My name is waffles asian yanbar, and we are here with five nine gaming talking about pokemon legends rcs i’m. Here with my good friend, gail riot, say hello: yo what’s, going on guys, i’m uh happy happy! Happy! Bunny! Here, of course, as a huge sinner fan, i am eating good, oh for sure sure for sure, there’s. So much good, cinna news today, we’re gon na be covering all the important stuff today and then this week, we’re gon na be talking about so much good stuff. But today we are here to talk about pokemon legends arceus. How are you feeling about this? I mean it’s it’s. What we wanted, i mean it’s. What people wanted for time? Of course, an open world game developed by game freak and i’m just gon na say it. You know so that i don’t keep saying it through the rest of the video. I told you all. I told you all on twitch and everywhere else, game freaking each time and lo and behold we’ve got what we wanted in a proper open world rpg. It seems like um, if said in feudal, sino of course again cinna being my favorite region, i’m extremely happy uh seems a bit like breath of the wild desk, i mean, obviously it would um. I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean it’s made on the same platform. Of course um, but it seems like there’s only like based on one town and then mount coronet it’s going to be very interesting because it seems like it’s actually set in feudal cinema there’s.

No other towns there’s. Nothing else to look forward to in terms of like gyms or anything. It seems like it’s a genuine journey in the olden times so i’m, looking forward to it it’s something that we’ve also been asking for is like a pokemon game set in like ages and ages ago. Back in the day – and this is seemingly what we got – you know oh yeah for sure, like i’m – really excited, i think this is similar to like pokemon conquest. I feel that same kind of vibes, obviously not the same kind of gameplay, but i think there’s. So many lore possibilities they have by exploring old, pokemon old sinnoh and, oh my god, i’m just filled with hype right now, it’s so cool, oh, my goodness, but it’s it’s, crazy, it’s, honestly crazy. I i mean the fact that we’re getting feudal, sinnoh, it’s gon na be very interesting, because we’re gon na be deeping, i mean we already kind of dive into the lore of pokemon generally through each game. You know. Sometimes we do it via uh. You know towards like books and, like then the end of the game. We encounter the legends, we’ve seen and whatnot um. This is the first time we’re actually going to be. I assume properly diving into the lore of pokemon we’re gon na be literally hunting down, for you know getting these pokemon learning about them. For the very first time i mean the trailer even said, or the uh presentation even said, you are effectively building up the sino pokedex for the first time.

So you are the person who’s actually creating the pokedex for the first time, rather than being the guy who gets the pokedex and oh yeah, the pokemon already exist. Everybody has maybe one or two of each pokemon right, so it’s gon na be very interesting. Oh yeah and like just see, oh god, the whole idea of being able to run to the grass catch pokemon, just actually throwing the pokeball, ah so much hype, so good, oh yeah, it’s, good, it’s, gon na be great. Honestly, i genuinely am very, very impressed. You know we’ve seen like this: the diving mechanics there’s crouching in the game for the first time uh you can throw the pokeball outside of battle. It seems like um it’s, also very interesting, to see if you can initiate battle with the boiled pokemon and then capture them, or is it just that you have to capture them outside of battle like you know, the anime does, or you know more often than not The anime does that, like, for example, you know ash and has numerous times tried to capture pokemon outside of battle um and has obviously done so as well. Sometimes um, it’s gon na be very interesting. What do you think about that? Do you think we’ll be able to capture pokemon both ways or is it just gon na be like you have to be outside a battle potentially well, i think we’re gon na be able to catch capture them both ways, because i know in the trailer they showed Like the guy was kind of hiding and he threw the pokeball from really far away just at some pokemon that were hanging out and he actually caught him was an nfl player.

