Today we have another huge day in the crypto space bitcoin passing 52 thousand dollars today, ethereum breaking all time highs of 1900, and i do think that we’ll be testing 2 000 here in the next 24 hours and we will be seeing some all coins really surging. As well, so i do think another major altcoin surge is coming so before we get into all the crypto news. I do appreciate if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and hit the bell to be notified. When i make new cryptocurrency videos Music, so before we jump into the cryptocurrency markets, a quick channel update, i will be launching the 25 000 cryptocurrency giveaway, thanks to spark point for sponsoring this crypto giveaway. So this is a way to give back to the community for everyone supporting here and subscribing uh we’re, getting very close to 200 000 subscribers. So i do appreciate you guys, liking the videos commenting sharing anywhere on social media. Everything helps the channel grow and i do appreciate it. It does allow me to uh build uh, more cryptocurrency related products, which i am working on some different stuff as well as do more content for you guys so jumping into the crypto markets. Here we have bitcoin breaking fifty thousand yesterday and breaking fifty two thousand dollars today. New all time highs uh. We also have ethereum breaking new, all time highs of nineteen hundred dollars. Surprisingly, this is not breaking two thousand yet and i think that’s because of the gas fees holding back ethereum.

A lot of people are reinvesting their ethereum profits into competitors like polka dot, cardano finance bnb, which is up another thirty percent. Today this was just 50 a couple weeks ago. I’Ve been bullish on this for the last couple years, just because uh, the binance company is huge, they’re acquiring um as many major crypto platforms as possible, so that’s up pretty huge already as well uh litecoin. We have up 13 today as well um i bought in around 150 on this, and i am pretty bullish on litecoin hitting 500 in march and i’m gon na talk more about that in another video, on different reasons and major events for litecoin coming up on. Why? I am pretty bullish on this hitting 500. I do think it’s very possible. It hits 1 000 within 2021 as well. So, besides that a lot of all coins are up 10 to 20 as well. Some it’s still in the red here cosmos is another competitor. Here, uh to the ethereum blockchain that actually went up from ten dollars: uh past thirty dollars now it’s correcting but that’s another one that could have huge profits throughout 2021 as well. That has a major update coming. So maybe i’ll do another uh video update on that. As well, let me know in the comments, if you are interested in that so besides that um out of the top 10 i’m still very bullish on cardano and litecoin for short term gains, but these are two great cryptos for all of 2021 as well.

In my opinion, so we have the major gogen magnet coming for cardano and i do think uh once that’s fully launched we’re going to be seeing hundreds of partnerships for ada and i do think after the gogan main net is when we’re going to be seeing uh. Those major exchange listings that ada is currently lacking like coinbase and a few other major ones. So, in my opinion, it’s very likely. We see ethereum breaking that two thousand dollar resistance. Now that bitcoin is broken. Fifty thousand is continuing to climb as well bitcoin with all the institutions. Piling in um is growing more and more support, so uh the corrections are getting smaller, as we just saw with that. Last dip we had a lot of all coins down 10 to 20 percent and bitcoin was only down 1.5 and now is uh moving upwards very quickly here. So i am still bullish on bitcoin hitting 100 000 to 150 000 throughout 2021 um, especially as more and more institutions get in like jp morgan and morgan stanley, which we did talk about yesterday. Basically, both of them will be getting into bitcoin once there’s a lot more demand, so to them the crypto space is still too small and not enough demand for them to get in. They need a lot more demand for them to start offering at these type of services uh just so they can uh make it worth it to them. So once they start getting in, everyone else is going to be getting in like a snowball effect and that’s.

