Every single frame of the halo infinite gameplay trailer over and over again. Sometimes we look at the video game feature and we think this is fantastic. They thought this through very well and on the other hand, we see something we don’t like, and then we say to ourselves: they must have been lazy, cutting corners. What kind of stupid idea was this, but the truth of the matter is video games are really complex beasts. With that in mind, there is one design element that is kind of on the line with halo fans. Some people don’t mind it. Some people like it and some really do dislike it, and that is these things here: pillars in halo infinite. Now these really do dominate the skyline in halo, infinite and maybe at times they are a little bit overkill. But i’ve got some interesting answers as to one. Why they’re not going anywhere two why they exist in the first place and three, what the hell kind of purpose do they serve, so sit back, relax, let’s, break it down. First of all, start a discussion in the comments. I want to tell me whether you like or dislike these pillars and why but first i’m going to step into a gameplay context, as there are multiple reasons why i think 343 have made this design decision now. Terrain is everywhere in video games and sometimes let’s be honest. It can be hard to navigate because it can be just dirt grass and trees.

A video game i had this experience with was far cry 5 and, whilst i do think it is a pretty game, navigating it at times was difficult. I didn’t play the game enough to be able to spot any landmarks easily, whereas games like the legend of zelda breath of the wild. I could identify things from afar because of the design choices they made and they do talk about this in lengths in their development process. Halo infinite definitely seems to be doing this to help guide the player. Let’S put it this way. If the game was nothing but grass and mountains you’d be a little bit stumped finding your way around, but because they add that extra verticality and that little bit of difference to the rings world area, it means you can make an easier job of figuring out where You are in relation to the world and in turn, figure out where everything else is based on where you are as a player. Key landmarks are crucial to player navigation in any large and open environment. It’S also a key function to make sure that the play stays within certain boundaries of the map. I know some of you might argue on that principle as it sounds too restrictive, but you have to draw the line somewhere and as map designers, they had to make sure you go about navigating it in a fun and engaging way. Look at this frame here, for example, i can see there is a mountain over there, which i am sure i can get to, but i can see pillars down there.

So from afar i already have a route approximately mapped out. Some might tell you that’s quite boring, but i can probably assure you that there will be other ways of getting from a to b. But the problem is you don’t want a skyrim situation in that game. You can literally wing it up a mountain. Just like a mountain go meaning you can potentially miss fun, encounters that the design is left for you throughout the map. Halo sandbox is about giving you the tools and letting you figure out how to get from a to b. So if i want to go direct, i can, is there a bunch up there? I can get to that and fly across. Can i grapple hook somewhere or do i take the route that’s already set out in my vision? That is my choice. We’Re already starting to see that, from a fundamental standpoint, they play a key role in 343, designing their world with. That said, i also think they play into a key technical requirement too much like you technically don’t have to subscribe to ultimate halo, but i appreciate you helping out the channel. It helps make more infinite content, so please hit that button below and stick with me through more halo infinite content. Thank you anyway. Shameless plug is over the more you have on screen in video games the more expensive it is on your hardware. It means more textures, polygons, ai, foliage, terrain, etc.

Because of this, it allows more vertical pieces of the terrain to pop out and that breaks sight lines, meaning that you do not need as much of the environment to be visible, meaning that there’s less stress on the hardware. What we have to remember is that these hexagons are more simple, shapes the more simplistic the shape the less taxing on the console or pc. If you replace them with the normal terrain, it add more terrain and more designing more texture, work and it’s, potentially going to use up more resources now, of course, i’m not a developer, but that’s pretty much basic developer. 101. If you ask me – and this perfectly segues to my next point around it being more interesting now, let’s use the example let’s say we turned it into a normal mountain on the same frame. What is to stop this? Looking like any other generic open environment from similar games, it does look generic in adding these pillars. They can say that it’s distinctly halo, which is a good thing. Whether or not people like these pillars. Now i will admit that they could do with a bit more texture and they didn’t seem to react well to light, and i think that was one of the key things they want to address, especially after the complaints about the graphics and they have kind of touched On it in update, since it does also give context from a law perspective as to why the world is so different other than you know the massive ring in the sky, but with it being a destroyed ring, it allows the player connect to the dot straight away.

That is broken and it’s part of the foundations that keep it in place, and my final point, who is sick of player boundaries, saying return to the battlefield in so many seconds. I think it’s a really boring way to keep the player within the boundaries that the developers set, so they need to think of creative ways to keep them within those constraints, and i think this is probably the better idea otherwise saying we turn to battlefield when i Can see this whole area in front of me just makes me feel like this isn’t an open living world it’s just a little corridor that the developers have made. Lastly, for me, are they actually that bad? No? On the whole, if you go to frame 621 seconds, you can actually see that there’s a lot of detail and it looks cool having a player so close to them, and there are times you don’t see them, and there are instances where they are absolutely overdone and Too much overkill and because there’s a lack of detail, it kind of just looks out of place overall. From me. Add more detail, maybe turn them down a little bit and then i think you’ll satisfy most people, because i don’t think the community has an issue with them as a concept. But i just think they could be refined and maybe made to look a little bit better. But let me know what you think in the comment section down below we’re on that hunt of 100 000 subscribers, so click that button below and my name is jack fletcher.