Quick takes madison mills joins me now to talk more about it. Madison tell us what biden will do on day one to address this pandemic thanks ronita, a really just crazy day, as we hit over 400 000 deaths from covet 19 in the u.s, as biden is on the evening of his first day as president. But there is one specific thing: biden will have to focus on during his first hours in office and that’s, something that trump did yesterday. He lifted travel restrictions from europe and brazil. Originally, those restrictions were put in place, of course, to prevent coveted cases from making their way from there to the u.s. Now biodenates have said that biden will plan on reversing that lifting of restrictions first thing tomorrow, but that’s just one thing of hundreds of thousands of things that biden is gon na have to get to to control this pandemic right. We also know that more broadly he’s gon na be pushing more of a focus on science, a focus on mask wearing. He wants to put in that federal mask mandate, get people to mask up for his first hundred days and, of course, push forward vaccine distribution. So he’s got a lot on his plate as he enters the white house tomorrow. You’Re right on vaccine distributions, especially biden he’s, promised to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days. How realistic is that plan, given what we’ve seen so far with this sluggish vaccine rollout right? I mean heading into the end of 2020.

We were promised 20 million vaccinations by the end of the year and thoroughly missed that goal. So the question is: can this 100 million doses be a feasible goal and dr fauci spoke about that earlier? I want to play a quick clip of what he had to say about that. The issue of getting a hundred million doses in the first 100 days is is, is absolutely a doable thing. What what the, what the president elect is going to do is where it need be to invoke the dpa to get the kinds of things we need whatever they may be, and today dr fauci received his second dose of the moderna vaccine him and his team of Scientists are working on researching whether that vaccine can actually be doled out to more people, so that would also increase vaccine distribution and again, as providers just get used to giving out this vaccine. That should also speed up the process as well in the months to come, and so another thing about vaccines. We know that there’s another big hurdle with them at the state level. So what will the biden administration do to address those challenges? Right? Two big issues that state officials have griped about over the past couple of months are just a lack of clarity around the vaccine. Distribution states are not being told exactly how many shots they’re going to get and, of course, that makes it impossible to plan right. You can’t get people on deck to take the vaccine.

If you don’t know how many shots you’re going to get each week and that’s really concerning, because some hospitals are having to throw away vaccines that are unfrozen and then go unused. So biden has said that he will plan on addressing that. He hasn’t been very clear about exactly how he’ll increase communication with states, but he’s pushed forward that message multiple times that he wants states to know how many shots they’re going to get now. The other issue is resources. Right providers just need more people on the ground to actually physically put shots in people’s arms, so biden’s incoming cdc director spoke about that earlier. She said biden plans on reaching out to a lot more people to get them to be the ones putting shots in people’s arms. He wants to call on military personnel, medical students, nursing students, even retirees who are on the younger side and getting them involved in just distributing the shots so that’s, something that would also increase our ability to get more and more people vaccinated. I wonder what that training would look like maddie, but outside of the vice or the president elect biden. What are we hearing from state officials about how they hope to get these shots into people’s arms yeah? I mean state officials are tired, right and we’re hearing that here in our home state of new york, governor andrew cuomo, reached out directly to pfizer and said: can i just buy more shots from you guys directly, instead of going through the federal government, because that process Has lacked so much transparency.

New york received 300 000 doses one week, the next that dropped down to 250 000, so cuomo wanted to just reach directly out to pfizer. They declined that request, but it just goes to show the challenges officials are facing with vaccinations. Okay, madison mills. Thank you very much for joining us and for giving us that update the biggest stories.