Really, when i see bitcoin breaking that hundred thousand, so i do think 2021 is going to continue growing in general, but keep in mind. There can always be short term dips, like i always say, that’s why i always have cash on the side or stable coins ready to buy the dips. So i think it’s very likely. Once we see ethereum breaking that two thousand dollar resistance. We have another altcoin surge as well. A lot of all coins going, parabolic, um and, like i said, i think, litecoin is pretty undervalued here, especially as a lot of people see it as the silver to bitcoin being the gold. So for like one to hit. One thousand dollars that would put it around a 75 billion dollar market cap, which is still less than one tenth of what bitcoin’s market cap is at so very likely throughout 2021, especially because litecoin has privacy features, uh, they’re, working on and uh they’re working on a Partnership with cardano and they’re doing some other major stuff as well, especially with paypal, launching litecoin on crypto merchant payments. A lot of announcements of uh retailers accepting litecoin as payment for the first time, can really make that surge. So i’m uh slowly buying litecoin and dollar cost averaging into that i’m. Very bullish on ada passing a couple dollars as well. Once uh we do have the gogan mainnet nearing and more partnership, announcements and everything. So if we go to the cardano chart here, we can see ada price uh data compared to bitcoin, as you guys can see.

The the orange line here is the price of bitcoin compared to ada, and we can see the price of uh bitcoin compared to eight. It really peaked out here at the last bull run and we’re, nowhere close to that so we’re getting very close to the all time high in usd value, but not in bitcoin value. So i do think that’s. Another reason ada can really surge here. Uh leading up to that gogan mainnet, a lot of people, reinvesting profits from ethereum, bitcoin and other all coin uh profits. They have into cardano ada, so very bullish on that as well. I’M staking uh the majority of my ada long term earning passive income on that. Also uh lending out my litecoin for six point: five percent as well on block five and uh there’s a link in the video description. If you do wan na put your crypto to work and earn passive income on your litecoin bitcoin ethereum and stable coins uh some great percentage, passive income returns. You can get there and if you use my link in the video description, you can get up to a 250 bitcoin bonus. It also gives me a small kickback as well, which does support the channel. You can also sign up for to support the channel and i do recommend being on this exchange. This is my favorite exchange from the united states, uh lots of all coin pairings here um. They also have uh very small fees compared to coinbase and other platforms.

You can also sign up to actually buy cryptocurrency from your bank through here and cash out to your bank, so you can avoid the fees on coinbase and other major platforms, especially because i noticed coinbase and other platforms. They’Ll actually uh charge a different rate for the crypto than the actual uh price on the markets on top of the fee. So they actually get you for a couple hundred dollars which really does add up over time. So uh. There is a long wait list to get into binance us and verified and everything, so i definitely recommend signing up now. With my link in the video description, you can go to binance us. You can also sign up for binance global uh same thing: binance um. I do appreciate, if you guys, use those links all right guys so jumping into the cryptid news a lot more major news here, uh pretty much a day after day. Right now, as you guys have seen, and if you guys are subscribed here, i do keep you guys updated with the most important crypto news in the markets. So elon musk is actually considering making his own cryptocurrency after investing in dogecoin and that uh being a bust and basically realizing that the majority of dogecoin is owned by the top 12 holders. Basically, 50 of the supply, so not very decentralized he’s calling for them to sell dogecoin, and he even called that he would make his own coin if necessary.

So i actually did a post here. I definitely think he should uh create his own cryptocurrency. I think every uh company in the world should have their own rewards cryptocurrency on top of their stocks as well. Not only that, but we do have stocks that are going to be tokenized soon, so elon musk should make a reward cryptocurrency for tesla and spacex starlink users uh. It would instantly be a top 10 crypto in my opinion, so this would be huge for adoption and crypto in general as well. So i definitely think he should do this, and this would be massive for crypto mass adoption in general. So hopefully he does lean towards this. Instead of pushing for people to keep investing in dogecoin, because these top dogecoin holders i looked at their wallets and they’re, actually flipping uh their dogecoin, basically they’re, sending hundreds of millions of dogecoin to exchanges uh. They dump it at the top buy back in at the bottom after the dip, and then basically they have the same amount of dogecoin. So him calling for them to sell is not going to happen as long as elon musk is promoting dogecoin. I don’t think these top holders are going to completely get out so uh very interesting here. If he does create his own coin, i definitely think a rewards coin for tesla and starlink users would be amazing. So he even said here i will literally pay actual money. If they just void their accounts, which that’s never going to happen as well, so someone did say, develop a new elon coin, offer them to the existing non major doge coin holders to void their wallet.

