Digital money find out why elon musk might be changing his thoughts. His mind on bitcoin in his most recent comments on twitter. How a fed president predicts that the bitcoin boom won’t last and how the bitcoin market topped a trillion dollars for the first time ever as crypto prices soar? What does it mean to you, and what does it mean to your money after this? For the best news and information to master, dominate and elevate your money, your business and your life stay tuned to this channel. Also, we give away money here, it’s a tradition we’ve been doing it since the beginning we’re, giving away seventeen hundred dollars for hitting 170 000 subscribers. This is your last chance to get your comment in so subscribe like and comment and you’re entered to win the 170 000 subscriber. We hit it we’re, giving away hundred dollars you’ll find out tomorrow in the first video yeah or the second first or second also down below grab your weeble stock. You get two stocks for free. Two could be valued up over sixteen hundred dollars when you deposit a hundred bucks you’re not buying anything you’re getting free stocks. You owe it to yourself to check it out and also check out my patreon for as little as three dollars and there’s a link down below you can be part of the channel, get five custom articles special content discounts on my programs copy of my book and A look at what i invest in my portfolio, but first tesla’s, ceo, elon musk, has been involved in another twitter storm overnight.

Tweeting. That bitcoin is quote quote almost as bs as fiat money. End quote in spite of tesla’s recent 1.5 billion dollar investment. Can you imagine if you’re, if you own part of tesla, your company, just invested 1.5 billion into the company and the ceo just set its bs as bs’s money? Well, i guess, if he transferred uh, bs 1.5 money to bs, bitcoin, money, right or btc must stated quote having some bitcoin, which is simply a less dumb form of liquidity than cash is adventurous enough for an s p. 500 company, because he’s also backing some of the heat he might be getting for what he did. The outspoken ceo went on to clarify quote to be clear: i’m, not an investor i’m, an engineer i don’t even own any publicly traded stocks besides tesla. He added quote. However, when fiat currency has a negative real interest, only a fool wouldn’t look elsewhere: bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money. The key is quote: almost yes must change change. This tune is a stark contrast to his comments in late january. Most people think when he caused the price of bitcoin to jump from 33 000 to 38 000, simply by changing his twitter bio to bitcoin. Now at 56 000. I want you to think about it for a minute in about a week or two we’re gon na print about 1.9 trillion more dollars of currency, there’s, 21 million bitcoins that will ever be mined.

There is a fixed value, so, as we print more money, the value of money should inherently go down because there’s more of it with bitcoin, you can’t, add more and the more people that lose their bitcoin have it stolen or it doesn’t get used. Because of that there’s, probably about 126 million dollars in transactions per 24 hour period when there’s over a trillion dollars in market cap, think about that so little moves most people are holding on for dear life. Meanwhile, the president of the federal reserve bank of boston says he expects a winning streak for the digital currency, bitcoin to eventually come to an end. Eric rosengren we’ve talked about him before the head of the regional central bank said quote personally i’ve been surprised that bitcoin has continued to flourish. He added quote: i would suspect down the road that a number of central banks will have digital currency. I would expect over time, bitcoin’s prices to come under pressure. I agree with them, but if your rules for having a digital currency are you can print as much as you want and there’s no fixed supply? How does the world trust the value of what they hold? That’S, the inherent reason why bitcoin has gone up is because more people want in which means there’s less coins to go around, so the value goes up. People get so caught up in this 56 000 for a bitcoin. Forget about that. How much do you want to transfer? You want to transfer a hundred bucks from here to japan cost you almost nothing to send somebody a hundred dollars in japan.

Do you care how much the bitcoin cost to send it there? No because you’re sending a hundred bucks period, mr rosen noted that china and sweden were a long thing for a long time have been thinking about digital um, currencies and boston. Fed was also researching the possibility for the united states there’s. Quite a few grants out there right now, looking at the sentiment about how people feel about cryptocurrency how they feel about digital currency as a whole since we’ve already have most of our money is digital. This could be a sign that bitcoin and other cryptos aren’t going away anytime soon. This is the new currency. I’M, going to dubai spent a lot of time over there they’re putting i’m a big fan of blockchain i’ve invested the last three or four years of my life in companies coding and working on, actually the blockchain putting assets on the blockchain. I believe assets should be on the blockchain like real estate – titles finance, that sort of stuff. So we can trust the ledger and it’s immutable that way. People can’t change it for their benefit and defraud people, which happens a lot, a lot there’s a lot of fraud in the world, and this would help control that and finally, the price of bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency crossed a major milestone on friday after the Market value reached over one trillion dollars so we’re at one trillion dollars a single bitcoin, bitcoin btc us is up 3.

21, jumping to a record 53 000 on friday, now at 56, 000, hitting 57 000 there’s actually and not an end in sight. Really because again, the more people want in there is a fixed supply. So if you want in and you’re a major corporation, you have to pay more to get it from people who are holding it, because people that are holding it have to feel like they want to give it up and at what price. If they think it’s going up, bitcoin was last up 4 on friday, around 53 734 and has surged over 85 percent. Since the beginning of 2021. niamh aslam market chief analyst at avatrade, explain quote bitcoin’s price. Reaching the one trillion dollars is the most exciting news of the year. Ethereum also hit a record two thousand forty dollars and sixty two cents for a weekly gain of twelve percent, which is not something i like, and you might be saying well andrew you own ethereum. Yes, ethereum is the gas to push contracts, smart contracts on the blockchain, which is where i have most of my uh programming for the different crypto assets, we’re building, so the more we have to pay for ether, the more it costs to to control that ledger. So i also own litecoin, which is another they call it silver, the silver of bitcoin, so we’ll see where this exciting news goes. Can you imagine one trillion dollars in the value of something that sits in just a number in the air that people validate through a ledger with cryptography, pretty amazing? I hope you found this video entertaining and informative thanks for watching and please stay safe out.

There. I’M. Andrew cartwright take care.