net, they have just announced a growth plan for 2021 and i figured i’d share. Some of the highlights of this particular article that might be of interest to you as a guardian of the destiny universe. So you’ll see that they’ve made key announcements around a studio, expansion, key talent, investments and new board members. So i’m, going to spare you some of the additional information you could read at your own pace when you want, you can just go on the community tab and click. The news button and it’ll be right there, but the things that matter to us is that we’re going to be seeing them uh develop. Their new hq is going to be double in space it’s, going to be 208 000 square feet compared to the previous 84 000 square feet, and i highlighted here uh one of the main drivers or the primary drivers of bundys expansion is to increase the commitment to Long term development of destiny 2 tell new stories in the destiny universe and create entirely new worlds and to be announced by peace, so i’m going to pause there for a second, because the only other announced ip that we’re aware of is matter. So the fact that this is plural, it clearly indicates that they’re working on something beyond that. What it is we don’t know, and obviously the expansion of this facility is probably driven from uh some of the investments they had gotten from netease that chinese mobile company.

I think they injected 150 million dollars into um bungie for cash flow. The new facility will include reimagining of its bellevue washington based studio space, to support multiple project teams, including those outside of the destiny universe designed by award winning architect and bbj. The new hq is centered on a collaborative neighborhoods built to support the spirit of deeply integrated creative collaboration that defines bungie’s success in a hybrid workforce of both remote and on staff. Jesus christ. That was like the weirdest sentence ever um they’ve also made uh some uh moves that they’re gon na be opening their first international office in amsterdam, so that’s going to be regarding publishing and marketing and then the other thing that really stands out to us as players. I would say would be right around here would be that the destiny ip is going to be bringing new stories and experiences to their highly engaged community bungie appointed uh mark uh, vice president of destiny, universe and, of course, luke smith, executive, director of destiny, universe to Oversee and prepare for the expansion of destiny, universe into additional media, so i’m, very curious as to what additional media means is that beyond the medium, that is the game itself or are we talking netflix movies? Are we talking an animated series? Are we talking who knows right, um, i’m, very curious, and it goes to show that they’re still very much committed and driven to push uh the destiny universe, it’s, not very much the it’s kind of like on its last, like type of feel, although i know as Players we can sometimes feel that way, but that’s really good that they’re still making strong investments into the destiny universe.

They’Ve also made some other appointments to drive the creative vision and foundation of bundy’s future worlds. Alongside the next generation of leaders at bungie, with plans to bring at least one new ip to market before 2025., so you’ve heard it here first that there’s going to be a brand new game coming out from bungie prior to 2025.. So we know that for sure, barring any delays or anything of that nature, but that is a very interesting anecdote and we add jason jones chief vision officer takes on talent facing role to help bungie’s top creative leadership unlock their full potential at the company and, lastly, Uh bungie welcomes entertainment and media expertise to the board of directors, so bungie has announced that the addition of two new members to his board of directors trace harris, uh, finance and strategy, executive and pamela kaufman, president of global consumer products for viacom cbs. So it looks like they’re going to be bringing years of expertise and multimedia ip expansion alongside their acumen in business operations and scaling. So it looks like they’re really trying to get into more, like the entertainment media, medium i’m, very curious to see what stems from all of this um at the very bottom here you’ll see. Pamela kaufman is president viacom cbs global consumer products overseeing the worldwide licensing and merchandising of viacom’s portfolio of brands spanning nickelodeon, mtv, comedy central bet, cbs showtime and paramount pictures, as well as iconic franchise properties, so i’m very curious to see how they leverage all of these New investments, how they leverage the expansion of the hq and how the destiny universe continues to unfold into new mediums and, of course, the announcements that will soon come for future ips.