Sometimes Music is Music upside down, Music, Music, sometimes Music dreams come alive. Quarantine dreams come alive, Music, Music, my head space in this state of mind Music. My dreams, Music, Music, as the trains run through my mind, Music Applause, run away with me from Music hi. Everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in um. That was our first song called state of mind and it’s. The song that brought us to the final of the anderson, songwriting competition, so we’re super excited to be doing this um yeah that song we wrote during lockdown, while we were kind of feeling the heaviness of the global situation, and it was just kind of a creative Gift to us um and we just yeah it just lifted our spirits. While we were writing and producing it um we are emma and jerry from emerger um we’re, an alt pop duo, all the way from cape town, south africa and we are coming to you, live and in this beautiful space in the heart of the city, um yeah. So this next song is our latest single and it was released on the 5th of february and it’s about the creative process and how kind of great it feels when you really get into the flow of things yeah. So we really hope you enjoy our set Music we’re having a lot of fun, and this one is called roundy go. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music starts off with one idea: Music, oh Music.

This is what it feels Music. This is what it feels like losing control when i’m locked inside my mind round and round. We go Music round and no time to readjust paper planes get buried under dust. One spark could carry through all my thoughts to trigger all of what i see are impressions. Music, this is what it feels like Music. This is what it feels like control. When i open up my Music Music round mind round, he goes Music. There is a mountain in my town rising up between two oceans. It is, and i can sit here forever – Music to Music Music.