Today, i’m gon na go over the top five augmented reality and virtual reality stocks in 2021, while there are obvious bets like facebook and its oculus business or sony with your playstation vr, there are lesser known: vr stocks, that’s worth a look just like skyward solutions or Redfin is it a good time to buy right now, well, global spending on augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to grow from 12 billion in 2020 to 72.8 billion in 2024 about six times the growth in the next four years faster and more advanced cellular networks, Including 5g are poised to improve vr experiences and create a larger potential market for cloud based streaming applications vr gaming and vr video makes up the largest consumer use cases for vr technology, with 20.8 billion expected to be spent in 2023. On these areas alone, the number of vr ar devices ship worldwide is expected to increase to 68.6 million units in 2023. Moreover, ar and vr headsets are projected to have massive sales over 30 million units annually by the end of 2023 per statista report. Big and small technology players are making every effort to rapidly penetrate into the growing vr ar market, which makes them very attractive for a lot of investors without further ado let’s get this started coming in number one is vuzix, vuzix is the leading supplier of smart glasses And augmented reality, technologies and products for the consumer and enterprise markets, vlsix holds 184 patents and patents pending and numerous ip licenses in the video eyewear field, the company has won consumer electronic show awards for innovation for years 2005 to 2021 and several wireless technology innovation awards.

Among others, they are the leading supplier of small classes and augmented reality, technology and products, and just this week, 18 february 2021. They announced an exciting new development with signify, who is the world leader in lighting to further reduce latency for vuizing, smart glasses in areas where radio based devices might have poor to limited connectivity. I also like to mention kathy wood’s arc is invested heavily as well. The next stock is alibaba, not only does alibaba have incredible track record, but it is heavily invested in virtual reality for one chinese, consumers are embracing vr and ar really well with headsets cheaper there than anywhere else in the world, but alibaba is moving beyond just video Games the company is also using vr to enhance the online shopping experience through its buy plus platform, which enables consumers to shop in a virtual mall buy plus is one way in which alibaba is becoming a leader in monetizing this technology, as one of the world’s biggest Cloud service providers alibaba will also likely benefit from growing demand for cloud based vr data processing. Also alibaba has partnered with intel to create advanced vr broadcasting technologies that can help televise live events that puts the company at the forefront of practical application in the field. Coming at number three, we have wama hologram why my holographic focuses on computer vision, holographic cloud service. It is one of the excellent integrated entities of holographic cloud industry in china covering industry of chain and performance.

Its goal is to become a potential and internationally influential holographic cloud platform. They have covered plenty of holographic ar technologies from holographic face recognition, development to holographic online and offline advertising from holographic ar sdk payment to 5g holographic communication software. At present it has grown into one of the leading providers of holographic cloud integrated technology solutions in china coming at number. Four is virtra they’re, a global provider of judgmental use of force, training, simulators, firearms training, simulators and driving simulators for the law, enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets. Its simulators use software hardware and content to create realistic training that does not require live ammunition or less than lethal munitions, also dbt last earnings expectation and now has a new price target of six dollars. Coming at number, five is microsoft. The company has been involved with vr for a while and is focused on business and government clients, rather than average consumers. Real benefit for microsoft comes from us army in 2018, the military branch granted microsoft, 488 million contract for headsets that can be used to prepare soldiers for real world combat situation. Aside from hololens 2, microsoft has also configured windows 10 operating system to allow some compatible computers to access is windows mixed reality platform. Additionally, the company helped develop a vr version of the best selling video game minecraft. So while vr remains small part of microsoft over business, the company is clearly pushing in that direction. Well, there you go top 5 ar vr stocks in 2021.

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