What did they do here to share with you? How you can look younger without looking fake or plastic without needles or appointments, and without the costly price of price of injections? Is laura palka to tell us all about keeping it real because we like keeping it real here on great day, live laura, oh i’m, so glad to hear that angie thanks so much for having me today. So i have a confession to make. I don’t know if you’re like me, but when i’m in the grocery store checkout line, i always kind of look at who’s on the cover of the tabloids and i think okay, everybody wants to look younger, but at what cost? Right because you don’t want to look fake or plastic, and the great thing is with plexaderm you’re not going to look plastic you’re going to look like yourself, you’re, just going to be a younger, fresher version of yourself. So how did flexaderm take over? And just really i mean when so many people over well, a lot of it has to do with makeup artists and i’ll. Tell you from personal experience. You probably know this too angie that if you ever sit in a makeup, artist’s chair, the first thing most clients will tell them is: please make me look younger right, so they realized that they sort of needed a quick fix and they found that in plexaderm, because It literally only takes 10 minutes to erase all of those visible signs of aging okay.

So a lot of people go to makeup artists right. We get go to uh, get our makeup done, for maybe a wedding or a special occasion, and when people started realizing how great plexaderm works, they started using it every day, because in just 10 minutes you visibly shrink from view all those problem areas: the wrinkles, the Fine lines the crow’s feet, even the under eye bags. Well, i can tell you, i know all about the under eye bags. I’Ve got a little one, and i also know i mean i’ve tried it myself, plexaderm works, but when it comes to the hardcore like the 11 lines, what about those? Yes, that’s? The great thing it works on those areas too and it’s. So simple, angie i’m, going to show you you’re just going to put a small amount. I’Ve got some. On the back of my hand, you can see it’s clear, goes on clear, very natural, looking you’re going to put it on clean, dry, skin and you’re, going to wait 10 minutes and that’s when you’re going to see what we call the plexaderm effect again. All of those problem areas are going to be gone for the day. You can put it on any area of your face that you’re having problems with, including those pesky 11 lines. We all hate those right now. I don’t know about you, but laura i mean i have learned to pare down basically every routine in my life right now and i mean that’s one of the blessings we’re trying to find all the positives that we can and so that’s been a blessing in many Ways and that’s what i love about: plexaderm it’s, easy to use.

You just showed us it’s, so simple, but the results come in only 10 minutes and i mean who doesn’t want to save time exactly. We all want a quick fix right, we’re working from home, and you know we’re doing a lot of these zoom calls and normally a lot of people would go to the doctor. You get a treatment and sometimes it works, but you know sometimes it doesn’t and if it doesn’t and you really really don’t like the results, you’re sort of stuck with them for several months with plexaderm. As you said, it is super easy it’s, affordable, there’s, no pricey, uh injections or doctors visits you’re, going to get results in just 10 minutes that last up to 10 hours, and you know what it just boosts your confidence, because we all want to look and feel Good right, especially in these trying times, plexaderm is a fantastic way to do it and you don’t have to be a hollywood celebrity you can just be you know a news anchor or someone who’s doing a lot of zoom calls or maybe you’re. Just you know a mom and you’re going to the market and you you want to look younger and fresher and that it does and we all can strive for looking fresher, at least if nothing else now. I always love on great day live, and i know a lot of our viewers do too a good before and after photo. I want you to take a look at laura.

She is one of our customers when she tried plexaderm for the first time she was a little skeptical that she could get great results, but look at the improvement around her eyes. Her cheeks people look at this and they say that cannot be the same person that has to be her younger sister, but she does. She looks natural she’s, a younger version of herself and that’s. What we all want. No one wants to look fake or plastic, and we have a great trial offer and you’re going to tell your viewers about that right. Absolutely we love this it’s. Actually, i would love your help with this laura because i mean it’s it’s, a trial offer so we’re. Six application trial pack exactly six little bubbles and they have the product in them. You can use this for multiple areas. On your face, it’s only 14.95 plus free shipping, you get a 30 day money back guarantee and angie the great thing about this: there’s, no auto renewal, no auto ship, nothing like that! Just try the product. We know you’re going to love it. You can try plexaderm. Today, again, like laura just said for just 14.95 no automatic shipping by visiting plexadermtrial.