagine um. If you know like jeremy comes down, he does a video on music’s. This could be another one of his spec socks and i would not be surprised one bit. I think he would actually love this stock love this company, when you actually dig into the fundamentals and if you look at the all the other, the catalyst all the other, just um great things about this company it’s a very good stock in the sense of a Risk versus reward it’s close to an asymmetrical bet. I mean i don’t see much downside i mean even if this company doesn’t deliver the market, i just don’t think is going to be able to disprove that this is not the future or does not have a place in the potential future, so that’s, why? I see a very limited downside, especially with kathy wood and ark invest. I think this really does cement a very nice uh price floor and, as we obviously saw with the nasdaq dumping uh, this sort of held it down. It was interesting because music’s actually opened up in the green before getting dragged down lower with the overall nasdaq, which was down about three and a half percent of music’s about four and a half percent, which is very strong um on a huge red day for tech Stocks, so i think this is a perfect buying opportunity to accumulate with kathy wood load.

Ups on some more shares calls i’ve got personally got calls i’ll, throw them up on the screen. I got some 35 march 19, pretty speculative, pretty risky. I am using that. I am banking on a lot more press coverage, a lot more media coverage, uh on social media, on youtube on wall street’s, best stock, twits, yahoo finance. I just wan na. I see a lot more um acceleration of music stock story, the ticker um that’s. Why i’m thinking that, off of obviously it doesn’t, really have to be that much higher that’s sort of just the way that i’m playing it? I also do have some longer dated calls um, obviously do not copy me do not copy my risk, tolerance uh! I you know, i make 10x my money in a few days and then i lose it all do not copy me. This is definitely not meant for everybody, but let’s go ahead and keep moving. Another very bullish thing is that plug power was actually working and uh working with music smart glasses, so they were integrating them with their business, and something interesting that i want to look at is plug power stock versus the views stock. I think plug power. Uh was in the sort of the same situation that viewsix is in now big story stock. You know hydrogen energy um, you know investors love. You know those beyond me, those tesla, your revolutionary companies. I think music fits that bid perfectly.

But if we look we’re in this this ascending wedge, i guess this broadening channel, i don’t whatever you want to call it and then we just decided to break out go parabolic and we pretty much launched from 30 for 35 to like over 70, and i think We’Re sort of in that same situation, right now it might not take – might not be in a week or two, but i think musics could be testing this upper trend line and if we do break out of that, we could be pushing. You know: 40. 50 uh dollars, plus, which honestly yeah forty dollars, might sound crazy, but that’s still only just a two billion dollar valuation i mean plug power is up to like 20 25 at one point. So if you want to take that into consideration, think of usix hits a 10 billion valuation that’s a 200 stock price, uh 20 billion valuation that’s 400. A share uh think about you, know if apple comes in and says they’re going to buy them out for 10 billion all cash. Just like that, you know what they’re they’re, like you know what this is, do or die right now: it’s facebook, google, amazon’s gon na someone’s, gon na swoop them up we’re gon na pay, 10 10 billion right now, 10x uh current valuation boom that’s literally a 200 Per share off of 20 bucks a share, obviously that’s, very speculative, very out there. I don’t know if that would potentially happen.

I just don’t think paul trevor is the founder, led ceo who’s been running this company forever. I do not think that when his company finally starts to get some media attention, finally get some spotlight finally starts picking up some traction in this increasingly digital world. I don’t think he’s willing to sell for something stupid, um, so that’s all i’ve got for this video.