It seems like every day i’m asked about my thoughts on prefab homes, kit houses and yes, even modular shipping container homes, because after all, who wouldn’t want a prefab modern home for less than fifty thousand dollars. But to be totally honest over the years. I’Ve kind of realized that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be, and while they are an incredible concept, there’s just a little more to this industry than meets the eye and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about on today’s episode of rob bill. Hey! Oh god, why did i come in so strong? There, hey everybody! Welcome back to another episode of rob built i’m. Your host rob today we’re going to be talking about my pov on prefabs and why i’m a little bit dubious on the overall concept, with a few notable exceptions that we’ll talk about at the sl, a frame kit for about twenty one thousand dollars so stick around Until the very end and i’ll give you a few recommendations that i personally like hoping to keep this little video short and sweet around the 8 to 10 minute mark uh caleb. How we looking on that. But before we get into the goods let’s get into a little bit of housekeeping if you’re thinking to yourself, hey, i like rob and he’s got some pretty pretty good content. Do me a favor hit the like button. It really does help me out with the youtube algorithm youtube generally likes to see engagement in the first couple minutes of a video and something so small as a youtube.

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Please follow me on instagram, so let’s get into my thoughts here at the moment. I do about 40 to 50 consultations every single month. The number one question i’m asked is: if prefab homes or modular homes or tiny home kits, are a good investment. And while i really adore the concept of these things and what they’re going for at the end of the day, they just end up falling a little flat for me and i’ll. Give you a couple of reasons why i think the number one reason that i’m always a little skeptical about these companies, is that a majority of them are typically just a proof of concept. I mean really just go. Look at the websites of these companies. A lot of these companies look like they made their websites in 1998 using geocities or they rip off photos of other people’s work straight from google, or they just have cgi renderings of their product, with no real actual example out in the real world. Now. I’M. Really particular about this because about four years ago i got scammed by a shipping container company and it was a whole. It was a whole thing for me, a big expense, because basically they were using other people’s work to lure me in i paid design fees. I wasn’t really out that much money, but once i found out that one of the owners of this company got investigated by the sec for defrauding investors for a previous real estate development, i demanded my money back and when i didn’t get my money back from them, I left them a review on ripoff report.

They then proceeded to sue me for 1 million dollars for defamation now. Obviously, that was a bs lawsuit and they dropped it as soon as my pit bull of an attorney stepped into the ring, but we’ll leave that story for another time, if that’s, something, if that’s, if you all care about this story, i’ll do a video on it, But moral of the story i got duped because they were using other people’s photos to lure me in here i’m, not saying that all prefab companies are scams. But what i am saying is that if you want to go down this route, make sure that you can go to their site, you can go to their warehouse and feel their product touch. It lick. It smell it because if you don’t, you might get sued for a million dollars who knows one other small little gut check that you can run on these companies is just going to their instagram and seeing what kind of following they have do. They have 17 000 followers or 70 followers, and if they do have 17 000 followers do they have 10 likes or, like 2 000 likes right. So you want to make sure that a they have an audience on instagram but b it’s a real audience and that they’re not just paying for bots, because a lot of these companies do that too. But not me because you’re following me on instagram right at the end of the day, checking their social followings is a really simple.

Credibility check reason number two, that i’m, not a really huge fan, is that they’re typically hard to finance because of the nature of the product, even though they are basically houses. Most banks just won’t touch them. This is really no fault of the product or company itself, but more that banks are like old, af and won’t break out of their old school traditional way of doing things, banks like to like stay in the box, they don’t want to think outside of the box And prefabs are very out of the box structures for them because of this. Prefabs are typically a cash game unless you can find a prefab company that offers in house financing or works with some kind of banking affiliate that can lend on this type of product. But from my research i found that these are few and far in between speaking of financing. Number three they’re, never cheap they’re very, very rarely cheap. Well, i guess that’s not exactly true. There are cheap prefab companies out there, but they typically have super sketchy websites and they’ll, see you for a million dollars, but any legitimate prefab company worth their salt. Well, they’re going to charge you a lot of burritos for that tiny house prefab take hono mobile, for example. I love their product. They are basically a prefab modular container home type of company, but even being a prefab company, it’s, not cheap. Their m series, which is 419 square feet, comes out to 1′ 203 dollars very specific, but there you have it and if you go to the most tricked out one on their website for a 4 3 that’s 1900 square feet, it comes out to 440 587.

