Do you have plans to get together with family and friends for the holidays? Imagine how amazed they’re going to be to see you and see how great you’re looking in minutes watch your under eye bags. Wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear. So if you have puffy under eye bags or have signs of aging we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Lifestyle consultant scott defalco is here to talk about plexaderm and their new 10 minute challenge: hey scott good, to see you again buddy. What is the 10 minute challenge bill? Great to see you all the way from los angeles yeah. This is the plexaderm pick me up. 10 minute challenge bill and i’ll tell you we’ve been on the market for over four years, with this product i’ve seen a lot of different products come and go, but nothing with the staying power and effectiveness of plexaderm people. Ask me all the time are the videos real the before and after is real. I tell them bill. My name is not david copperfield. I am not a magician. The images you’re about to see are unedited untouched unaltered and the results are unbelievable, so i’m, here to tell you plexaderm, is as real as it gets a lot of uns in there untouched unaltered and unbelievable fantastic. The 10 minute challenge. This is a great deal by the way uh. You may even look great in minutes for only 14.95, as some of us are getting back to our normal routines uh.

It looks like we’re wearing a mask and you know doing all of that, and now we want to get our faces back and take a look and you can do it for 14.95, plus free shipping bill have to throw that in as well uh but yeah. Look if superheroes can look good in math, so can we bill that’s what i say and you know really people that have these issues? We came up with this 10 minute challenge because we were telling people within 10 minutes you’re visibly going to reduce those key signs of aging, the three dimensional bags, the forehead lines, the crow’s feet and i’m glad you brought up about the masks, because what they do Is they accentuate those areas? If you have issues with that so again, this is this plexaderm six application trial pack that you were referring to bill for 14.95 plus free shipping. You see it right here: there’s the six applications right there, so this is a real inexpensive way if you’re a plexaderm user. Maybe someone that’s skeptical about it to see how effective it is, for you really does uh have a great deal there and i’m glad you threw in the free shipping uh. You know. I hear two people talking about the plexiderm effect. What is that? Well it’s? Really the end result bill it’s what you’re seeing on your screen. Many women are gaining 10 to 20 years on their appearance in just minutes, and this serum is completely topical and it’s great because it goes on clear, so there’s, no chunky white residue, so it works.

Incredibly, with oil free makeup, in fact, we’re telling um. Ladies out, there you’re not even going to have to have makeup with this new product or just the minimal amount, and we use men a lot because, unfortunately, for us, our key signs of aging are much more prominent than women. Most of us build don’t, wear makeup and women that try to cover up these problem areas with makeup the more they put on the more can enhance it. So all they need to do for that. Plexaderm effect, like you mentioned, is to put plexiderm on a clean dry, face, wait 10 minutes and then put your makeup on as normal, but the effects are going to happen within a few minutes. We tell you to wait the full 10 to get the total effect, but the great thing about this new serum bill uh, is also that the results are lasting up to 10 hours. Our prior cream plus was award winning in 2018. Those results were six to eight hours, which was great, but again this new serum up to 10 hours, so that’s a whole work day or maybe a special event at night. All right, so you said ladies won’t even need makeup. That might be a hard sell for a lot of the girls i know, but it really does. It goes on first and then, if you want to put makeup on, obviously you can right oil free makeup. I want to stress that, but try it first without makeup, because it really works great and, like i said, the women that try to cover up these problem areas with makeup the more they put on the more can enhance it.

So they’re just going to need a minimal amount after they let it sit for 10 minutes and they put it on nice and light. You don’t have to press your makeup in hard or anything like that, and the stories and results we’re getting online and all over the country bill are inspiring. In fact, i was telling someone this yesterday before the pandemic hit. I was in phoenix and a woman came up to me and said: you’re scott, the plexaderm guy right, i think i’m branded for life is that i said yes that’s me and she actually hugged me and said you know what i just had my 30 year reunion. I was afraid of the needles. The injections were expensive. I used this. I got ta perform my reunion. Everyone told me how great i looked. I felt so good about myself and i wanted to thank you for that. So when you hear things like that, it’s so inspiring, because really this product is changing, people’s lives all right. Scott. We have about 15 seconds left so tell us about the 10 minute challenge again: yeah the 10 minute challenge you’re going to visibly reduce all those key signs of aging bill and we’re going to do it for just 14.95 plus free shipping. The only way to get that deal is to call the 1 800 number on your screen, there’s, also more information and updates at all right, good, seeing you again pal now’s the time for everyone to try, plexaderm and take the 10 minute challenge for yourself.

You can enjoy plexaderm today for just 14.95 receive free shipping. Just visit plexadermtrial.