Diablo 2 resurrected is finally coming the company behind the game that is actually working on the resurrected version. Is the company called vicarious visions. Activision blizzard has moved to the carers fiction, studio from activision’s side of the business to the blizzard site. The publisher well told game industry biz that effective the company is merging vicara’s vision into blizzard entertainment. So basically, the carrier’s vision is now going directly into blizzard and becoming the whole developer. Team is becoming blizzard, you can say blizzard and they can use the team to whatever they want and at the moment they have will use them as the first thing to creating the art to resurrect it and vicari’s vision has actually worked for blizzard for a couple Of years with the server infrastructure, the battlenet a lot of things, they are really a cool company. They have also worked on different games. They have worked on tony hawk’s pro skater oneplus, 2 destiny – 2, even that probably with some battle net integration and so on crash. Bandicoot, the insane trilogy turretology some skylanders games, giza, hero wars of the rock marvel ultimate alliance, two and now diablo 2 resurrected. The team wanted to stay true to what diablo 2 was and allow new players to experience it. They wanted to deliver an authentic experience. That players remember from 20 years ago, involving a 2d from 2d to 3d, was challenging and had to write a new physical base renderer. It has added dynamic, lightning and vvx.

The camera has new ability to zoom the ability to swap between the old and new official visuals is done, because the original game is running underneath the game logic runs on a 25 frame fps cycle, allowing the game to run at high frame rate without missing with The gameplay, the old game, runs on a grid and the remaster aspects respect sorry respects the grid. So basically, you can imagine that the old game is actually running behind, but the new resurrected version is basically just a puppet like it’s, just like a puppet, while the original old game is the puppet master, so it’s, basically just like they popped on some 3d characters. On a 2d game, it’s pretty cool made, i mean the people who have been thinking through this it’s pretty genius. So you might remember in diablo 2, so that’s a fun thing when you had items in your back and you took them on the pictures that they had on was not always the same as the items when you actually picked them on. But now i tell item models and characters will match the icons. So that means how item looks on say in the inventory: they’re also going to look on your characters. Also, beside of that all the cinematics are going to be remastered, they are going to shoot erie. You could say scene again and make them look really brilliant and i mean diablo 2 had some of the best cinematics, so it’s going to be awesome to see them in high quality standards.

Now audio now has also surround sound features. Ambient ambient noise and effects and remaster was the only forward because a remake would change too much, so they didn’t want to really do it. You know a remaster what you can say, because that will basically require too much work, but this one was more, you can say, keep the good old game, but just polish it a little bit just polish it new features were heavily scrutinized. There is shad stash, so that basically means now you have the same bank account on your character. So when you go to the city and you open up your bank or your stash it’s, now shared across all your different characters. So you don’t have to you know, throw the items on the ground and hope they are they’re still when you log into your other character or help you with your friends to actually like trade with you non letter, characters can’t interact with letter stashes and vice versa. Offline characters can’t use a shared stash with an online character. So, like you know, pretty much like diablo 2 original. An advanced stat screen will show your stats in full details. So also one of the live improvement qualities we are getting for the game, auto goal. Pickup is optional, so that basically means now you don’t have to click on all the golds. You can actually make it, so it automatically picks up all the gold. The only reason they did this.

I saw that in one of the faqs was basically because the game is also going to be on consoles, so pc and console, and that means, when you play with a controller it’s, going to be annoying to loot gold every time you kill something so that’s. Why you’re going to be able to use auto gold pickup i’m, definitely going to play with it? I don’t care i’m on on pc, also big pickup in gold. Yes, please pc first experience even though is well. You can say the pc is the first experience, even though there is controller consoles world. Bringing diablo 2 to console was a huge challenge challenge by the team, but controller support allows for more accessibility. A lot of destruction is, of course, included in all this, so you have both the diablo 2 and the launch destruction, expansion and you can still play a non expansion character, so you can still create an expansion character. You can create a normal characters, because you know there is some spell changes and so on like stuff when you play non chara, not an expansion character. So for the people who wants to play non expansion, you can still do that item comparison. Tool. Tips have been added, so you can basically now make you know, show have a nice amount. Look at another item and see you know, stats comparison and it’s important to to highlight that the item comparison, doesn’t suggest gear or items for you.

It just simply tells the stats versus it still you’re, still on your own to find out which item is the best one for you or basically, you can decide by yourself. There are five or more more well. There are five more language important. So basically, if you don’t want to play the game in english there’s a five more language added, i don’t have to listen those but they’re gon na be more language support. The character screen has also been updated, so it looks really nice and niche um offline online play flows has also been improved. 8 player is still working, so you can say you are able to play with maximum 8 players in diablo 2. Resurrected pvp is still a thing you can still play pvp and you know, kill someone and pick up their ear. If you want that trading is still also a thing in the game and the game browser has been improved. A lot latter seasons will be reduced in length to increase engagement. The leaderboard will be saved and will be easier to fill them character. Expiration will no longer exist, so you don’t have to be worried about logging into your character where it automatically gets deleted, like in the arnold 2.. Now you can keep your character as long as you want, probably because it’s going to be in battlenet now so it’s going to get the whole game is going to be much more safer, less hackier! You know because it’s going to run on the new battlenet infrastructure due to global servers and possible creations, duplicates name will now be allowed.

So basically everyone can have the same name on your characters but that’s, basically because global servers cross progression and all that. So if you play on your pc um and you you log off and you go to your nintendo switch your playstation or whatever and log on there, you have the same character and the same progression. So basically, if you have a nintendo switch, you can play diablo. 2, as erected on the go, and then you can go back on your pc again and play a bit more hardcore, they will basically a pendant with your game attack or id. So basically, your game attack or the id on your consoles will be your name. So the name you pick in the game is doesn’t really matter. The only gamer they have reused is the one to one was to real turial’s wings. So basically, tyra’s wings is probably still the same or something like that in the game, but everything else have been like made new, so it looks new and cool, but tourist wings was, i remember them at looking pretty cool in diablo 2. it’s, a gold stop budding And dubbing so, basically, no one should be able to cheat and players can sign up for technical alpha right now and i will leave down a link in the description, so you can sign up for the alpha, so you have a chance to play. So, basically, that is all the news i have for you about diablo 2’s erected, it’s the same game, it’s just better.

Well, in my opinion, better. They have made a lot of small life quality things made. The graphic looks amazing. I mean their graphic, is so cool i’ve, never seen something like that: it’s just like it’s, not like too new it’s, not like too old it’s. Just like something perfect in the middle and i’m, a big fan of it. I have already played the game. I’M gon na play on day one, and i cannot wait to get started with diablo 2 resurrected. I mean it’s gon na be so fun. So thanks for watching everyone, that was quick information from me about diablo 2 directed not much. I mean nothing more to say, it’s the same game just with some life, and you can see improvements and much better running with the servers and all that so but yeah. So thanks for watching everyone. That was my little video take on this game and um the release date for the game on battle. That right now says it’s going to release on december 2021 or before so you can basically say latest release date will be in december, but it can also come out before if they are ready before normally when blizzard say something about like that, it usually releases. Like 2 3 months before the december, who knows maybe they’re gon na release it that december, so they can like have it as christmas gifts? Oh no, but thanks for watching everyone leave down a comment.

Let me know what you want to think about: diablo 2. Resurrected. I’M, pretty hyped.