There bro, oh my god, the aim dude there’s a little pokeball just this wasn’t, even like a big pokemon too. I think was it like the shanks. It was the shanks yeah. Oh my god, like ins. Honestly, though, i think it seems like we’ll be able to fight pokemon. I know that the leaks said that the trainer themselves can fight pokemon, which i know everyone’s got a meme yeah yeah. I highly doubt that’s the case because we did get leaks for this game before the trailer and the presentation happened and it said like. Oh, if you lose all the pokemon, the pokemon will fight you instead and you have a health bar as well, which is very interesting to me honestly that’s going to be very interesting. But of course, like i mentioned earlier on um, you know it’s going to be very interesting to say you know like how are we going to follow ace? Are we going to follow a storyline and if so, how is the storyline going to be followed? Like i said there, doesn’t seem to be any gyms. It just seems like the whole idea of feudal. Cinna is basically you’re there’s, this one town there’s a lot of people coming in from different regions, trying to see if they can develop cinno into what it is. Now that we know about in the actual games, diamond and pull right um, so what what do you think the storyline is going to be? Is it just going to be us? You know initially starting off with, maybe you know going and trying to hunt all these pokemon in the wild and then potentially you know we start encountering these this lore and maybe the end goal is well, as the title suggests: rcs himself yeah.

So i think that’s one possibility, and so i think that’s if they go the elder scrolls route, where they build on small quests until you realize you’re on track to face arceus and you i don’t know if you’re gon na fight him. What not. But i do think that we’ll have an encounter with rcs at the end, but my concern um with the quest in the story, would be if they did something like only fetch, quests and that’s, how you get your lore and it’s, mostly exploration, which that i think I would be a little disappointed by. I can understand that i can definitely get that and i, i hope, that’s not the case, but i mean it could be also like another problem and a concern i have, i will say, is also like if it’s like breath of the wild, because i know uh, Some people have issues with breath of the wild as well in terms of its quest mode and quest storyline, and it could easily be in that format as well. They could be taking inspiration from that. Um we’ll have to wait and see uh. The next thing, of course, we have to obviously talk about is the starter selection. Oh yeah yeah. This was very interesting to me. You know i genuinely was going into it like you know, the league said it’s going to be three pokemon from three different generations or different generations entirely, and i was like okay, it might just be like random.

You go into the game and you’re generated three random pokemon for your starters or kind of like mystery dungeon to an extent you know um, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’S just three set starters: cindequal oshawott and rowlet yep your thoughts waffles. I personally, like it it’s kind of unique, not my favorite set of starters. Personally, i would probably put them in the middle of my starters list. You know my starter tier list, i’d say but not a bad one. What about you waffles? What do you think yeah? I think i kind of like this idea. I think it would have been better, obviously if it could have been randomized and we could just get three random pokemon, but i feel like them incorporating these pokemon, which are, i mean, cinderella a lot of people likes in the quilt. But i would say: it’s still kind of underestimated, underused, um and so it’s nice to see them give those starters a main game where you can kind of choose it’s, not like an obvious pick this one. At the same time, i think it also adds a little bit of a unique spin to the lord, knowing that hey. These are just the starters that the professor found, as they were, coming to the different regions and stuff so or maybe not, professor. Whoever the person is like, no, they didn’t say a professor, they didn’t say: okay, they did confirm professor, but, like i don’t know, i know for me i’m tempted between rowlet and cyndaquil.

What are you going for? Cyndaquil? I think cyndaquil by far is the best option. I think yeah i i think cinderella is a second for me personally, but i think cyndaquil takes it. I just i’m i’m personally, not a huge fan of rowlet personally and osha. What else as well is not i’m, not a huge fan of i mean if it was say, snivy and say uh froakie instead of oshawa, i would have been much more happier with those and it would have been a bit more harder. I think froki would have been my easy choice, though i think frankie is too popular. I think it would be cyndaquil as my uh favorite pokemon, poor, oshawa or yeah poor. Oh sure what i mean it do be like that. Sometimes uh let’s move on to the battle system. Now this is a bit interesting. We didn’t get to see a much of it. We did see a little teeny, tiny bit of it. Of course, um. It seemed initially like it was completely turn based. You know the usual style, but um. There were leaks of pictures from like the website and stuff, potentially uh, suggesting that it’s going to be more like a final fantasy 7 style system, an atb system. Your thoughts were folks, i think, that’s a very different style to what we expect um and quite a unique run and interesting choice by game freak. To switch to that, oh yeah, i think i’m open to it.

