Roblox is officially adding voice chat to roblox, soon make sure to leave a like so more people know and, of course, subscribe if you’re new for daily roblox videos, but basically what’s happening today, is something called investor day on roblox, which is a big presentation that roblox Corporation has set up for investors because, as we’ve been talking about previously in videos, roblox will be opening themselves publicly on the stock market in the next couple of weeks and they’re trying to show off all the cool stuff that they have for investors that are potentially Interested in investing in the roblox platform that will potentially be profitable for the roblox community for the time to come, and some of the features that have been revealed today and shown off are relatively interesting. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of this. Just gon na point out right now. This entire video is courtesy of bloxy news. They were the ones that gave practically all of the information here publicly on their twitter account so definitely go. Follow their twitter account. If you want, like seriously accurate, confirmed information about roblox updates, this is where i get a lot of my stuff from too going to start this off with some relatively good news. That roblox is interested in expanding the age, demographic of roblox players to not just be all five year old kids, but they want older people to be interested in the platform too, which is good.

They want to actually market themselves towards everyone, and not just like you know, six or seven year olds, they give off a screenshot of layered clothing, which is like basically something we’ve already talked about in this channel, a little bit, which is clothing that goes over your Roblox avatar, instead of just being like a regular 2d image on your avatar it’s shown here on some regular humanoid avatars and some regular blocky roblox characters which looks relatively interesting. This prototype is pretty cool. Glared clothing should be an interesting feature on roblox when it does come out. This is just the progress that they’ve shown on this feature. As of december 31st, 2020. There are over 2 300 trusting safety present professionals working on roblox to make it a safe and civil place, aya they’re doing a great job banning people. For you know, i think i don’t even need to really be descriptive about that. One we’ve talked about the stupid moderation going on, so the quote: unquote, trust and safety is doing a wonderful job. Clearly, they announced some other things like stats and whatnot that people generally won’t really care about how over 35 million models have been uploaded. Um just general hours engagement has gone up for a lot of the last half of the year on roblox there’s, a lot of servers, yada yada, just technical statistical information that most people, if they aren’t developers, probably aren’t, going to care about or not investors to in 2020 users spent 1.

9 billion dollars on roblox, which is quite insane to think about. Um unrelated news, david bizuki, was actually recently crowned the newest billionaire in the world, which is pretty insane to know that builderman is now a billionaire and finally, the most important piece of news is the confirmation from bloxy news that roblox will be adding voice chat soon. This was probably somewhere in the live stream. It’S a three hour live stream where they talk about everything, but this was a confirmation that was pointed out by blossie news, and the response from the roblox community has been rather in between and my response to this is well. I have no idea how this voice chat feature is going to be implemented. We’Ve already talked about how roblox has hinted adding voice chat under roblox, but i don’t really know the purpose of it like just there’s, so many young kids on roblox to the point where i feel like that’s a safety concern. I don’t know how this voice chat. Feature is gon na be implemented. I don’t know exactly what they’re gon na do with it, but we will see point being of this. Video is that it was confirmed along with a bunch of many other things, with this investor day on roblox they’re, probably going to start doing stuff like this a little bit more often because, like literally roblox, opening up to the stock market, i told you guys this Was a big deal like this is actually something that investors are looking forward to and with more investors in the roblox market.

This platform is actually going to go insane, but as of now, we do have that confirmation of roblox voice chat being added, and it is something that i definitely want your opinion down below. In the comments section of how you feel about this, i have nothing really else to say in this video. If you want to go. Look at the investor news that came up some of the other features that were revealed and whatnot it’s available on bloxy news’s. Twitter account go follow them. They are absolutely wonderful and a credible source of roblox news, but until later i’m connected kitten. Thank you guys, girls. Whatever you prefer for watching this roblox video leave, your opinion down below on roam lost voice chat, because this is going to be something that’s coming soon.