This is the radeon rx 6900 xt, but this specifically is the power: color devil edition, graphics card and right now you cannot find this graphics card in stock whatsoever on newegg on amazon it’s hopeless, and you cannot find it in store at any micro center, which is Pitiful, because this is one of the most over engineered rx 1600 xt’s you can get and its performance is just absolutely ludicrous one of the things i think people overshadowed the rx 6000 series cards were how good they did for like wattage to frames per seconds and That is certainly not an exception at all for the 6900 xt, but power color has exploited that because the reference 1600 xt card can take up to 300 watts of total power, and the devil edition is rated up to 480 watts, and you can obviously tell that By the fat, 12 pin power, design that is on this graphics card and that in combination with its 16 phase vrm and its really fat, three slot cooler design and this card absolutely deserves to be in the hands of gamers. So all that combined lets it run at a top boost clock, speed of 2 350 megahertz out of the box, but i’ve seen people overclock this up to 2 750 megahertz, just with the air cooled design, while staying under 75 degrees celsius, which is honestly a little Bit scary, because i didn’t want to push this car to those links, maybe in a future video i will, but that just shows the potential of this graphics card when it comes to overclocking it just on an air cool design, oh yeah, and that in combination with Smart access memory and pci gen 4.

0 bandwidth and it is just it’s – a monster, it’s it’s, a devil. So, even if availability for this card is almost non existent, the one thing i wanted to do for you guys in this video was at least throw this monster of a card on some realistic benchmarks that maybe you guys can relate to just to really grasp at How fast this card is so that’s what i’ll be doing in this video so for the test bench i’m, using in combination with this card i’m, throwing in a ryzen, 5, 5600 x, 32 gigabytes. Of course, your dominator rgb memory running at 3200 megahertz at a gasoline seat of 16, all on an x570 asus tusk motherboard and an 850 watt 80 plus gold power supply from deepcool, which thankfully had enough pci power cables. Because remember this is a 12 pin card. You’Re gon na need three sets of cables pretty much so let’s start with call of duty warzone, which ran at 200 frames per second average, with a one percent low of 145 running completely maxed out graphically at 4k resolution and then how about fortnite well at epic Settings with dx12 turned on surprisingly, it actually wasn’t as good as warzone. It got an average of 147.5 frames per second and a low of 87, but one thing to note is that my fortnite benchmark is using a custom map and the effects and the scenes are just throwing everything at the game so that benchmark, i think, is a Lot more taxing than what you’ll actually encounter in game and here’s, some actual footage of the card actually running on a basic game, and not even not even a problem at all for this card, how about rainbow six siege? Well, surprisingly, the frames per second for this one actually weren’t too good according to the benchmark.

It got an average of 113.2 frames per second and one percent low of 96.2, which is surprising because i expected this game to run a lot better, but maybe that’s. Just the nature of running that game on such a card at 4k, with everything turned up so that’s a little bit interesting, but as for cs, go 4k, not even a problem. 270 frames per second and a one percent low of 145. So again, another perfect game for a 4k 144 hertz monitor. If you have one of those now on to some more slightly demanding games, one game that actually i thought, would have run kind of eh on the card but turned out to be. Okay was cyberpunk 2077. Now this game runs way better on nvidia graphics cards, but one thing i think a lot of people forget about these radeon cards is fidelity x, scaling and with that you can actually modify the in game resolution that the game is running at but use sharpening to Somewhat upscale the image so there’s less of a noticeable graphical difference, but you can still run the game at a much smoother frames per second, so actually here’s. Two clips of me running the game with fidelity x on at 50 and with it off with the game. Completely maxed out so that’s kind of surprising people are sleeping on fidelity x, dlss is awesome and so is ray tracing, but fidelity x is there for amd cards.

If you want to take advantage of it for forza horizon 4, i expected the game not to put up that much of a challenge on this card, and that was the case. It got 185.3 frames per second average, with a one percent low of 160 running the game, completely maxed out of 4k star wars. Squadrons ran at 177.8 frames per second at a 1 low of 145.8 death stranding 152.7, with fidelity x, sharpening cranked all the way up. At 100, maxed out 1 low was 131.2 again no problem at all, and the only game from my benchmarking list that gave somewhat of a trouble to this crazy card was arc survival evolved. You got an average of 45.8 and a 1 low of 28.7 at 4k resolution, maxed out graphical settings and that’s, not a problem on the card that’s, a problem on the game because i know arc runs like crap yeah just i’m, just putting that out there. Okay, so the day we get a card that can run that game really well is gon na be the ultimate card, because art is super unoptimized, so hopefully, that string of benchmarks kind of gave you an idea of what this card is like. Since many of you watching this video probably play warzone fortnite cs, go rainbow six siege and more on a day to day basis, and you may be running those games at 1080p at like a respectable 60 to 100 frames per second, maybe not even maxed out graphically.

But this card it just comes through and it runs over. Those games like a train at 4k because again, 1440p and 1080 are just not optimal. Resolutions for this 1250 card it’s got so much more in it and yeah. On that note, too, this card has a lot more in it. Someone was able to overclock this card to 2750 megahertz, maintaining about 75 degrees celsius, which i don’t want to attempt. Yet on this card, i’m gon na wait maybe for more drivers and maybe even a custom bios later on, since this car does have a bioswitch on it. If you want to switch your team, a custom one and a default one, but i really want to see how much more juice this card has, because i like, like i said at the beginning of the video these rx 6000 cards – are a lot more power efficient Than rtx 3000 cards, which means we could push them harder than what they’re actually designed to and that’s what power color anticipated. But i think we got ta wait for amd to allow for the full unlocking of the 6800 xt gpu, since that overclocking result that i found online that pushed this car to a really high limit. Actually, didn’t really correlate into that many more frames or seconds game which kind of sucks, because the 6800 xt actually is the card to get from radeon. If you want to do some serious overclocking, which is unfortunate, because this is a 1200 card, you’re gon na – want to use it to its fullest extent, if you’re paying that much so maybe amd will loosen up on this card and you will be able to push It to some new heights, which luckily this power color reference design, will allow you to do, but that is if you can even get your hands on it.

Just like the title of this video anyways. That is it for today’s video, and i want to give a thank you to power color for sending this card over i’ve had it for quite a while, because i was gon na do two other video ideas with this card, but both of them fell through and Could not happen, so i want to give a thank you to them because, like i said, this card is brilliantly over engineered and it’s such a crazy graphics card and honestly, the coolest one that i’ve had in my possession for a super long time, but also i Want to thank you guys watching this video, and hopefully you enjoyed it and if you’re new and you want to become more engaged with the scatterball community, got a discord. Twitter instagram and a tick tock which isn’t cringe and all that can be linked in the description below along with this card.