A new international studio, distinct teams for various projects, publishing games at least one new ip before 2025, possible destiny, movies and other entertainment and tons more. So that was a mouthful but let’s dive right into this all right, everybody welcome back to the channel. I just finished a video on the glycon velatus exotic ship lore from the mission that just came out a couple of days ago, so that’ll probably be out tomorrow, but i wanted to cover this news as well as it’s, pretty huge, so bungie is making some big Moves – and it may be good news for our hopes, with destiny expanding beyond just lightfall next year, let’s first begin by reading this press release. The first big bullet point here is hq expansion and a new international office coming in 2022. in january, as part of its ongoing plan for sustainable growth, bungie broke ground on an extensive expansion and redesign of its worldwide headquarters, estimated to be complete in fall 2022. This project will increase bungie’s hq footprint from 84 000 square feet to more than 208 thousand square feet, in addition to building state of the art facilities to support the growth and development of their talented employees. One of the primary drivers of bungie’s expansion is to increase the commitment to long term development of destiny, 2 tell new stories in the destiny universe and to create entirely new worlds in to be announced. Ips, the new facility will include a reimagining of its bellevue washington based studio space to support multiple project teams, including those outside the destiny universe.

In 2022, bungie will also open its first international office in amsterdam. This office represents bungie’s developing global business and will be home to the company’s growing, publishing and marketing divisions, ensuring bungie’s ongoing commitment to unify and expand on their passionate player community all over the world, so that right, there is huge. Bungie is opening up another studio, expanding their current one to continue development of the destiny universe. Now, in my hopes, i hope this goes beyond light fall and not just you know into next year they say it’s going to be finished in 2022, so that seems like they’re going to be making more stuff right and also we know, bungie’s been working on a New ip for some time now, so they say they want to release at least one new ip before 2025, and this could be the one currently in the works. So the point is they’re. Opening more studios, they’re gon na have multiple teams working on multiple projects and as we’ll see in a second. This may go just beyond games as well, so the next section keep personal additions and investments announced. So first they brought on some new people to the destiny. Leadership, team and second here it says, to expand the destiny ip and bring new stories and experiences to their highly engaged community bungie appointed mark noseworthy vice president destiny, universe and luke smith, executive, creative director destiny, universe to oversee and prepare for the expansion of the destiny Universe into additional media.

Finally, bungie has appointed johnny ebbert. Hopefully i said the right chief, creative officer and zack russell general manager incubation to build and drive the new creative vision and foundation for bungie’s future worlds, and, like i mentioned it says they have plans to bring at least one new ip to the market before 2025.. So that sounds crazy. They want to bring destiny to new and different media. Besides, just games we’ve seen some things like lore books with the grimoire anthologies and things like that. But will they be writing straight up books, maybe possibly making a tv show or movie at some point? That sounds pretty crazy, but definitely something i’m sure most of us would want to see right, a star wars, type movie, but the destiny universe. We just got ta hope it gets done correctly, but that is basically the big news from this press release. Everybody’S always saying destiny. 2 is a dead game. No one plays it, but that’s. Clearly, not the case and bungie seems committed to this dedicated player base. So, in summary, bungie is opening up some new studios, expanding their current one and are committed to the long term development of destiny 2, not just in the game, but also in different forms of media. Perhaps a tv show or movies things like that. Next, to that, it seems like they’re working on at least one or a couple of new ips one to be released before 2025. anyway, guardians, let me know down below your thoughts on this information, and i hope destiny goes beyond just lightfall next year, with this new Studio expansion anyway, thank you very much for watching.

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