We have got lifestyle expert, scott falco here to make his way he finally made his way back to midday maryland. Everyone knows how much i love you scott, but before i get to you before i get to you, i actually want to hear from some of these plexaderm users. Oh my gosh, wow wow. Is that really me it’s a facelift in a jar amazing? And that is exactly why we keep bringing you guys back, because our viewers love you so much tell us about this new 1495 plexaderm 10 minute challenge and what it’s all about elsa hello, all the way from los angeles, i’m back on midday maryland mom. I finally made it again. Thank you. Thank you. It is great to see you and let me tell you flexiderm is taking social media and the country by storm. So this is the plexaderm pick me up 10 minute challenge we’re telling you and your viewers that, if they put plexidron’s new rapid reduction serum on any problem area of their face and wait 10 minutes elsa. That problem area is going to disappear within a few minutes. And the results are going to last up to 10 hours, but we took it a step further and we came up with the plexaderm six application trial pack for only 14.95 plus free shipping that’s. What i’m holding in my hand right here, you can see the um there’s the six applications, so this is a real inexpensive way for people to try to see how great it’ll be for them and i’m wondering why plexaderm decided to do the trial, because normally people Are just all in right away, so why do this at that 14.

95 price? Well, you know the product’s been doing so well. We want to make it affordable for everyone, so that’s why we came up with this and really with the six applications. You just need a small amount to treat the problem area, so i always tell people it’s almost like a two for one, because you get so much in one application. So when i use it, i actually get 12 applications out of it. But don’t tell my bosses that okay that’s just a little secret between me and your viewers. We got this video here. I want to show you this time lapse video because, as you know, also from the last time i was there, i nicknamed all of our models. You remember richie bags right. Yes, i do yeah, he got famous from our time lapse, video, but this is our new model georgine. I call her sweet, georgie and elsa she’s, the nicest lady yeah. She is sweet, there’s, a country song in there somewhere i’m sure, but she came in and took the 10 minute challenge you can see on your screen. We sped this up to 20 seconds, but in real time it was only a minute and a half. She had the problem areas around her eyes: the crow’s feet around her mouth, the laugh lines they’re the results. They are incredible. They are incredible. I’M impressed. I don’t know how this is done without doctors, sort of tweaking – and you know, needles and like how is this happening? Well, that’s, one of the advantages of this product completely topical, so no painful injections or expensive doctor visits and as you’re, seeing on your screen with the before and afters it’s men and women of all ages, literally gaining 10 to 20 years on their appearance.

In just minutes and that’s because of our new ingredients in our updated serum, our prior cream plus elsa in 2018, it was award winning. We won consumer product gold and we voted the most innovative product of that year before we launched our new serum but we’ve added peptides and the magic buzzword. Ladies love collagen to the formula you’re smiling you love collagen right yeah. I mean i’m paying attention to it. Now because i smile a lot so i’m paying attention like where would i want to? And i love this too, let me just an aside plexaderm, you can wear with your makeup and it washes off at the end of the night. So it’s, not one of those things that’s going to feel sticky or heavy or like you’re, adding more goop to your face. It is really seamless is that the technical term yeah? It is exactly – and the ladies know when i and some of the guys know what i’m talking about too, like all that stuff, you don’t have to do that with plexiderm. Well, it feels like that literally – and this goes on nice and smooth and clear there’s, no chalky white residue that’s why it works great for guys, because our key signs of aging are much more prominent than women and most men don’t wear makeup i’m glad you brought Up that point uh, this works great with oil free makeup. In fact, we’re telling the ladies to try it without makeup at first, because you’re really not going to need it or maybe just a minimal amount and that’s the great thing with the peptides and the collagen, because the peptides add the moisture to your skin.

So it feels like um a moisturizer when you rub it in yeah: it goes in nice and yeah it’s, velvety, it’s light so that’s. Another reason why it’s working quicker and lasting longer, but all you’re gon na do is put it on a clean dry face. Wait that 10 minutes and then again, if you want to use your oil free makeup, put it on after that and here’s the other great thing about it, not just how quickly it works, but again our prior cream plus award winning the results were six to eight Hours elsa this new serum up to 10 hours, it’s a game changer in the fashion beauty, industry all right, so of course we got to get our hands on this trial. 14.95. All we need to do is go to plexadermtrial.com or call two five. 1. 800. 925. 0253, scott falco. Thank you so much for coming back to midday maryland. We missed you great to see you as always and believe me, i’ll, be back soon.