This drama is all because facebook is not happy with upcoming legislation being proposed in australia. It’S called the news media bargaining code and it would require facebook to pay news publishers for news content australians see in their feed, but the proposed law isn’t just targeting facebook. It also applies to google. Basically, australian lawmakers are saying: hey facebook, google. You depend on our news websites and our local newspapers and our tv stations to give you content so share some of your ad revenue with the content creators it’s, getting big tech outlets to pay for the work of these journalists that fuel facebook and google, but instead Of paying facebook just unfriended all of australia to protest the legislation on february 17th that would be early thursday morning for the land down under facebook users worldwide cannot view or share australian news content on facebook or content from australian news pages. So, as you can imagine, this has just been a mess in the midst of facebook, making a big stink to push back. It also accidentally blocks some government pages, including two official health agencies, which had important news to share about the pandemic, that we are in right now, and it means people can’t get news on facebook at a time when we need to get the word out about vaccines And other important cova 19 health updates. If there’s no trusted news sources. Well, then you better hope false info doesn’t start spreading in your facebook feed because there may be no news links to help debunk it.

In a statement, facebook seemed to recognize that this would be an issue. It said it would keep updates flowing to the kova 19 information center that’s a hub for australian health information, and it would keep working to remove harmful misinformation. Facebook is playing hardball because other governments around the world are looking closely at this to implement similar laws to clamp down on big tech. You see a member of the european parliament told cnet. He wants to introduce a similar measure to upcoming eu legislations, and a canadian minister said. Canada should follow this example and make big tech pay. Publishers now it’s, not clear. If government making facebook pay publishers would help the media industry in a big way. Some wonder if this fight is going to hurt smaller publishers. Facebook also said in a statement that news makes up four percent of the content people see in their news feeds, so facebook claims the business it gains from news is minimal. Rather, facebook is arguing. It helps drive traffic to publishers, to support news and publishers are the ones getting more benefit out of being on facebook. So what’s, going on with google well it’s a bit of a different beast, because new sites don’t actively share on google, so google isn’t fighting back with blocking links for now at first google was threatening to pull search out of australia, but instead google has started making Deals with publishers, like news, corp and nine entertainment, the two biggest companies that have been supporting this code and what about those smaller publications who count on facebook to be seen by more people? How will the little guys compete in this battle? It’S not like you’re going to a dozen individual websites every morning for your news.

Most folks are stumbling on the news as they scroll on facebook or go on google searches. A youth publication called junkie, told a senate hearing that 75 of the site’s traffic comes from.