It’S, always a pleasure to broadcast from the cardiff city, stadium, i’m, derek ray joined here on the commentary box, as always by lee dixon, and the focus is very much on live action from the championship. It’S cardiff city and may take on queen spark rangers thanks, derek i’m sure both coaches will want their players to start with a real zip in their play really show the opposition. What they’re in for that could lead to fireworks let’s hope so before sean morrison number. 16 curtis nelson number, three joe bennett, number 23 harry wilson, and so this is the team for cardiff city rules, a standard 442, a formation. You know well from your playing daisley yeah. I, like this formation, derek it’s, very, very important that when they haven’t got the ball, they all stick together, very solid, look about it when they don’t have the ball very important that they stay close together in midfield. The back four will link across the width for the pitch, but they’ve got to help the forwards. The two up front need width, we’ll start a line up then, for queen spark rangers pretty well balance this formation lee yeah. It can be a 4 2 3 1. In the offensive mode, but it can also go back to a 4 5 1 when you’re defending the lone striker will be supported by the three just behind him, especially the number 10 will be given a free roll. Thank you enjoy the game, and so the battle commences jeff cameron, chair and the emphasis is on creativity, ball, jeff cameron, and here is tom carroll on the ball cameron, pure ball control, cameron, tom carroll, excellent vision, Applause, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief ball.

One Applause harris moore Applause volks to pass the ball, but remaining patient Applause must take the lead here and under pressure. That was a fine claim. Jeff cameron himalayan. This looks promising passing it around looking for the goal that would put them ahead: himalayan jeff cameron from looking attack; Applause on the ball cameron, in a position from which they could potentially do a bit of damage here. Jeff cameron, Applause, tom carroll, on the ball cameron and it’s with josiah samuel. Now he must favor the cross Applause ball. Jeff cameron cameron, moving the ball effectively looking for the right moment, tom carroll, just looking for the right moment for that final pass and taken away. Jeff cameron, good, looking sequence, Applause, ralls, real danger; Applause, intelligent threaded, pass here: Applause, volks on the ball, joe ralls, dangerous, looking attack Applause crossing possibilities; the first half here comes to an end Music, Music underway. Then in the second half and the two teams matching each other just about stride for stride, tom carroll, Applause, todd kane – and here is tom carroll Applause and a fine tackle excellent defending tom carroll. Well great read there to intercept volks bakuna now the attack looks promising Applause, ralls will volks Applause ralls. They do pass the ball with authority, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents a chance now with the corner. Well, they’ve decided to make a change. Applause over it comes and miles off target with the header, but in fairness, the marking was tight.

Well, they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change and he read it. Well, Applause harris plenty of options: how about the cross still level? Here, but the pressure escalating Applause, volks ralls, a really top notch piece of defending Applause, jeff cameron, albert adelma, so 20 minutes to go beautifully disguised ball. It just needs to remain icy cool. Well, what an opportunity, but really good defending you’ve, got to say, will volks moore and the counter attack is on options available. Kiefer moore will volks on attacking possibilities, it’s opening up for them, but he knew he had to get to the ball and he did ball. Todd kane 10 minutes to left for play in this match. Applause, jeff cameron, on the attack is there to be late drama, defensive efficiency, personified harris possession lost, intercepted austin, and they need to get tighter here, ball, austin Applause. Well, both teams have had substitutes warming up and now both will rely on their respective benches. Todd kane well, possibilities in the center ball tom carroll. Austin Applause well read to win possession back more on the ball. Joe ralls and a goal at this stage might well turn out to be decisive. They cannot be separated here and it’s on to extra time.