You want to call me and it’s time for this boy to meet the new world of pokemon. I just woke up like 10 minutes ago, so bear with me let’s get to it. Show me baby hello, everyone, yeah i’m ishihara from the pokemon company, hey what’s, up yoshihata february 27th is the day pokemon, red and pokemon green were released in japan, wow really february 27th, beginning of the pokemon series, god, an astounding 25 years have passed since the pokemon Season that’s crazy, i’m surprised it hasn’t been longer for the past 25 years through our games, but also through so many other mediums. I am 26. that’s crazy. I really grew up with pokemon. Thank you each and every one of you today, mr xenomia, will introduce our latest updates. All right show me i’m ready, hello. There hey look at this guy. Looking fresh first i’d like to give you the latest update on the new pokemon snap game i’m. Looking at the background, video that will show you some of the wow rob jumping right into the gameplay let’s go hey! Oh pokemon, snap, cool cool, starting off with snap. I, like it, i’m, really excited for snap. Welcome to the worlds of new pokemon snap. This it’s pokemon, the lentil region, you’ll ride the neo one, the lentil region, yo. This looks gorgeous. I can’t believe this is developed by bondi pokemon in their natural habits, man, it’s, so good and, of course, you won’t dude.

The model looks so good doing. Research in the lentil region, research, team, members, rita and phil are there to support you, hey yo, you got companions, yo let’s, hop in a vehicle and take pictures by watching wild pokemon. You can discover behaviors and expressions that are rarely seen. Look a surfing, alolan right! Dude that ranch is still cool and there’s vaporeon let’s try throwing in a fluff fruit, that’s it now’s our chance. I mean you probably get better graded pictures of you. If you catch them. Oh that’s, you think tyranitar cares about an apple toss that back here’s a park at night. Yo dude, these graphics are crazy. I can’t believe i’m gon na at some point, play the original again and then be like what are they gon na give us a release? Date, i just thought about that. So have illumina orbs, something the professor invented. Okay use! One of these. You can make any pokemon glow, whoa, that’s cool score. Bunny those flames changed color what that’s actually kind of fire? No pun intended to take shots that really stand out. Yeah that’s, really cool. You took to the professor yep. The grading system had a rare moment there. Oh, the max is for okay camera to fill up. Your pokemon photo decks, damn able to edit the photos you’ve taken, yes, fantastic features like stickers and actually let me be a photographer, even more special, all right. Well now you just butchered it.

I want to show off your best photos, you butchered it. What is this bob ross feeling well no i’m kidding when you want to do that, it’s time to go online: okay, that’s cool that’s, that’s, cool, that’s, very modern, that’s, very modern for pokemon snap. I like that. I like that even be featured and get more attention. Seeing something like that may inspire you to go back and take even more photos. I like that i’m gon na love, all the pictures that fans are gon na. Take, i think that’s gon na be so cool. Oh that blaster dude. These models are great, so make sure you’re prepared. Oh, is that my boy, tom or todd, i always forget his name, the mythical pokemon celebi man when they introduced mythical pokemon and changed like half the legendaries to mythical that confused me april 30th, damn that’s like tomorrow. I know we’re in february, but i mean the way the time works now during uh the the kermit on april 30th convention um next, you know i’d like to tell you about several events: we’re holding to celebrate pokemon day. I hear that sword and shield yeah and pokemon shield games special max raid battles featuring gigantomax pikachu are underway, true and in pokemon cafe, mix we’re, holding a promotion in which you can receive 2500 golden acorns for logging in cool that’s, uh that’s, the free game, articuno Zapdos moltres and even youtube are wow in legendary i mean i don’t play pokemon go, but i know i still have a lot of friends that play the crap out of it.