I think it could be really interesting uh. I know for me, those kind of battle systems may give me anxiety because it’s just like. Oh what do? I click because, like i tried playing the final fantasy, i think final fantasy 7 or one of them recently uh, where i was just playing with that system. I’M, like i don’t, know anything about final fantasy, so this was, it can be a little overwhelming, but i think for us who know pokemon is going to be a new spin that’s going to be making battle in combat very interesting. I think like why i know that’s a common thing of like why should they have turn based combat? I mean in the anime they’re going back and forth, so i think it would be nice to see more of the atv combat. I think it’ll take some getting used to, though for sure and maybe newer pokemon fans might get a little overwhelmed, yeah, okay, so i’m, looking at the website right now, just to add more to it. Apparently, you can also have your ally pokemon battle, while uh wild pokemon that you hope to capture just throw the pokeball holding your ally, pokem your ally, pokemon near wild pokemon and you’ll seamlessly enter and command uh your pokemon by choosing from moves it knows and to Capture pokemon as well in the game you can observe them to learn their behavior, then carefully, sneak up and aim your pokeball.

So i assume you have to observe their habits and then maybe learn about them, maybe see how they work and then only can you capture it after a point which is a very interesting take yeah it’s, a very, very interesting take, i must admit, uh i’m, not Sure it’s gon na be curious to see like i assume you have to learn about the habit of the pokemon. Maybe you have to wait a couple of minutes. Maybe look at them understand what they’re doing and then throw the pokeball. What do you think about that? If that’s the case i like it, i think that sounds really interesting. I think it depends on how they implement it, of course, but like no, i think, that’s great. I think if you have to kind of watch, learn get some strategy in there. So it’s not just like for me. If it was this way, i would just go around with my pokeballs, be like cow caught caught. I like that there is some nuance. Some things we’re going to have to be aware of um. I wonder, though, if we’ll have to talk to the professor about them to learn about their habits before we can actually go out and catch it. Maybe you have a like. Maybe there is a skill potentially like i don’t know how in depth it’s going to be in terms of the rpg system and stuff right sounds like what. If you’ve got like a skill to like observe and every time you observe a pokemon, you level up that skill and the higher skill is the higher chance you can observe successfully and capture set pokemon right, maybe yeah.

Okay, who knows yeah we’ll, have to see yeah that’ll be very interesting to see um. However, there were some things that were noted in the trailer that are a bit concerning, i must admit, uh, and the first of all, of course, was to be expected. I mean the switch isn’t, the most powerful device on the planet right now and there were notable frame rate issues. Some pokemon were questionably hopping around at like 1 fps in particular right, but going back, though i looked at it, and a lot of the pokemon had some frame rate issues yeah. So there are frame rate issues which is not necessarily a surprise, considering the switch capability. But i mean okay, i’ll i’ll come to you in a second waffles, but i personally think we still have a year to go. We still have time for them to polish it up. You know it may be noticeable right now and i do agree. It is kind of uh in that regards, but i mean, like i said, still a year to go there’s still time, for you know them to work on it, polish, it up i’d, say at least six months before they start properly marketing it again showing it off. At 83, maybe and stuff like that, um and one more thing to address is of course diamond. The diamond and pearl remakes are also being made by uh, another team entirely and another company entirely they’re uh, with with some help from gamefreak.

But majority of it is being made by another team, so the entirety of game, freak or mud like 80 of it, i assume, is being focused on this. So what are your thoughts? I think they still have time i’m, not too worried about it, but it is noticeable, of course, i’ll. Be honest, i’m not even stressed about it. I i think, with a year plus most of the company on it, like you said, and i mean they’re just they’re previewing it right now: i’m, okay, with it having a couple frame rate issues and even if it’s not like completely polished when it comes out it’s. So interesting to me that i feel, like i wouldn’t, even mind it too much like i know. A lot of people got upset about the tree in pokemon, sword and shield, and – and those are the same kind of people who are gon na – be upset about the trees here, because they’re a bit pixelated. But i think overall, i’m gon na still have a great time with this game and just based on the concept based on everything we know so far. It sounds great so like if, as far as the frame rate issues and stuff go, i do think it’ll be fixed. It’S they’ve got a whole year i’m, not worried about it, honestly um yeah. No, i completely agree with you on that one and the last thing i think we want to address – and this is very curious to me because it’s like they started off with the trailer saying.

