Well, uh. Welcome guys back to another to the series. Uh will loc. What will it work loki for those who don’t understand what willa loki it basically uh. I just come up with some really off brand, build that may or may not work. It definitely won’t work but it’s, you know still fun, but this in this situation actually we’re going to be testing out um a crit, build and yeah behold the whole gloriness of the crit build and we’re going to be doing a boomba’s dagger as well start. So for those who don’t know uh, you can combo malice and boombas uh. What is it called boomba’s hammer it’s called boomba’s hammer we’re going to essentially have like max cooldown on loki with a billion more cooldown reduction and for those who don’t already know when you put malice with crit on loki, you can technically permit stealth if you time It correctly and with uh boomba’s hammer, you can basically double stealth twice and uh, as always, we’re going to be playing ranked and we’re going to jungle, solo and hopefully get some jungle. Loki uh, you know action and we got solo. Okay, hold up hold up, hold up all right, boombas start in the solo lane. You guys think that’s a thing. It honestly shouldn’t be that bad because uh well, the idea of loki solo is to out clear your opponent and then just steal the enemy camps. So, in a way it kind of works, because i can heal myself off the enemy camps.

You know the two harpies or the three harpies, or even the blue buff i get lucky, but in all seriousness i don’t think it’s gon na be that much of a problem. Uh yeah early game is gon na, be completely doo doo, because we’re not gon na get blue stone or warrior’s axe, but loki’s doo doo. The start is doo doo. It adds up right, doo, doo, plus doo doo means good right uh. How uh wait? What wait wait? Wait, wait, wait someone just traded the jungle for no reason it’s like he just knows what i mean: i’ll i’ll take it. You know it’s like what so apparently there’s a bug in the game that trades without your consent. Wait. What and great we’ve got our first man. This game is a game honestly, i don’t know what to uh call this game: smite, battleground the gods or smite q simulator. Does anyone get the same vibe that this skin is from azer lane? You know that mobile game that no just just me, oh okay, and we got jungle, nice, okay, so we got heimdall into adc, ymir support. We got agni mid and izanami adc as well as look whoa up with that. I thought that okay that’s – those are my stars that i forgot to hide and then we got the enemy team. We got cyrus solo chong got mid, nemesis jungle, uhler, adc and fafnir support. Okay, i got it before the game started.

You know i’m gon na be really honest with you guys and uh. I don’t really like this outcome. The enemy team has so many ways to just really counter me: they got fafnir disarm, you got chonga, stun and healing and lotus crown you got osiris and the nemesis there are essentially four enemy carries in the enemy team. That just kind of counter me i’m. Coming for that, ass boy, i’m, coming for that ass, nope we’re just getting started. Okay, that was a little toxic, but you know i hate every nemesis player, so i think they deserve all the spam laughs. Okay is the nami died? Are they gon na go for the maybe kill the osiris? Oh nice lag buddy, oh big, dragons, loki’s cooldowns are so long, it’s, so hard to ricochet off people. Your team has destroyed a middle enemy tower. Look at that ymir! Look at that humor just going wild and 1v2. Oh, what the heck surrender when you pick a squishy and stolen and you aren’t doing well. You should probably really critically think about why you’re not doing well and i’ll, give you a hint it has to do with the character you’re – probably playing – oh my god, that’s so funny, it’s. So weird to me, because you know old loki was all you have to do – is aim the alt at the enemy and you’re just guaranteed to hit. Now i got ta aim it at the enemy and aim at the enemy again it’s.

Just you have to aim twice with an ultimate most of the time. You should only aim one time right. This okay uh, have you ever seen an osiris afraid of loki’s flurry attack that does negative 4 damage, be careful attack. Oh boy, scary, scary, playing loki is kind of scary retreat. Oh baby, loki, auto cancels. My team is fighting without me, which is unfortunate, but i’m. Here, auto all it took huh. I don’t want to end the game, because if we end the game here, we’re i’m not going to have a full build, i got ta troll just a little bit, so we can make the game a little bit longer. All right guys, we’ve got our boombos hammer, so all we got ta do is showcase this once and we should be good. So i don’t you know clickbait anyone as people like to say, i’ve got to kill this ruler, so i got ta. I got ta find this ruler and kill him. I don’t know if you’re good but oh Laughter, and i can stealth again dude. She had shell and i stopped oh, my god in the box, dude. Okay, that did it for me right there. That was a good ending. Oh my god. It was just like that. Never happens, but my cooldowns came up so fast, like a double vanish. Oh i’m, actually kind of tearing it right now. I don’t know i just uh that’s, so oh man, you guys got to try this build it’s, so fun, it’s, so much fun and i didn’t even have deathbringer that’s the crazy part i didn’t even have deathbringer.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the video of will it loki uh in this situation, uh hella? Yes, it it does work and it’s, definitely fun um, it’s, it’s, more meme and cheesy, and it probably doesn’t work in more competitive environments, but it’s just so much fun. Man, it’s so much fun. You guys you should try that out. You can try it out in jungle and it’s gon na be great hope. You guys all enjoy this.