That is why i got this humidifier for our bedroom, so that um, i will be more comfortable and then it also prevents static electricity from building up all right. So let’s unbox this now you can also check my description below the name is keebar ultrasonic humidifier. The model is x, h, dash q, five one two b, zen. Bravo, this is so cute. It also includes a remote control, see you can. You can really see my hair flying off. You see my hair that’s, the effect of low humidity, static electricity building up here, don’t the remote control, and then they included a brush. A thank you note: that’s sweet for the remote control there’s, something here that you have to pull so you can start using the battery or the remote control. Okay, this seems simple and cute if you open it i’m gon na test this out right here in this room. I got a thing like this it’s called the quottaboquot it’s a filipino thing. If you’re a filipino, you know what this is so from the top i’ll. Take a video of this um. You have to put the water in here not in this hole. So this is the tank. Add water to tank do not add water to the hole um. For now, what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na put just a little bit of water just for testing into the pink okay. It starts working already let’s close this up.

I can see all right it’s at 40 right now and i can’t adjust that all right. So it shows you here which one is on or off button timer, mist, level, sleep mode, constant humidity and led lights, let’s, try the led lights. Ah, it should be dark for you to be able to see it. That’S green, well, that’s cute, that is cute red, green that’s, really cute blue or purple yeah for the colorful lights. It actually will convert to different colors that’s. Why we see the different cute colors? If you select sleep mode, you won’t see the light here, because that might distract you at night that’s, the low mist you can change it to high mist, middle mist and low mist. For me, low is fine. If there’s no water, it will be showing e0 like it’s, empty yeah, that’s, pretty much it it’s working right now. It might take some time for us to reach the level we want for the humidity level the recommend around 45. yep. I set it to 45, so it’s gon na keep working on until it reaches that level that we set. So the appliance will stop working when it reaches the set humidity. When the actual humidity drops to less than three percent of the setting, the appliance will restart. So cute, this quottaboquot is really helpful. I got this in the Philippines. I can’t find this anywhere here, maybe somewhere like a filipino store, but no luck so far.

Yeah for the humidity level, you can adjust it in 5, increments, so it’s from 40 to 95. So the first one it’s displaying the actual room temperature in celsius, such as 30 degrees celsius, will show 30. after another 5 seconds. It will display the actual room humidity in percentage such as 60 humidity virtual 60. Then the temperature and humidity will be displayed alternately every 5 seconds, so 21 degrees celsius and timer is 3 and it’s. Currently at 38 humidity yep. Now i understand you can also set the timer. If you want timer would range from 1 to 24 hours. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.. I hope this video helps if you are thinking about purchasing this keebar ultrasonic humidifier i’m, going to complete this video once i test this out for at least a week i’ll. Let you know if i have any issues before i post this video that’s it.