Oh pokemon is entering a new era and whatnot, and the name also suggests it’s it’s pokemon legends rc’s. That makes me intrigued because what, if what’s stopping them from potentially doing a pokemon legends, lukia or pokemon legends, uh, uh, rayquaza or a pokemon legends, um curium, for example, because we know kirum also has a very, very long history in the past, especially with kirim. Being you know, one of the three combined dragons right um there was that whole lore with kirim being one of uh. You know the uh combination of uh, zechariah and kirim would make in one unified, big dragon. Legendary pokemon um got there in the end. Inevitably, but uh what’s stopping them from doing another. Prequel like that, and do you think that they’re going down this route, where it’s only going to be pokemon legends which will allow game freak to get more time, whereas this other company, ilka um, that’s, making the diamond and pro games, might focus on the actual main Games instead, okay, so i can answer that question i’m going to say what stopping them right now is money and worrying about fan reactions. So if this game does well, i think we see more legends, uh legends, rcs legends. What lugia all that yeah legends titles, yeah yeah, i think, is assuming that the game does well, which i think it will. I think we’ll see more of those, but i don’t think i would say that this is going to be the only type of game they’ll be focusing on.

I think that we’ll still have kind of main style games as well, just because that’s, the tradition of pokemon and i feel like especially with their competitive scene, with their training card games and stuff. They need to be able to introduce new pokemon to the franchise and to be able to continually uh build on that formula. They already have, that being said, that’s gon na be actually very interesting. Now that you mentioned competitive and whatnot, how are you gon na introduce competitive into this game? Like i don’t know, if we will, i think that’ll just be the gen four remakes. Do you think so, because i that’s what i was thinking like? How do you introduce competitive into a game that’s based on the olden times where you know the whole idea of these machineries to interact with people across regions and whatnot? You know that’s how they explain about being able to fight other people online is like. Oh, you know we, we have these amazing towers with these amazing infrastructures to allow you to battle trainers from other pla worlds and other regions and stuff like that right and here, it’s, like you’re, based in feudal, japan, it’s a more storyline based game. So do you think this is going to be an actual like proper single player experience with no like online experience? I do, i do think it’ll be a proper single player experience. I think that we’ll see it it’ll be great.

I think, like i think, it’s gon na be like the breath of the wild uh analogy you made earlier. I do think that we’re going to just get single player, it’s going to be a fun storyline, uh it’s, going to be open world, so you can just continually build your own fun with that kind of again skyrim and so like i, i don’t think we’ll see Competitive with this, because i just think there’s no real way for them to implement it with what we’ve seen so far um if they wanted to do like a mini version of that with the atb combat, i think that’s a possibility, but i don’t know i wouldn’t. I wouldn’t count on it. Yeah it’s gon na be hard to do that, but well, my final thoughts are well i’m. Super super excited for it. I think there’s gon na be a lot to look forward to uh. In terms of this whole experience and what future it may hold again like we said you know they could tackle curium, they could tackle the history of zygarde, maybe as well. You know we missed out on a lot of history with x and y in terms of zygarde and stuff, so you know there’s a lot of hopes for the series. Hopefully it does well, i mean again, like we said, there’s some niggling issues we think. Obviously, hopefully they patch up over time they still have a year to go at least yeah i’m just excited this is insane.

I still can’t believe i, as, as i said, as a sinnoh fan i’m eating really really good today, yeah it’s, just so good. For me, what what are your final thoughts waffles before we wrap up? I love it. I would love to see more of these pokemon legends games in the future. I think i really hope it’s gon na do well. I think it will just based on the fan reaction to the leaks and then to the trailer uh. I think it’s gon na be great i’m, really really excited i’m excited for both the gen 4 remakes, and this, i think, just the end of this year and early next year, are going to be really really good times to be a pokemon fan yeah.