Come on masters, partner, pokemon, charizard, yeah, okay, so heads up for a lot of people. I do not voice the leon and pokemon masters as i train my boy uh cedric williams i’d, like to present those about the pokemon video game series. Uh i’ll make sure to tag him in the in the description. I only voice leon in uh pokemon journeys. I just want to specify that not even in twilight wings and twilight, wings, it’s, uh, kai jordan, so there’s like a leon. Verse! Oh, is this the next one, oh what’s happening remake time, sinnoh a let’s. Go, oh, give it to me baby. Give it to me! I’M, ready i’m ready. I love diamond and pearl. Nothing can stop. You diamond and pearl pokemon. Pokemon let’s go show it to me. Give it to me. Yes, sir yeah. Oh my god, i can’t wait. Please something good! I don’t care if it’s, even a let’s, go version of it brilliance. Okay, wait what the i was not expecting. The chibi fight like super super chibi, okay, so it’s a remake, that’s, really interesting. This is a different route than i thought they would take. It looks like it’d be more for a mobile game. Huh i’m excited, but i don’t know if i’m a fan of like the the gbr style. Honestly, i prefer the cheaper art style of uh, the let’s go games, but uh. This looks great, brilliant diamond, okay and then shining pearl let’s go late.

2021 makes sense, yeah, okay, i’m excited. I just have to get used to the the new art style. Like the new, the chibi 3d models. I mean it’s cool, like uh they’re, trying to keep the aesthetic of like the original huh. Oh platinum, is that what you guys are doing a new era? What the what you mean? This is a tale from a long long time ago. What the happened region was still only a vast wilderness huh, a certain village bustled, with the comings of while in the mountains and seas, pokemon roamed as they pleased i love how they say. Pokemon but i’ve been told to say pokemon pokemon what the whoa whoa dude. Is this a wild area? Whoa? Oh hell, yes, wait. Are we ninjas? Okay, the frame rate needs a little work but yeah what no way shut the up. Do we even fight him bro? What oh, no wait! The frame rate is supposed to be like that it’s supposed to be a mixture. Oh, why? How does so? None of this footage is final by the way what the huh yo this is dead, ass, wild area. This is how i thought the diamond pro remake were gon na go wait. These are starters, cynical rowlet and oshawott huh. How are you going to mix them up like this? What are you doing to me? That was actually going to be tough. Well, i mean if it’s like in a feudal, japan style – i mean it would make sense like for oh because they’re honestly, the odd man out is probably cyndaquil.

In that case, oh arceus, hey, what’s, up what’s, good, hey. I like the music pokemon legends arceus. What yo is pokemon legends gon na be a new thing next year, okay, i’m very interested wow i’m pleased to announce two new editions shout out video game series both taking place in the sinnoh region, damn first i’d like to present the pokemon, brilliant diamond and pokemon Shining pearl games – these are faithful, remakes of the pokemon diamond version and pokemon i’m sure the reason that the reason they did the diamond pro one system in japan 15 years ago i’m sure the reason why they did the diamond and pearl games like the way they Have is because fans probably complained about omega ruby and alpha sapphire diamond and it’s like why didn’t they just keep them chibi remakes of the pokemon diamond version and pokemon pearl version. I know i feel like also with the coloring, for these remakes uh just seems so different by ilka inc, who also worked on pokemon home. The project is being directed by tv, okay, as well as game freaks, junichi massive, which is honestly something welcoming, because i know that a lot of people have had complaints with game freak recently all of the original games, especially because of sword and shield. I personally don’t have a problem with game. Freaks you’ll be able to travel through all your locations once again, you’ll set out on your journey. I wonder if the legends one is done.

Oh, you know: we’re picking, chimchar got ta, go that sing goku baby adventure together with all the call that monkey diamond version and pokemon pearl version i’m excited, though i haven’t played diamond and proline, can look forward to experiencing the original, pokemon diamond and pokemon pearl stories. Freshly recreated for a nintendo switch. I do like the chibiard. It reminds me a lot of harvest moon, like they really did. Try to capture the original, the original style and i can’t wait for people to be like the animations are the exact same ones for extorted shield shining pearl will launch simultaneously sorry from sun and moon i’m excited i’m excited. The problem now is, i don’t know. If i’m going to get brilliant diamond or shining pearl, and also i wonder if uh these games will cover a bit of platinum, yeah show me arcades legends represents a new approach for the pokemon video game series. Development is in full swing at game freak with the aim to deliver a gaming experience, so it is game freak new ground for the pokemon series, yeah yeah yeah, i dude. This is literally what i wanted them to do. I wanted them to take the wild area from sword and shield and make it into its own game, and that is exactly what they’re doing, which i think is really cool and the events of this you can clearly see also that pokemon looks trippy as hell. This is very, like towers is definitely like the stepping stone in the right direction.