So if he did this uh, not as much utility. In my opinion, if he uh actually made a rewards coin for his companies, i think would be much better and uh, giving it actual utility instead of it just being a meme coin. So he said only if necessary, creating his own coin, which obviously it is because top doge coin holders are not going to get out and then cz the owner finance says it is necessary, which i agree, maybe call it mars coin. Basically, the cryptocurrency for mars, which of course that’s very far out, so i do think the rewards option for this cryptocurrency uh for the new internet, they’re working on plus tesla users. Uh – would be the best option here. All right guys, so microstrategy is looking to buy another 900 million dollars worth of bitcoin, which would put them over 3.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin as a reserve asset. Now microstrategy has been one of the biggest players in the crypto space um in 2020. Making that massive move to buy over a billion dollars worth of bitcoin with bitcoin being up so much now and then adding another 900 million massive support. They also got tesla to buy that 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoin. So microstrategy has been great for the crypto space and michael saylor huge shout out to michael saylor, so the other day, we also had news that institutions have now bought up three percent of the total supply of bitcoin and taken that out of circulation.

That percentage is going to continue growing throughout 2021 and that’s, when the major players are gon na start getting on board like blackrock, jp morgan and morgan stanley and that’s when uh things are really gon na start exploding and retail interest and demand is gon na explode. As well, all it wants is just crazy. This uh bull market is nothing like the last one. In my opinion, like we did discuss in yesterday’s video as well so um the confidence for microstrategy buying bitcoin over fifty thousand dollars, with 900 million uh just crazy uh. They definitely see the long term vision with bitcoin, so bitcoin price is 63 000 next, as rising bitcoin dominance, puts all coins at risk. So once again we have bitcoin dominance, rising, especially uh. During that dip we had the other day all coins dropping 10 to 20 percent, but uh bitcoin rising is a great thing for the crypto space in general. People will reinvest their profits and flip profits into all coins. Uh same thing: they’re gon na once they have profits in all coins, they’ll flip profits into other, smaller all coins. So generally, we see uh the top uh bitcoin and ethereum move first and then we see other top 20 cryptos really move, and then people flip and profits spill over from those into the really small cap all coins in the small cap. All coins are the ones that can really move a thousand percent or more in a very short period of time, depending on major events and uh.

The amount of demand so with the massive amount of demand, we’re gon na, be seeing more and more companies piling in. In institutions today, we had an announcement of robin hood just uh 20 minutes ago, announcing plans to offer crypto deposits and withdraws so after the wall street bets thing and censorship, with robin hood, preventing people from buying uh, dogecoin and gamestop stocks, um they’re, really they really Lost a lot of users in volume, so they’re trying to make up for it now, which this would be huge um, regardless. Even if people are against robin hood it’s great, it adds more adoption more ease of access into cryptos. We also had paypal, visa and mastercard. All recently announcing they’re going to be offering cryptocurrency services, so uh, crypto becoming more and more accessible throughout 2021, is just going to allow more and more people to buy in as well all great things here. So robin hood. Currently they allow you to buy cryptos, but they don’t allow you to withdraw the crypto or deposit. Basically, you just buy it like a stock there and you don’t actually own the crypto uh, which a lot of people are against. This paypal also does this, but i do think eventually, paypal will do the same thing. We have to keep in mind. Paypal is one of the biggest online payment processors and they have to do things slowly, step by step so paypal, i do think we’ll be getting into crypto more and more we’ve already seen them acquiring some other uh crypto related companies, and i do think they’re going To be listing more cryptos as well, and i do think, it’s very possible – they list ada before the end of 2021, also which that would be a massive launch weekend for ada.

