Today, we’re going to be starting off with the smaller the smaller models, the alpha p5s. These are going to be relegated for, surround duties. So we’ve got seven channels all set up. These are gon na, be the side surrounds and the back surrounds. This particular model is, i believe, about four hundred dollars a pair so inside we have the speakers themselves. I think i think there’s our review units that have been around a little bit, so the packaging looks a little beat. They come with this very interesting grill. It is almost like a very thin sheet of metal, which is perforated and there’s a little magnetic enclosure around the edges here, with the little psp logo really thin. I don’t know if this would affect the sound at all but uh, i would say if you have some children in the house and they rip this off of the speakers and they bend it you’re, probably not going to get it back into shape again. So that’s, you know that’s that seems uh could be a problem. Still pretty cool i’ve, never seen a grill quite like that. Before and here we’ve got a different kind of arrangement, we’ve got a five and a quarter inch mid, woofer and then we’ve got a three quarter, inch aluminum tweeter. This is actually ferrofluid cooled, which i think is going to be the same across the board for the front left and right and the surround speakers. So it is fluid cooled which means.

Hopefully, this will keep it from sounding very harsh and tinny and give it more of a smoother response which we will check out in the full review. Once i get this set up in the theater, but really nice, it has got it’s a vinyl wrapped speaker. If we swing it upside down, you can see whether where the seam is so that is definitely vinyl wrap. It is not a veneer, although i would say it looks you know upon like closer inspection, it looks pretty legit like if you didn’t know you might think it was a veneer, so nice i’m a fan of it it’s, not highly reflective. If this is going to be in your home theater, then this is not going to reflect any light back at your tv screen or your projector screen on the back. It is ported. You get your five way. Binding posts here, check it out. It’S got the glue gold plating uh. This might be kind of an issue for people. The binding posts are very close together. I wish they were a little further apart, but that doesn’t seem, like you, know too big of a deal, but would have been better if it was further apart. I feel, like i said, it’s ported. There is a wall mount on the back, which is also pre kind of pre drilled, depending on what wall mount you’re getting. So if you want to mount this on your wall, that’s pretty nice and as far as the frequency response, this particular guy goes down to about 55 hertz 55 to 21k.

I believe – and yes, the tweeter goes on the bottom. It does not go on the top. You can tell because the psp logo is facing downwards, so it goes this way. I don’t know why that is. Maybe we’ll find out i’ll. Let you guys know once i speak to uh psp themselves, so pretty cool. I like this. This is actually such a nice little speaker, pretty solid it’s, not not hollow sounding, like some cheaper speakers with sound and for 400, it seems like a seems like a good buy. Next up is going to be the psb center channel speaker, which is the c10 see. I would assume for center this retails for 350 dollars all these uh. All these alpha speakers are affordable kind of it. Entry level models inside this box. We get the instruction manual some little uh rubber feet, keep it from rubbing on your rubbing on your stand or your shelf very similar to the p5 bookshelf speakers, the surround channels. You get the same kind of thin metallic grille when you pull it off the magnet. The magnet is pretty, it is kind of kind of strong. So if you pull it off, you know it will flex a little bit. Don’T bend it too much because you don’t want to bend the actual metal itself, and then we get the same drivers. The same five and a quarter inch and the same three quarter inch ferrule fluid tweeter spin it around.

It is ported same five way. Binding posts looks like it’s the wrong way up. This one also goes down about 55 hertz, so it should match pretty well with the p5. Next up, we are going to be checking out the tower speakers, which are the alpha t20s. I know what you’re thinking, if you’re looking at this box next to me, but for tower speakers, these are pretty small. Other speakers did not come double boxed. This one’s double boxed so inside. Here we get the same the same grills we get the documentation. So here we’ve got we’ve, got the spikes, these little spikes for the feet, so you got little spikes or little rubber nubs. If you don’t want to scratch up your valuable wood flooring, so two options there to put underneath the speaker. This is like a legit mini tower same thing: the black vinyl wrapping you get your three quarter, inch tweeter dual five and a quarter inch woofers and uh on the back on the back. This is by wearable again the five way binding posts. It has the little gold jumpers and it is supported design as well. This this tower goes down to, i believe, 38 hertz, so i like it. I do like that. I do like the looks of that very space conservative like if you’ve got an apartment or something like that this little mini tower could be something that would work very well for you. The c 20s are 650 for the pair, so pretty affordable speakers and, last but not least, the psb subwoofer the s10.

So this is their top of the range subwoofer for the alpha series, which, as the name would imply a 10 inch subwoofer. It has got a 10 inch driver in it, not a gigantic subwoofer, but it’s got a little heft to it same thing. It’S got the same same kind of a very thin grille, and there we have it. We’Ve got the 10 inch driver. The response for this subwoofer goes down to 28. Hertz i’ve got two of these in so i’m gon na put one in the front of the theater one in the back of the theater on the back, you can see it’s got a slot port, so it is a poor design inputs no xlrs, but we’ve got Some rca inputs, unbalanced, rcas we’ve, got a usb n. There is the volume control crossover which is variable phase, either 0 or 180 that’s, not variable it’s, one or the other for power. We’Ve got either auto or on there’s. No off. I usually keep it on all the time because i always like to keep it going because sometimes, when you’re watching a movie, sometimes you can hear it click. You can hear the amp turn on on your subwoofer. It always kind of bothers me, so i just keep mine on all the time, but really it is an attractive. Subwoofer it’s got the same black vinyl wrapping same faux, wood veneer looks legit, looks like real wood. I got two of these little bad boys in there.

Uh and the driver and the driver looks nice that’s a nice looking driver it’s got a little little metallic edge around there around the rim. There got a little bit of weight and give it a knuckle test. You know, doesn’t it doesn’t exactly sound hollow. It actually sounds pretty good. I don’t know what thicknesses of this enclosure is, but that sounds good, though that sounds good. This is an affordable speaker package, entry level, hopefully from all the reviews that i’ve read that i’ve seen audio quality should be fantastic, so i’m. Definitely looking forward to checking them out so be sure to like share and subscribe.