I think like it was definitely like, like the sword and shield wild area was the beta for this. Have journeys shields watch, so this game could run. We found it a prosperous village. Well, i know about run, maybe maybe jog, and then the game after this will be running. As for these three pokemon rowlet cyndaquil it’s, because they’re ninja ish, they were brought to sinnoh by a certain professor who encountered them while traveling around various regions. Oh on your adventure, after receiving a first partner dude, i love the aesthetic. I love their designs. Oh we’re, going with a boy dude, i swear to god the professor better, be koga. That would be like a koga’s ancestor. I think that’d be really cool on your quest to create cinno’s, very dude, pokedex that’s, so cool cinno’s, first pokedex pokemon can be caught with pokeballs dude. You can also engage alongside your pokemon. This is cool yo. If you could punch the out of the pokemon with them, i think they’d be great, battling pokemon and strive to complete that’s cool. I do like the different frame rate, because it reminds me of spider verse a little bit but wow. This is definitely improved now for the wild area in the best way, the game’s title and story arceus arceus god, according to legend archie, has shaped all there is in this world. But how is this pokemon connected to your journey? Well, he’s! God i mean what else answer to this question and more aware: dude.

This is hot, exciting, new action, and i know this isn’t final footage. So i really hope that when uh the next time they show us this game, like the graphics, will be slightly improved because, like i, i am noticing a little pixelation here and there uh wow wow, wow i’m excited pokemon. Legends arceus will launch simultaneously around the world early next 2022 early wow, i didn’t even catch the early to set out on these adventures across the city. I’M excited i’m excited i’m sure that people are gon na, have complaints about the diamond and pearl art style, pokemon. Brilliant diamond and pokemon shining pearl i’m excited as well as the pokemon video game series new journey, pokemon legends, arceus, can’t uh. I just thought that, with that uh diamond and pearl as pokemon 25 years, i just hope that they include the platinum themselves and deliver new ways for everyone to enjoy pokemon even more. Thank you very much for watching yeah, yeah, yeah, well, that’s that that was great uh. I mean it was everything that fans have asked for uh i’m sure that some fans are gon na, be like. Ah, this art style or whatever some people are gon na, be upset that um the open world game uh looks a little like that, but i’m excited. I think, it’s really cool that it’s raleigh, cyndaquil and oshawa, because oshawa is very samurai in his last form. Ralit is an archer with like uh, you know, and very assassin like so it kind of matches the ninja, aesthetic and um like the feudal japan era, the one that would confuse me as typhlosion.

I guess for quilava more than anything but uh. I could be wrong. I don’t know: what did you guys think? Did you guys enjoy the the pokemon presents? Uh i’m really excited for the future of pokemon uh, whether or not legends looks or or plays amazing next year uh. I definitely think it’s a step in the right direction, because i know that people have wanted a change of pace and fans dreams. Uh has always been for an open world pokemon game, and that is literally what we are getting it’s gon na be very interesting. I’M. Pretty sure it’s gon na be more catching heavy and uh, because i don’t there’s not gon na be any gym battles i don’t think um i mean it would be interesting if there were, but i don’t think so uh i i kind of hope it takes the Direction of a pokemon, colosseum, pokemon, xd kind of uh kind of journey uh and yeah i’m excited. So let me know you guys thoughts and comments and concerns, or whatever in the comments below uh. Thank you for watching hope. You have enjoyed and yeah. This was fun.