Damn, who do you think you’re building chelsea clinton uh? No thank you that is very expensive, again premium product, but my god we’re talking almost half a million dollars here when you consider all the other costs associated with this build. But honestly, at that point i would rather work hand in hand with the contractor to build it myself, often times for less money in general. I do feel like most of the prefabs that i see out there. I could build for the same cost, but most of the time, less money. What you’re really paying for is the convenience, but i would rather just execute my own vision and build what i want to build for less money plus. A lot of these companies are really just advertising the cost of the unit itself, like the actual box that you’re buying, but it typically doesn’t include a lot of these hidden fees that could be like site, prep, conditioning grading, septic foundation, transportation. All that kind of stuff can add up to tens and tens of thousands of dollars oftentimes putting you way over a traditionally stick built home. The fourth reason that i’m, not really crazy about prefabs, is permitting and the misconception that, just because you’re buying a prefab, it’s super simple to just fly through permitting but oftentimes. It can be equally difficult to permit these things, if not harder, sometimes, and certain counties even require that these houses be built in stages and phases and inspected in between these stages on site.

You know just like a regular stick built home, so why are we doing this again now? That’S not always the case necessarily, but for the most part it’s not like you just buy a prefab home on the internet and then it shows up at your house and hank the delivery guy rings your doorbell and it’s. Like Music. I got a delivery. You got tiny house delivery here for a uh for a row built robin rob built. I love your youtube channel man. I actually got quite the youtube channel myself uh. You know it’s just me going around delivering things. Last week i delivered a lazy boy today delivering a tiny house. I really started the business after my old lady left me, but uh. You know we’ll save that for another day and then number five. I didn’t really mean for this to be a listicle. But here we are uh appraising pricing is always a sticking point with prefab homes. Let’S say that you’re able to permit this you’re even able to fund it, but what about 5 or 10 years from now, whenever you want to sell it? Will it appraise remember? Appraisals? Are determined based off of comparable sales, but if you buy a modular home that’s made out of recycled water bottles, for example, it’s going to be really hard to assign a value to that house, and that is if the buyer’s financial institution is willing to lend on A prefab or a modular home now, once these homes are set and fixed to a permanent foundation, they should be considered regular, single family residences, but again banks and appraisers.

Typically, you know they’re adhering to older ways of doing things and they’re, just not really with it. How do you do, fellow kids, so if they find out that this home that they’re trying to underwrite was built in a warehouse across the country or even across the seas, it could throw the entire deal. So what are your options? I didn’t want to poo poo. The entire industry, without giving you a few personal recommendations that i’ve come across over the years i’m, not an affiliate of these companies, they don’t sponsor me. They don’t pay me to say this yet, but maybe after this video, but here are a couple companies that i like the first one being dead outdoors, they sell an a frame kit for about twenty one thousand dollars. That, basically, is an actual kit. They send you all the lumber, all the windows, all the doors it’s already pre cut, pre drilled and it’s smaller than 150 square feet, meaning in a lot of municipalities. You don’t even need a permit to build these out on your land. Now they aren’t officially single family residences, but they are awesome structures that you can buy as a kit, especially if you wanted to get into the airbnb or glamping game and make a little business for yourself renting out the space honestly they’re, one of the only companies That i’ve seen doing the kit thing and doing it super well, so uh big fan den outdoors.

I also really like alternative living spaces. They do prefab container homes typically 20 footers, but i think they can do a bunch of different custom ones for you too, but i’ve seen them all over the internet, all over pinterest instagram and i think levi kelly even did a tour of them not too long Ago so, lastly, if you’re in the realm of kits, you could consider going the glamping route. I’Ve purchased, different yurts and tents from awesome. Companies like pacific yurts or lotus bell tents and, if you’re into geodesic domes i’m, also a really big fan of pacific domes. I don’t personally own one but i’ve seen them all over the internet all over airbnb. But what i really like about the last three products that i named is that they provide a low barrier to entry into a very profitable business. If you want to get into the airbnb or glamping space, if the glamping business interests you, my lamping program is so close to being live. I promise we’ve been working on it for months. This kind of thing is just not super easy to produce. We’Re talking about six to eight hours of content that was shot over three or four different days that has to be edited and put together in a way that is digestible for you. My hope is that, by the end of the program, you have a solid grasp on the concepts needed to start your own glamping business.

We can have our own tiny colonies all over the country together. So, if you’re interested in joining that program sign up for the course email list down in the description below as soon as we go live, i promise you will be the first to know anyway, that’s today’s video. You know what if you’ve worked with a prefab company or a modular home or a kit home or whoever and you have a recommendation – please leave it down in the comments below i’m, genuinely interested in learning about more reputable companies that i can a recommend to people, But b use for myself and, if you’re the owner of a prefab company, a modular company, all that jazz hit me up, i want to connect. I want to learn about your offerings. Maybe i can even come and do a tour of your space on my channel. So either way leave me comments down below again don’t forget to like and subscribe all right. That’S today’s, video, uh don’t think that was 10 minutes right, caleb uh yeah. I got nothing else to say so. Click on one of these two videos right here, uh and subscribe right here and we’ll catch you on the next episode of raw bill thanks for sticking around.