I think this was one of the last few cards in the shops available here in hong kong, uh yeah, i managed to get it lucky, weighs a ton. Actually so we’re gon na try and unbox it today and show you what it looks like: um technical, wise, i’m, not gon na go through that there’s. Quite a few videos online already so it’s, just a basic look at uh, the 6800 xt and then hopefully i’ll. Try and show you what the mega uh hash is like on it with the power consumption. So let’s start off with unboxing let’s just get scissors Applause, so let’s do this way. Oops let’s see if i can orientate it right, so we have no driver disk information. Sorry, yeah no driver disk included, so i have to download it online. The warranty card, basic information, wow, okay, more padding the card is actually massive weight, a ton. I think this one. Let me get my ruler, so 12 inch 30 centimeter ruler comes in around 34 centimeters long. I don’t even think this will fit into my pc, actually so it’s around six centimeters or about two and a half inches across wide yeah. This is gon na, be a problem fitting to my pc. I will put it under great um let’s, open it humongous card, so there you guys go uh three fans center. One is a little bit smaller um nice touch. Protection on these should be two eight pins.

I believe there you go two eight pins that’s about it. Actually, so i just installed this radeon software. This is a radeon software’s detected blah i haven’t even updated driver. Yet so let’s have a look. Okay, current version is 20 11 2 released on check for update. Actually, up to date, so that’s good it’s, a radeon, 6800 xt yeah, my cpu is about seven years old. I think uh, i5, 2.5 anyway. This uh radeon isn’t gon na stay on this pc. I just wanted it um. Actually, i don’t have a psu on my rig on my. I don’t have a second psu on my mining rig, so i need to get that first before i try and install it at the moment. All the uh i have a sea sonic 850 and all the pci cables have been used up all right, let’s see if we can focus on this so i’m going to start up. My miner see what it says: that’s, not good, unable to en um cuda gpu. Okay, gpu is there 33 connecting sure it’s, 59 wow 59.7 at stock values well, actually i’m running the mon running the monitor off the uh radeon as well, so that will probably increase right. If i stop messing around with the pc, so i’ve been running the 6800 xt for about eight hours now um. This seems to be the best one that i can get at the moment. No incorrect shares, which is good uh accepted shares, is about for the 60 odd um power, wise it’s, saying on phoenix manor that it’s 161 watts and we’re doing 63.

2. Oh my gosh at the wall, which i’ll show you there you go 256 at the moment. My system, i believe this system runs around 60 to 70., so actually about 70., so that’s about 180 uh, what’s um the settings. I actually got from mining chamber and a couple of other son of a tech i believe, but i could never achieve his uh hash rates uh. He managed to get pretty high hash rates uh for quite a lot of power. Of course, um i’m going to try and mess with that as well. Now, so the settings that i have uh basically um. This is just a beginner’s guide, really um, so you have to go to manual. I’Ve enabled gpu tuning uh advanced control force left the minimum, as is maximum. You can actually go a bit more so i’ll mess around with this i’ll show you guys what happens to the hash right in a minute. Uh voltage i’ve put it down to them the lowest possible, so it’s, 881 millivolts at the moment and it’s showing power consumption of 160 watts uh we’re, going to enable this one fast timing and the frequency i set it at 20 100.. This one fan tuning, i’ve, enabled and advanced control as well. For some reason, i can’t seem to use the default fan. If i disable this my temperature, it allows the temperature to go up to about 50 degrees. Actually, so i set my own profile at the moment.

It’S 43 degrees, the fence piece 1600, which is actually okay, it’s, not too bad. I actually made a mistake of this, so be really careful. Using this i made a mistake for some reason: i changed some other settings and this one changed itself to pretty low about 25 and it came out this morning and that was at 80 degrees. So i hope i didn’t damage my card um, so yeah. So now it’s back to normal about 43., my other ones, my 360s and that’s a 20 70. Those are running about 41 degrees but it’s, so much more efficient 400 watts for three cards: two 30, 60s and 120 70s. So let me just try and hope you can see that i’m going to try and increase the frequency of this let’s say i got to 1600. Shall we apply my powers? Consumption has gone up a tiny little bit. Let’S have a look 63.1 still so that doesn’t really change much. This will change 63.2 let’s see if i can. Maybe if i increase the power, if i increase the reram, it actually starts to go down. I’Ll show you let’s do by 20.. Here you go starting to drop now, so it really doesn’t like that 59 yeah. So i better go back. The 2100 seems to be the sweet spot um. I believe mining chambers said 2150. For me, it’s 2100 gives me 63.2. Ish i’m i’m always wondering what this is. It doesn’t do it.

For my other, i wonder why it always pauses for just a split second 63 watts. Let me move this back to default by default. Minimum that’s, why? I don’t think it does anything 1450. Someone said yeah 63.2. It seems this is defeat, never seen that one before. Actually, i guess that’s the fee i’m paying right so yeah. I think this is probably the best setting that i can get for my xfx 6800 xt, 63. 63.2 mega hash at a gpu power of 161 watts, whereas my 30 60 ti the colorful ones, can do 61 mega hash for about 120 watts, so 40 watts more for 2 megas. I guess so yeah not very efficient. I would have liked it down to be. Maybe 140 watts, but hey there’s, not much cards around nowadays, actually pretty much non existent thanks for watching guys hope it helps new miners out there on and you guys who’ve been doing this for a while or know about the settings. Uh. Please leave a comment. Tell me what i can do. Any advice is appreciated.