Obviously you obviously do have fortnite and everything, but you’re going to want to go into deals. You want to scroll down until you find the gold deal and might not be in here, but there’s a deal on gold. This one is going on, so you just want to search up gold here. It is, it says, game pass actually and it says: xbox live gold owned in a subscription subscription. Now look at when xbox live. Gold expired, xbox, live gold expired for me in 2019, and an xbox live game pass because it also expired. 2019. Those are cards. I don’t even use no more, but it says xbox live gold owned. So, like i said you have to find the deal go and buy it. Go back out not buy it, but like fake, buy it like with the card you don’t use, then you’re going to want to go into your settings. You’Re going to want to go into your network settings you’re going to want to scroll to well. You don’t got a scrolling. You just want to click on a wireless i’m going to click on this. You wan na hit add a wireless network, you’re gon na wan na add some random wireless network. Okay, because, whatever connecting to eat for re, checking connection can’t connect to wireless that didn’t work that didn’t work, that didn’t work that didn’t work now just leave. It just go back, shut your xbox off and then you’re going to want to turn it back on right.

After it turns off completely so, mine is going to be off right now, Music right now, so i turned it back on now and then once you get into your your account on xbox and it loads up, then you’re, just literally going to fortnite checking my network. Go offline go online, put your wi fi back in whatever it may be, so here i’m going to end it right here and then i’ll get back to you when my wi fi is all right. We got the network connected and we’re loading into fortnite. I know this works for fortnite, but i don’t know what other games it works for. You guys can test them out and let me know in the comments down below all righty here we go getting loaded up come on game. This game is so slow. Xbox is so slow, he’s got a job paying on all right press a because you know when you know what’s up when you press a a drop off like it’s, just as easy as that voices. This game is something i have to cut it here. We go we’ll load it in bro. What the freak i got! Some music and 50 000 xp that’s pretty lit what else i got this soldier dude nice good for you great let’s go! This is lit, awesome boys! Well, there you go that’s how you play uh. What season is it chapter uh chapter two season: five in 2021.

I wonder when there’s a new season coming out honestly, they never tell you nowadays it’s kind of uh, it kind of stinks. Let me know what you guys think down below about that.