So bitcoin etf approval, uh, more likely under new sec leadership, says arc, invest ceo. So we do have a new sec leadership coming into play very soon, as well uh, which is more lenient into cryptocurrencies uh great things here, because that does mean uh it’s, more likely, a bitcoin etf will finally be approved. There is a talk about a bitcoin etf at the last bull run and still uh over three years later, we’re still waiting for a big bitcoin etf in the united states uh. We just had some other etfs from canada approved and some other countries. So i definitely think united states will be uh getting on board soon as well. Also blackrock has started to dabble in crypto, says cio. Holding some portion of what you hold in cash in things like crypto seems to make some sense to me said: rick, ryder, rick, writer, chief investment officer at blackrock. Financial management hinted that the firm has already invested a percentage of its portfolio in cryptocurrency, so that’s pretty huge. They don’t have a public announcement yet, but i think that might be one of the reasons why bitcoin is surging right now. Word of this is definitely gon na make bitcoin move, because they’re gon na primarily go into bitcoin and ethereum, maybe so uh uh. If we do get a major announcement like this and confirmation of blackrock, i definitely think it’s very possible. We do start uh test. Sixty thousand dollar bitcoin very soon, as well uh like that article uh called that we did read earlier bitcoin price eyeing, sixty three thousand dollars next, so crypto criminals got away with five billion dollars less in 2021, as scam revenue falls.

This is great as well. Scammers are not um as successful in the crypto space anymore, even though we see scammers coming out in the masses. You’Ll see scammers in the comments below using my name and logo and telling you to contact someone through a phone number. If you go on telegram, you’ll get messaged by fake admins in chat groups, pretending to be the admins and basically sending you to a fake uni swap site where they can swap all your crypto so be very careful on social media platforms and telegram, specifically, is extremely Dangerous um also there’s text message: scams where there’s, fake updates on a shipping item or something and you click the link and it’ll, swap all your crypto that’s on your phone, so you do have to be very careful. This is why i spread out my cryptocurrency and i have multiple layers of security as well and i’m, very careful on uh what type of links i click on, and everything so uh never contact anyone from the youtube comments. Any phone number always verify your sources and never send anyone cryptocurrency uh promising to send you more back. That’S, always gon na be a scam, even if you think it’s a legit source, most likely it’s, someone faking that and impersonating that person. You think it is so. Banks are increasingly interested in bitcoin, says elliptic co founder. Several financial institutions in the us are seriously considering launching some type of cryptocurrency service and we’ve been uh hearing more and more about this over the past week b.

And why melon? One of the oldest banks is getting into bitcoin, so that’s, pretty huge uh, once jp morgan gets on board and we have the option to buy bitcoin through chase that’s going to be insanely massive, and i do think that will eventually happen. So bitcoin and google trends for the past 30 days – uh we do have it pretty steady here did peak out here on february, 9th so interesting. I do think uh. Bitcoin is really moving right now, more so for institutional demand than retail demand, but because institutions are picking up more and more, that will increase retail demand as well. In my opinion, uh. If we do look at the past seven days, it actually is uh rising over the past day here with bitcoin breaking 50 000 uh bitcoin and all the major news outlets and uh news websites is just gon na get more and more interest in bitcoin, and i Definitely think a lot more people are gon na start, holding bitcoin and cryptos in general. So, although bitcoin is a better investment and better than holding uh other traditional investments, i do think there’s a lot more better opportunity out there in different altcoins as we’ve seen uh different altcoins, going up three to ten x in a short period of time. Cardano ada uh, really skyrocketed recently, binance bnb is up 3x a lot of all coins in the top 100 up, pretty good, but even the smaller cap, hidden gems, the ones you really have to dig for those are gon na, be the ones that can explode overnight.

With um some huge news or major exposure, so those are what i’m always trying to look for so that’s it for today’s, crypto, news and market update. I hope you guys found it useful. Please subscribe if you did we’re getting super close to 200 000. Subscribers major milestone there also, if you guys, are new to the crypto space i recommend going through my cryptocurrency guides playlist. I will put a link to this in the top right of this video. Some very valuable information in here that’ll definitely help you get a better start in crypto and be more successful long term again. Thank you guys.